Food "Happy Cat" (for cats): description, types, reviews of pet owners

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Food "Happy Cat" (for cats): description, types, reviews of pet owners
Food "Happy Cat" (for cats): description, types, reviews of pet owners

Video: Food "Happy Cat" (for cats): description, types, reviews of pet owners

Video: Food "Happy Cat" (for cats): description, types, reviews of pet owners
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Many novice cat owners, having learned that their pet is contraindicated in food from the master's table, rush to the nearest pet store. And here they are lost from the huge number of jars and bags of food on the shelves. Questions arise: “Which food is better? Which is more useful? What composition is right for their animal?”.

Of course, it would be better to ask all these questions to the veterinarian or breeder from whom the animal was purchased. It's never too late to do it. But so that you can better navigate the assortment during your next visit to the store, we will present you with an excellent product of German manufacturers - Happy Cat cat food.

happy cat
happy cat

Food features

This premium quality product is well known to most breeders in our country. The pet owners also appreciated the Happy Cat food (for cats). Reviews of these products suggest that these are really high-quality compounds. The industrial production of feed in the range began in 2002. All Happy Cat products are manufactured in Germany, at a factory in Wohringen (Bavaria).

happy cat for cats
happy cat for cats

The company's specialists claim that all formulations produced by the brand are made from high-quality natural ingredients of plant and animal origin. The assortment of "Happy Cat" consists of canned food and dry food. The main feature of this product can be called a unique recipe, which has been improved from year to year for many years. It allows you to stabilize the metabolism in the animal's body.

The manufacturer, with regular use of this food, guarantees your pet:

  • excellent he alth;
  • thick, fluffy coat;
  • prevention of urolithiasis;
  • strong and he althy teeth and gums;
  • strengthening immunity.


Happy Cat does not contain vegetable protein substitutes. They do not contain flavors, preservatives and artificial colors. A variety of natural ingredients are used to support your pet's metabolism.

All products contain medicinal herbs that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the stomach, ensure normal blood circulation. Trace elements, fermented cereals make up for the lack of essential nutrients. Flaxseed, which is part of the feed, is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which make cat hairthick, smooth, he althy.

happy cat for cats reviews
happy cat for cats reviews

Some foods contain an apple rich in pectin, which regulates digestion. In addition, Happy Cat contains poultry and lamb meat, veal, dry egg powder and bone meal, dry algae.

Types of food

The range of this German brand is quite diverse:

  • preserves - this category includes not only sauces, but also pâtés and other varieties of meat treats;
  • dry food - containing levels of fats, proteins and vitamins that are not less than canned food, but their consistency is ideal for massaging the gums and brushing the teeth of the animal.

Manufacturers recommend combining two types of food so that your pet gets good nutrition. In addition, the company began to produce food for animals with he alth problems. You can choose the composition that is suitable for the following diseases:

  • kidney inflammation;
  • diseases of the heart and liver;
  • urolithiasis;
  • digestion problems.
  • happy cat reviews
    happy cat reviews

Let's introduce you some of the feeds that can be purchased on the Russian market today.

Fit End Well

Dry cat food with lamb flavor. Recommended for adult animals. Suitable for cats with sensitive digestion. This composition can be mixed with other analogues.

Well Ed alt Light

Low calorie food to include in your dietan animal prone to obesity, as well as for pets that do not lead an active life. Ideal for spayed and neutered pets.

happy cat food
happy cat food


As the name suggests, this food is designed for kittens. It contains vitamins and minerals necessary for the growth and normal development of the baby.

happy cat
happy cat

Fit End Well

This diet is recommended for cats with sensitive digestion. Available in several types - with salmon, rabbit or chicken.

Brides End Well

Food for adult animals. Helps to strengthen the teeth and treat the gums of the animal. It is produced in the form of large granules. This food comes with beef.

Best Age 10+

Adult animals especially require special nutrition. This food is recommended for pets over ten years old.

Opinion of veterinarians

Along with the well-known and undeniably useful components, Happy Cat food contains some controversial substances, which primarily include beef and poultry fat. Veterinarians believe that this is a harmful additive that, if consumed regularly, can provoke animal obesity.

In addition, in some types of feed, the liver is indicated in the composition. Experts are alarmed that for some reason the label does not indicate which animal this liver belongs to.

"Happy Kat": reviews

Many owners find this to be a good, balanced food that is suitable for dailyuse. And cats are happy to eat both canned and dry food. After daily use of the products for two to three weeks, the coat noticeably improves - it becomes thick, silky, shiny. Digestive problems disappear completely.

The disadvantages of buyers include a rather high cost and lack of sale in many pet stores.