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The most auspicious month for a wedding

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The most auspicious month for a wedding
The most auspicious month for a wedding

One of the most memorable moments in the life of every couple is a wedding. A good half of the lovers prepare for it in advance and, as they say, test the soil in all directions, from choosing a dress, a place, a cake, and ending with the date, and in our case, the month of the celebration.

Moreover, the choice regarding Russian realities is quite wide. Here are gentle summer and spring months, and autumn days saturated with colors, as well as snow-white and bewitching winter ones. Beauty is one thing, but a Russian person, due to his mentality, always looks back at signs, superstitions and the experience of past generations associated with them. Therefore, many couples ask a completely logical question: “What month is the most favorable for a wedding?”

For other religions other than Orthodox, things are much easier with this. Take, for example, Islam. There is simply no auspicious month for a wedding according to the Muslim calendar. Because, according to Islam, there is no season that would be considered worse or better than another. And as the Prophet says: “All the months are the months of Allah,All days are the days of Allah. But in Christianity and Slavic beliefs, things are quite different. Therefore, for a Russian person, the question of which months are favorable for a wedding is more than relevant.

For many, the choice of date is also complicated by the fact that, in addition to taking into account, you need to take into account numerology and the financial part. The latter, by the way, to a large extent depends on climatic conditions. But we will talk about all this below.

So, let's try to figure out which are the best months for weddings, why they are better than others and what to look for when choosing a wedding date. Let's take into account the opinions of experts from popular thematic publications, which focus on signs, numerology and other beliefs.


As a rule, the first thing that couples pay attention to when choosing a wedding day is omens. Each auspicious month and day for a wedding has its own symbolic meaning. The choice depends entirely on you (sometimes - on the registry office), and you decide whether to listen to the age-old wedding wisdom or not. So let's get started.


January is far from the best month for a wedding. According to signs, a marriage concluded in the first month of the year promises one of the spouses earlier widowhood. If the marriage nevertheless took place in January, then the husband and wife must be attentive to each other: monitor their he alth, quarrel less and avoid other conflict situations.


Judging by signs, February is one of the most favorable months for a wedding. There is an ancient beliefthat the stronger the frost on the day of the wedding, the stronger the love of the newlyweds will be. Ancient chronicles, and those mention February as a wedding month, especially the week from Epiphany to Maslenitsa.

best month for weddings

According to signs, if the marriage was planned for these holidays, especially for the last one, then the marriage will work out successfully. They say about such newlyweds that they will “roll in oil” all their lives.

But there is one exception for this month - February 14th. St. Valentine's Day, although it is considered the day of lovers, but among Catholics, and among the Orthodox, this is the eve of the Presentation of the Lord. And it is not customary to sit down at the festive table on February 14.


This is not the best month for weddings, according to ancient beliefs. Couples who got married in March will be accompanied by frequent separations. To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is recommended to spend more time together: get a job, do not go on long business trips, accompany your lover to events, etc.


This is one of the best months for weddings. April promises the newlyweds a boring family life full of bright colors. But lovers need to be more careful, because an aura of impermanence can interfere with happiness. April weather is unpredictable and changes frequently. Beware that your marriage does not become the same.

In order to avoid such troubles, special attention should be paid to feelings, yours and your partner's. Try to maintain warm relations and often get out for romantic walks.


Another far from the most favorable month for weddings is May. Since ancient times, there has been a belief that those who get married in May will toil all their lives. Modern signs do not associate any events with this month that cause such a negative reaction.

best months for a pagan wedding

But the ancient Slavs had their own reasons to believe that May is far from the best month for a wedding. In paganism, there is an important and significant holiday - Spring Grandfathers, which falls on this month. These days there was a commemoration of the ancestors - the veneration of the dead. And in mid-May, the festivities were banned.

Interestingly, in the United States and in many European countries, the situation is quite the opposite. May here is considered quite auspicious month for weddings. Moreover, the number of marriages during this period is noticeably higher than in the rest.


This month promises prosperity and success for couples in love. Even those newlyweds who have had some friction in their relationship gain happiness over the years. So June can be called quite an auspicious month for weddings.

Couples who got married during this period have noted more than once that over the years their relationship is getting stronger, and their feelings are getting stronger.


July is said to be the golden mean. It can bring the newlyweds an equal amount of both happiness and adversity. This month will divide the year into two halves, and it is from here that such a belief comes, as well as energy. So it is better for couples in love not to take risks and postpone the celebration a month earlier or later.


According to popular belief, this month brings memories of the first meeting, and at the same time great and strong love. Those who entered into their marriage in August are advised to keep old memories in the form of photo albums or videos. When you feel sad, you can take these “memories” off the shelf and recharge with positive energy from them.


By all signs - both modern and pagan - September is the most favorable month for weddings. At this time, the field work was completed, the harvest was harvested, and people with a clear conscience rested, walked and played weddings.

what are the best months for weddings

The wedding held this month promises young people peace of mind in relationships, stability and reliability. The aura of the first month of autumn gives the wedding celebration a unique entourage, where romance and the warmth of a family hearth are harmoniously combined. Plus, there will be plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables on the table.


The newlyweds, who married in October, will be prosperous, but with one caveat. We alth will go to the young only with due diligence and diligence. And it is also worth noting that those who got married in October should definitely help their soulmate, which will help make the marriage strong and reliable.


In ancient Russia, the wedding excitement just fell on the first weeks after the Intercession. And this is the end of October and almost the whole of November (until the 28th). Holidays, including weddings, were usually held noisily and en masse. According to legend, everything that the guests wish for the youngwedding, then it will come true.


Marriage this month bodes well for the newlyweds. Couples who get married in December are looking forward to a long and happy marriage. According to signs, adversity will bypass the young side, and love will become stronger.

auspicious month for wedding according to muslim calendar

In addition, the December marriage brings couples many children. That is why girls who plan to acquire a considerable number of children should better look at this month.


This is one of the most ancient sciences, which reveals the secret of the interaction between numbers and people. With its help, you can also choose a favorable period for a wedding celebration. Unlike specific dates, things are much simpler with months.

what is the best month for marriage

In order to determine the most successful period for a wedding, you need to count from the date of birth 3, 4, 6, 9 and 10 months, except for yours. Let's say you were born in March. After calculations, your optimal months for marriage will be June, July, September, December and January. Then the same calculations must be done for your beloved. After that, the received data are compared and the coincident months or month are selected. This will be a favorable option for future spouses.

Financial moments and climate

In the event that signs and beliefs are not a decisive factor for you, then you should pay attention to more mundane moments, which in no small partdegrees can affect the quality of your wedding. Among others, the main ones are the budget and the weather.

Winter months

The streets at this time, though cold, but very beautiful. This means that lovers have a great opportunity to arrange an amazing photo shoot on snow-white covers. It is also worth noting that at this time the registry offices and banquet halls are empty, and there is no queue. The same can be said about specialists: photographer, toastmaster, operator and others.

auspicious months and days for marriage

But these months also have their obvious drawbacks. It is not possible to organize an outdoor painting of young people and a subsequent banquet. In addition, you will have to stock up on warm wedding accessories: boots, a clutch, a cape, etc. And they cost, along with similar ordinary things, oh, how expensive. You can also add a bridal bouquet here. It will most likely be artificial.

March - April

Nature wakes up from hibernation and begins to bloom with lush colors, which contributes to incredibly beautiful shots. It is not so cold anymore and you can limit yourself to something lighter. In some Russian regions, field registrations are quietly carried out in March and April.

But during these months the weather is fickle and rain is a frequent occurrence. So obviously it would be useful to take care of awnings, umbrellas and other "rainy" accessories. And also at this time, registry offices begin to become more active, and with them specialists, so you need to take care of the event in advance so as not to be left with nothing.


If earlier couples were afraid to get married in May because of the aforementioned beliefs, today it is increasingly possible to see newlyweds who do not look at signs. Moreover, the end of spring is a wonderful time when nature begins to bloom in all its splendor. So, there will be great photos, beautiful walks and the opportunity to spend a holiday in the open air.

But keep in mind that the queues for specialists and at the registry office are already much longer than in March and April, so you have to hurry in advance.

June to September

These are the best months for a wedding, in terms of organizational matters. If you want to arrange a painting and a banquet in nature - please. The most chic wedding dresses can be found in the summer collections. Nature smells and smells sweet, and the pictures are very beautiful.

most auspicious month for marriage

But the warm months have a downside. The queues at the registry offices at this time are the longest. And sometimes you have to settle for Thursday or even Wednesday. The same can be said about banquet halls, photographers and other professionals. They are in great demand, and besides, they charge a lot of money for their services, which cost two or even three times cheaper in winter.

So you need to prepare for the celebration far in advance - six months or even a year in advance. And negotiate in advance with the photographer, toastmaster and administration of the hall. Well, be prepared to shell out a decent amount for all this entourage.

October - November

At this time, the weather no longer indulges in sunny and warm days. Here clearlyIt would be useful to take care of some nice and best closed place for a photo session in advance. During these months, the weather is very capricious and at any moment a cloudless sky can be replaced by clouds with rain.

Specialists and the administration of banquet halls are already starting to reduce prices for their services, so the financial issue is more or less adequate.

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