The size of the bedding in the crib for newborns. Fabric for baby bed linen
The size of the bedding in the crib for newborns. Fabric for baby bed linen

Video: The size of the bedding in the crib for newborns. Fabric for baby bed linen

Video: The size of the bedding in the crib for newborns. Fabric for baby bed linen
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Sleep and wakefulness is of great importance for a child. In addition to the mental and physical state of the baby, the quality of sleep directly depends on how his sleeping place is equipped. In the article, we will consider what should be the size of bedding in a crib for newborns. It should be pleasant to the touch, not slip off the mattress and not bristle, causing discomfort to the child.

What should be available?

Standard newborn bed linen includes:

  1. Sheet. It has the shape of a rectangle, tucked under the mattress or fastened at the corners with a specially sewn-in elastic band.
  2. Pillowcase. It comes in cylindrical, square or rectangular shapes. Buttons, hooks, zippers, Velcro can be used as fasteners.
  3. Duvet cover. For the convenience of threading the blanket, it is sewn with a slit on the side or with a fastener at the bottom (buttons,zipper, buttons).

Baby bed linen set can be completed as follows:

  • pillowcase, sheet and duvet cover;
  • 2 pillowcases, bed sheet and duvet cover;
  • pillowcase, sheet;
  • pillowcase, 2 sheets;
  • pair of pillowcases.

Children's bed linen can be purchased as separate items, completed in a set you like, or supplement a ready-made set with a missing or spare accessory. The size of bed linen in the crib for newborns is presented in the table below.

bed linen size for newborns
bed linen size for newborns

What fabric is sewn from

Due to the sensitivity of children's skin, the main selection criterion is the naturalness of the fabric. For children's bed linen, the following types of products meet the high quality requirements of the product: cotton, silk, linen, etc. In recent years, bamboo fiber has been used very often for sewing bed linen, which is environmentally friendly and may well replace cotton.

bed sheet for newborn
bed sheet for newborn

The most popular types of fabric for making children's sleeping sets are:

  1. Coarse calico. Children's bed linen from this material is the most popular. The fabric is made of cotton, dense enough, has high performance.
  2. Chintz. This type of material is made of cotton fibers, it is lightweight and has good breathability. Therefore, most often summer sets are sewn from it.bed linen. However, for a very young child, chintz will be harsh.
  3. Satin. Children's bed linen has a smooth and shiny surface, which is obtained as a result of a special weave of threads. The fabric is very pleasant to the touch. Satin is usually made from silk fiber, but sometimes cotton is used to reduce the cost.
  4. Ranforce. The fabric began to be produced in Turkey as an improved version of the calico, but the material is smoother and denser.
  5. Percale. Very durable fabric that can be subjected to frequent and intensive washing. It is visually appealing and pleasant to the touch.

If synthetic fiber (polyester) is added to the composition of the fabric, this does not mean that the material is of poor quality. It all depends on the percentage. A small amount of polyester makes it easier to iron, keep the fabric from fading, reduce the cost of the product.

baby bedding for newborns
baby bedding for newborns

Criteria for choosing a bed for a newborn

The skin of a newborn baby is more sensitive and vulnerable than older children, so the fabric for baby bedding must pass strict parental control and meet special requirements:

  • correspond to the size of the pillow, mattress and blanket, do not fold;
  • do not contain any impurities of wool, which can cause an allergic reaction in a child, synthetics, silk, and toxic dyes;
  • have a minimum number of seams so as not to injure anddo not rub delicate skin;
  • pastel shades or medium-brightness prints are preferred;
  • too bright, contrasting or dark colors are not acceptable.
fabric for baby bed linen
fabric for baby bed linen

What colors are bedding made in?

In addition to the right size of bed linen for a newborn's crib, you need to think about the color scheme. Of great importance is the coloring and pattern on bedding, since the visual environment affects the mental development of the child and his creative perception. When choosing the wrong color scheme, the visual receptors are excited, the child becomes irritable, tearful, sleep is disturbed.

To prevent this, you need to create a favorable atmosphere in the room and choose fabrics in soothing shades. The best option would be beige, yellow, blue and pale pink. The color scheme is selected according to the gender of the child. When he grows up a little, you can choose more cheerful and bright colors to create a positive mood, focus on the baby's hobbies.

What to look for when choosing

When buying a ready-made bedding set for a newborn, it is recommended to take into account customer reviews and choose trusted brands that specialize in the production of goods for children. Usually such products are in the medium-high price range, but the costs pay off with the durability and quality of the product.

It is better to refuse the purchase of Chinese-made products. In spite ofthe fact that they are cheaper, harmful dyes and artificial additives are used in the manufacture. They quickly lose color, tear, become unusable.

The sides of the crib must be firmly fixed on the walls, otherwise they will fall out. Pillows and duvets can be laundered like other bedding. Therefore, it is necessary to stock up on an additional set and change linen as often as possible. You will also need a set of absorbent diapers.

baby bed linen satin
baby bed linen satin

Sewing a sheet with our own hands

The size of the sheet in the crib of a newborn is calculated according to the size of the bed mattress. It is necessary to measure its width and length, add 10 cm and 3 cm from all sides to the hem. For example, for a mattress 80 cm wide and 160 cm long, you will need a piece of fabric with dimensions of 186 x 106 cm.

From each edge of the fabric, a double hem of 1.5 cm is made and basted by hand, after which it is ironed and sewn on a sewing machine. Then the seams are ironed again. Two identical pieces of matter are cut from the canvas, one of which is washed. After drying, the fabric is compared: if the washed piece has decreased, then the fabric is shrinking. This is important to consider when tailoring.

How to sew a duvet cover

If you decide to sew baby bedding for your newborn yourself, don't forget to cut out the duvet cover. The fastest and easiest way to sew this element is to use two identical rectangles. To determine the size, you need to add 5 to the measurements of the blanketsee

The edges of both rectangles are hemmed half a centimeter on each side. The cuts are applied with the right side to each other and sewn from three sides. On the remaining side, a hole for the blanket is marked. Then the fabric is stitched to the intended borders. The hole is overcast, and the seams are ironed.

newborn pillow case
newborn pillow case

How to sew a pillowcase

In order to sew a pillowcase for a newborn pillow, you need to cut out a rectangular piece of fabric. At the same time, its width should be the same size as the pillow, plus seam allowances of 5-6 cm. The length should correspond to two pillow lengths, taking into account the flap width of 20 cm and a few centimeters for allowances.

The edges of the pattern along the perimeter are processed. The fabric is folded face inward so that the part reserved for the valve remains free. Then the valve needs to be bent to get a semblance of an envelope. The edges are fixed with pins and stitched. The finished product is turned inside out and steamed.

If you want to decorate baby bedding in a special way, you can decorate it with silk braid, ribbons or textile lace. It is not recommended to use small parts in the form of buttons, beads, buttons and Velcro, as a child may accidentally injure or swallow them.

How to properly care

If you have decided on the fabric and model or sewed the set yourself, you need to take into account some nuances so that the color and size of the bedding in the crib for newborns do not change in the processoperation.

baby bed linen
baby bed linen

Among the numerous care tips, here are a few key points:

  1. Before you put your bed linen in the crib for the first time, it must be washed and ironed.
  2. As detergents, soft powders or liquid concentrates are used, preferably with natural ingredients. It is not recommended to wash baby bed linen with products with a pronounced smell.
  3. Bedding set for a child is washed separately from other things. Turn the accessories inside out before washing.
  4. Rinse baby clothes several times to ensure there are no detergent fragments left among the fibers, which can cause allergies or irritate sensitive skin.
  5. It is desirable to iron the bedding semi-damp, while the iron is heated to the maximum allowable temperature indicated on the label.

So, we have reviewed information about sizes, colors and materials for baby bedding. Remember, the main thing is the naturalness of the composition. During the operation of the new kit, be sure to observe the child, or rather, the reaction of his skin.