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Fashion grandmothers: beauty bloggers 60+

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Fashion grandmothers: beauty bloggers 60+
Fashion grandmothers: beauty bloggers 60+

The development of social networks has created the prerequisites for the emergence of a large number of beauty bloggers who choose stylish images for themselves. Grandma fashion is a new trend. It turns out that many older women are not only well versed in current trends, but are not afraid to declare themselves to the world.

Buddy Winkle

The number of fans of this fashionable grandmother is growing rapidly, and her page on the social network "Instagram" is becoming more and more popular. Buddy is already ninety years old, but venerable age does not affect a woman's lifestyle in any way. On her page you can see the defiant status: "I've been stealing your men since 1928."

buddy winkle

Buddy Winkle lets the world know that life doesn't end with retirement, it just begins. An older woman is not afraid to try on the most daring fashion looks and do whatever she wants.

For example, she came to the 2016 MTV Music Awards in a swimsuit and tight beige leggings. The outfit was generously decorated with rhinestones and stones. To such a jumpsuit is stylishold lady Buddy Winkle picked up fantastic shoes - white ankle boots, decorated with shiny stars. Throughout the ceremony, the lady did not part with the cane, which simply shone from the abundance of Swarovski crystals.

In 2015, Buddy Winkle signed a contract with a brand that produces beachwear. Now the fashionable grandmother is the face of the Dimepiece trademark and is happy to pose for photographers in stylish swimsuits. Today, this amazing older woman has over two million Instagram followers who consider her a role model.

Ari Seth Cohen

Ari Seth Cohen on the pages of his blog tells how he wanders around New York and looks for the most elegant elderly people. The blogger believes that with age, the style becomes more conscious and bold. Each person in the photograph has their own idea of ​​modern fashion trends, but they all definitely live beyond their age and are united by one passion - fashion.

old age is joy

Iris Apfel

Model, designer and collector Iris Apfel is the founder of a large holding (fabric production). Fashion for her is a profession, so it is not surprising that an elderly woman is the owner of one of the most stylish beauty pages on Instagram.

You can meet a fashionable grandmother at the shows of modern designers and social events among the guests of honor. Iris has always been interested in fashion. At nineteen, she worked for one of New York's major newspapers, then collaborated withillustrator B. Goodman, and then became a very successful interior designer. Iris Apfel founded Old World Weavers in the fifties.

iris apfel

This stylish elderly woman's apartment is a real museum. There you can see many antiques that Iris and her husband have brought back from various travels for many years. Her husband Karl died at 101, and the couple had no children. At the same time, Iris Apfel claims that they lived a long and happy life together, but did a lot of careers.

Leslie Crawford

Leslie Crawford took part in the "Year Without New Clothes" project, organized by the Australian women's publication. As part of the project, all twelve months had to please their followers on the social network with fashionable bows, without updating the wardrobe. Leslie never repeated herself and completely coped with the task. Fashionable grandmother does not seek to shock fans with her appearance and chooses rather concise combinations. Her main love is hats and glasses.

leslie crawford

Cynthia Pastor

Granny fashion is not about Cynthia. A woman can teach to combine incongruous things. She loves platform shoes and eclecticism, makes up cheerful images, taking into account all the current fashion trends. In numerous photos on the social network, you can see culottes, and a large cage, and fashionable fuchsia, and massive glasses, and crop tops.

cynthia pastor

Sarah Jane Adams

Sarah Jane is sixty-three and has a loving husband and two daughters-twins, but the woman wanted to bring more colors into her life. Therefore, she decided to create a blog on Instagram and prove to everyone around that life is just beginning after a well-deserved rest.

Today Sarah Jane Adams works as a model and is looking for new faces for agencies. She looks strange, but always very stylish. The woman began her career as a beauty blogger by posting an ordinary photo where she stands in a casually thrown jacket against the background of an ordinary white wall. Many liked the photo.

Sarah Jane combines youthful and vintage style, looking great in 1940s dresses and modern bomber jackets. And retro jewelry gives a special charm to the images of a fashionable grandmother. A woman understands them no worse than fashion experts.

sarah jane adams

Old age is a joy - this is proved by women who, in old age, not only continue to look great and do what they love, but also (in a positive sense) shock others. These stylish ladies are considered by many to be role models.

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