No one wishes happy birthday: how to celebrate the holiday alone

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No one wishes happy birthday: how to celebrate the holiday alone
No one wishes happy birthday: how to celebrate the holiday alone

Video: No one wishes happy birthday: how to celebrate the holiday alone

Video: No one wishes happy birthday: how to celebrate the holiday alone
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Birthday is a special holiday for every person. On this day, congratulations and various wishes pour on him from all sides, everyone gives gifts and pays attention to the birthday man. No matter how old one is, a person expects to feel his importance, value and significance on this day. And if no one wishes you a happy birthday?

Sad holiday

It doesn't always happen the way you plan and want. One song sings "Birthday is a sad holiday." Sometimes, unfortunately, this is true. When no one wishes you a happy birthday, does not remember you on this holiday, it becomes very sad and lonely.

Situations are different: disagreements with relatives and friends that caused them to be ignored, absence from the city in case of a trip abroad, or the most banal situation when the birthday person does not send out invitations in the hope that friends "should remember an important date no reminders and no invitations" and a friend forgot his birthday…

As a result, the hero of the occasion sitsat an empty table with a feeling of loneliness, a bad mood and a mournful expression. It is sad when no one came to the birthday, did not congratulate, did not send postcards or a warm message. Remember the sad donkey Eeyore from the cartoon about Winnie the Pooh. He was very upset that none of his friends remembered his birthday. Sadness was in no hurry to leave the donkey even at the moment when the inhabitants of the edge came to him with gifts and wishes. So strong is the feeling of loneliness when no one wishes you a happy birthday.

donkey's birthday
donkey's birthday

But this is not a reason to hang up your nose and be upset. This holiday happens only once a year. So this event should be celebrated in a special way, even if almost no one wished you a happy birthday.

To not know loneliness

So that lonely holidays do not become habitual in your home, you must adhere to the following tips:

  1. Don't forget about important events of relatives and friends. Be sure to pay at least a modicum of attention to the person on this day: please with a congratulatory rhyme, send a present.
  2. "Make peace, those who are at odds." If a person has an absurd and quick-tempered character, it is not surprising that there are no sincere and devoted friends in his environment. Being in hostile relations with relatives and close people, a person dooms himself to a lonely, bleak existence.
  3. Invite guests in advance to a birthday party. Discuss the date and time. Some people are embarrassed to come without an invitation to a birthday even to the mostclose friends. Do not be too lazy to call the invitees the day before and tell them what time they will come and how much you will be glad to their presence.

How to have a fun holiday alone

If no one wishes you a happy birthday for various reasons, do not be discouraged. Draw the appropriate conclusions for yourself so that this does not happen again, and spend this day to your heart's content.

You can please yourself in a variety of ways, for example:

  • go on an interesting trip;
  • go to the theater or cinema for a wonderful premiere;
  • attend a concert of your favorite artist;
  • make an unforgettable shopping experience.

If almost no one wishes you a happy birthday, and the mood inexorably begins to decline, spend a fun evening alone with yourself. The gala evening program may include the following items:

  1. Play your favorite music loud enough. Feel free to sing along loudly if you feel like it. Today is your day.
  2. Have the perfect holiday dinner with your favorite treats. Buy a small cake, light candles, make a wish. Stock up on ice cream, fruit, chocolate, and treat yourself to delicious wine.
  3. cake for one
    cake for one
  4. View your favorite photos with music, admire yourself, wish yourself the fulfillment of your cherished desires.
  5. Turn on the festive garland, light the candles and, looking in the mirror, start dancing to groovy music or languid tunes. You will feel likeGradually, the mood begins to rise and you experience the pleasure of such an extraordinary birthday.
  6. dancing at home
    dancing at home
  7. Inflate 3 to 5 balloons. Write on each of your dreams and wishes. Go outside or onto a balcony and release them into the sky with fun. Now your wishes will come true without fail.
  8. blow balls
    blow balls

Warm words for loved ones

Even if no one wishes you a happy birthday, pay attention to your family and friends yourself. Let go of resentment and grief and write a message to everyone, for which you appreciate the presence of a person in your life, for which you are grateful to him. Drop sad and angry emotions, write sincerely with a light heart, because these people are really dear to you, even if they forgot their birthday.

Send messages in an envelope or private message. Most likely, the next day you will be flooded with loving and warm congratulations.