Romantic deed: how can you surprise your girlfriend
Romantic deed: how can you surprise your girlfriend

Video: Romantic deed: how can you surprise your girlfriend

Video: Romantic deed: how can you surprise your girlfriend
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If a guy likes a girl, then he certainly wants to make such a romantic act that will not only surprise her, but will remain in her memory forever. What could be better than to see her enthusiastic smile, happy sparkle in her eyes and genuine joy? It is for the sake of such moments that it is worth trying and presenting an unforgettable gift to a girl.

It doesn't have to be a lot of money. The main thing is desire and a little imagination. And in this article, we will look at some unexpected romantic surprises for a girl that will definitely not leave your other half indifferent.


Declaration of love
Declaration of love

If you draw beautifully, write poetry, sing or play any instrument, then your talent will be most welcome. You can create a unique masterpiece for your loved one. A poem about your love for her, her portrait or romantic love songs are the perfect gift for your beloved, which touches even the most capricious princess.

Give such a presentbetter in a romantic setting and alone. In no case do this in a hurry or in a company, with a large crowd of people. This is a rather intimate gift that should only bind the two of you.

Culinary masterpiece

Looking for an option to surprise your girlfriend, many guys don't realize that the easiest way is always at hand. In our country, it is customary that a woman always cooks, and many men cannot always cope even with ordinary scrambled eggs. Therefore, if before you did not shine with culinary skills, then some delicious dish for your girlfriend will definitely be an unexpected, but quite a welcome surprise.

When preparing such a gift for a girl, follow these tips:

  • baking is very difficult, and it is unlikely that you will be able to cook something worthy without training, so it is better to take care of meat - men usually do it perfectly;
  • ask for advice from some woman (sister, mother, girlfriend) - they will definitely tell you some simple but original recipes;
  • be sure to clean the kitchen after cooking so that the sight of dirty dishes does not spoil the surprise.

Fancy date

Flowers for your beloved
Flowers for your beloved

There are a lot of ideas for a romantic date, but there are very few really worthy ones that can restore sharpness to feelings and surprise your girlfriend. It takes a lot of effort to come up with something special.

First of all, you need to decide on a place. Great optionthere will be a themed date, for example, in the style of a children's party. Instead of flowers at a meeting, give the girl an armful of balloons. For entertainment, give preference to an amusement park, and go to an ice cream parlor for refreshment. Buy soap bubbles in advance and invite your beloved to blow them from the bridge, and then take a boat ride. Your girlfriend will definitely not forget such a romantic walk!

Sexual Surprise

romantic surprise
romantic surprise

The intimate sphere of life also needs variety, so a sexy surprise is a great option to surprise a girl. Here your fantasy is your best friend. But before experimenting, find out how your beloved relates to this kind of entertainment, if there are any prohibitions for her.

Alternatively, you can use different sex toys, experiment with positions, or offer your favorite role-play. When choosing this gift option, focus solely on your imagination and the preferences of the girl. No one can advise you in this kind of business.

Natural experiences

Romantic deeds will surely be appreciated by a girl, so this is the best way to prove your feelings to her. But the choice of surprise must be approached with all responsibility. After all, an ordinary banal gift is unlikely to surprise and be remembered.

If it's summer outside, pick up a net, call a couple of helper friends and go to the nearest park to hunt for butterflies. It is not easy, but very fun and exciting. Catch some winged beauties, put them in a jar,make holes in it and in the morning, while the girl is still sleeping, leave your gift on the nightstand. Your loved one will definitely never forget such a romantic act.

Lucky Daisy

love does not love
love does not love

This gift is very simple, but original. You need to buy a huge daisy with large petals in a flower shop. And then at home with a felt-tip pen on each petal write the word: "Loves." When you give your beloved such a gift, you can say in words: “This is so that you never again guess about my feelings for you!” Such romantic gifts will be appreciated by girls with a good sense of humor.

Comic cartoon

A humorous caricature can act as a pleasant and unexpected surprise for a girl. Choose your joint photo and order a caricature from the cartoonist. It is important to take care of everything in advance if you want to present a gift for some event, because it can take a long time to create a picture (several days or even weeks).

Spontaneous Journey

Couple in Paris
Couple in Paris

An unexpected trip for two is a romantic act that many girls secretly dream about. But to prepare such a surprise, it is not enough just to get a ticket to hot countries. It is important to find out and settle the following points:

  1. Will a girl be able to take a vacation while traveling?
  2. Does she have a foreign passport?
  3. Will your parents be against it (if you are not married yet and the girl lives with her parents)?


Sentencefor girl
Sentencefor girl

Jewelry is a popular gift for girls. But to make it really dear to the heart, you need to take care of its uniqueness. Only then will this decoration always remind you of you and your love.

A good idea is to engrave on a ring, bracelet or pendant. You can put a date of acquaintance or a declaration of love. Such romantic deeds touch your beloved and will not leave you indifferent.

Intriguing gift

As an intriguing gift, you can order a flower delivery with a note: "To a beautiful girl from a secret admirer" and make an appointment with her in the evening in some romantic place, for example, in a park. And then show up to the meeting wearing a Secret Admirer T-shirt. Such a romantic act will surely be remembered by your beloved for a long time.

Economical ways to surprise a girl

Romantic date
Romantic date

If you do not have huge funds, it does not matter - there are many ways to surprise your girlfriend with minimal costs, or even without them.

Let's look at some of them:

  1. Perhaps your chosen one told you or you yourself noticed that she does not like some detail in you - bad habits, dressing style, haircut or something else. We all have flaws, but only a few try to fight them. Try quitting smoking or changing your hairstyle to one that your girlfriend likes best. It will not be easy to change yourself, but the happy and surprised look of your beloved is worth it.
  2. The variant was presented abovea surprise in the form of a song of your own performance, if you have the talent and penchant for creativity. But if you learn chords especially for your beloved and play her an additional guitar, then such an act will melt even the coldest heart and help win the favor of your beloved.
  3. A video clip or photo collection is a great option for a romantic gift for your loved one. In the video, you can add your lady's favorite song or a song that is of great importance to both of you. For a photo collection, come up with an original album in which you will not only insert photos, but also add a cute romantic caption to each of them.
  4. To surprise a girl, give her… a place! Some cozy corner in the city that you like and that she has not seen. Bring her there and tell her why this place is dear to you or what memories are associated with it. If you don’t have such a secluded corner, just find a new beautiful place where you have not been together yet. It can be an old manor, the roof of a house or a park outside the city.

Money is not a problem

huge bouquet of roses
huge bouquet of roses

If you're willing to splurge to impress your girlfriend, here are some more romantic surprises:

  1. Flowers. Only this time, 5 white or red roses will not make the right impression. To surprise, you need to choose between quantity and quality. Or buy roses, but there must be at least a hundred of them. Or one unique exotic flower that is not available in flower shops in your city andit must be ordered from another country. Especially such a gift will appeal to girls who love to grow home flowers.
  2. Wedding ring. It seems that no one will argue that this gift will definitely surprise any girl. But here it is your willingness to commit such a responsible act that is extremely important, because after it you will have to marry a happy and surprised girl.
  3. Cultural rest. Many girls often complain that they don’t go anywhere with a guy. It's time to change this, because there are a lot of options for cultural pastime - a philharmonic society, a theater, an art gallery, a museum. And in order to strike your beloved on the spot, prepare in advance and read reviews and reviews about the upcoming exhibition or performance, and then shine with knowledge and surprise.
  4. Billboard. Imagine the surprise of your loved one when, on the way to work or school, she sees her photo and congratulations or just a declaration of love on a billboard. You can add a little creativity and instead of a billboard make a graffiti drawing on a wall or fence. Just keep in mind that quiet modest girls are unlikely to appreciate such a surprise.
  5. Joint photo. Trite? Nothing, if you approach the issue with creativity. To surprise, it’s not enough just to print a photo and insert it into a frame. It is better if you order a portrait from an artist based on your photograph. You can also put a joint photo on a T-shirt, mug or pillow. Such a souvenir will constantly remind the girl of you and your feelings. If you have a lot of joint photos, you can make a flip calendar, where on each sheetthere will be a new photo.
  6. Ride in a hot air balloon. Such a romantic act will surprise even the most sophisticated and spoiled girl. To make your loved one completely speechless with delight, you can hide a small gift and a bouquet of flowers in a basket in advance. This version of a romantic surprise is perfect if the guy decides to make a marriage proposal. Under such conditions, the girl will definitely not refuse.

How to surprise a girl in the morning

breakfast in bed
breakfast in bed

We note right away that for the morning surprise you need to get up before the girl. Do not set an alarm that will wake up not only you, but also your sweetheart, otherwise the surprise is doomed to failure. It is better to start it on the phone, and put the phone itself nearby so that at X-hour you can quickly turn it off. A delicious breakfast and the scent of fresh flowers is, of course, the best option for a perfect morning. No need to prepare boring sandwiches or banal scrambled eggs, it is better to choose some light but he althy salad. Or brew coffee and serve fresh pastries with it. Of course, you may devote more than one day to choosing the recipe and the dish itself, but the surprise must be perfect, and for this you can get confused. If for a dish you need products that you usually don’t have in the refrigerator, then it’s better to buy them in advance and leave them with your neighbors. By the way, they can also leave flowers prepared in the evening. But choose those neighbors with whom you are on good terms and who can get up early in the morning. It should be noted that you need to prepare such a surprise on a day off so that the girl can notin a hurry to enjoy breakfast and the atmosphere of such a beautiful morning.

Surprise on the Internet

blog as at
blog as at

In the modern age of technology, the Internet has become an integral part of our lives. Therefore, a surprise on the Internet will surprise any modern girl. Create a website for her, post her best photos on it, add a little biography. You can also create a blog for her and give her access to it. If you can, prepare everything yourself, if you are not sure, then contact professional webmasters. They not only properly organize the entire technical part, but also help make the blog visually more beautiful and attractive. Who knows, maybe your girlfriend will become popular thanks to this project.

Whatever version of a romantic surprise you choose, the main thing is that it all comes from the heart, then the gift will turn out to be memorable and dear to the heart. When you want to do something nice for your loved one, the material side of the issue becomes unimportant. After all, eyes sparkling with happiness and joy and a sincere smile of a beloved girl are truly priceless.