Food for Bengal cats: types, composition, tips for choosing. Royal Canin cat food

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Food for Bengal cats: types, composition, tips for choosing. Royal Canin cat food
Food for Bengal cats: types, composition, tips for choosing. Royal Canin cat food

Video: Food for Bengal cats: types, composition, tips for choosing. Royal Canin cat food

Video: Food for Bengal cats: types, composition, tips for choosing. Royal Canin cat food
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Bengal cats are beautiful, temperamental and graceful animals. They have long been the favorites of many families around the world. Now the fashion for this breed has reached Russia. And although these kittens are quite expensive, they bring a lot of joy, fun and surprises.

Containing Bengalis is not difficult, but costly. You are unlikely to encounter many features and differences from the rules of standard pet care. But there is one significant difference: food for Bengal cats must be chosen carefully and competently. After all, not only their mood and he alth, but also their lives may depend on it.

Breed information

Representatives of this breed are active and require increased attention. Bengalis are intellectually developed, amenable to training and education. They love to play a variety of games. With a good approach to learning, they are able to repeat the actions of people: turn on and off the light, move objects with their paws,open doors.

bengal cat kitten
bengal cat kitten

Bengal cats love running water (they inherited this from their ancestors), so they often spend a lot of time in the bathroom, they can frolic in the shower or splash the water flowing from the tap with their paws.

He alth & Care

This breed is distinguished by good he alth, endurance, stamina and a playful temperament. They have good natural immunity, which helps them avoid some of the typical diseases of the feline family, but at the same time they have a sensitive intestine. Inflammatory diseases of this group of organs are quite common in them. That is why you need to know exactly what food to feed Bengal cats.

According to many breeders, the breed is unpretentious in all respects. Caring for Bengal cats will not create many problems. There are no specific recommendations for caring for them. Although the hosts must follow all standard procedures:

  • ear cleaning;
  • combing wool;
  • cutting and sometimes filing nails.

Bengal cats are very clean and almost never shed their hair. In addition, they are not afraid of water.

Bengal cat nutrition
Bengal cat nutrition

Rewarded with nature's activity, they need outdoor walks and opportunities to frolic on the lawn. It is best to walk them in a harness.

Now it's worth talking about feeding these animals and find out what food is best for Bengal cats.

Eating Rules

ForTo ensure that your pet gets all the nutrients it needs, it is better to feed it with professional quality dry food. For example, food for Bengal cats "Royal Canin". You can buy it in almost any specialized zoological store. It is not recommended to buy it in the supermarket.

Dry food "Royal Canin" for Bengal cats helps to care for the gums and teeth of the animal, and this affects the general condition of the body and, of course, mood.

Some representatives of this breed do not tolerate dry food. They need a different diet. It is best to feed them with canned or wet food from professional developers.

bengali food
bengali food

Some leopard cats feel better on "natural", that is, "human food". It is not recommended to develop such a diet on your own. It is safer and more correct to seek advice from a veterinarian who is well acquainted with this breed. He will help you choose the optimal meal schedule and portion size, as well as advise veterinary vitamins that are best added to the main diet.

Bengal cat: what is better to feed?

Representatives of this family are prone to problems with the digestive tract. Therefore, choosing the right diet for a pet is an important and responsible event. You can feed Bengalis with dry and wet food, as well as natural products. Both diets will take care of the he alth and longevity of the pet. Although many veterinarians strongly advisegive preference only to ready-made feeds. This option has many advantages:

  • The composition of the finished feed already includes a full set of essential elements, vitamins and minerals, which eliminates the danger of making the wrong diet.
  • It also slows down the formation of tartar and helps maintain overall dental he alth.
  • Saves time and ensures your pet doesn't go hungry.

Finished products

Despite the ads, not all foods are the same. Your pet should be given only the highest quality products. Popular and cheap foods like Whiskas can cost her he alth and even her life.

elite food for bengal cats
elite food for bengal cats

The products of the following companies are most suitable for this breed:

  • "Hills";
  • Royal Canin;
  • "Nutra Gold";
  • "Akana";
  • "Pro Plan".

Sometimes such food can be found on the shelves of supermarkets and shops, but you should not buy them there anyway. Firstly, they need to be stored under certain conditions, which are not always respected by the owners of a huge store. Secondly, you may stumble upon a fake. Only specialists from a pet store or cattery will be able to distinguish a real product from its cheap copy.

Quality is the key to he alth

Why is it important to buy premium food for Bengal cats? Giving preference to representatives of such a graceful and majestic breed, you should not save on theirhe alth. The main component of premium products is meat meal. Therefore, before buying, you need to carefully study the composition of the ingredients. Only in the presence of this component can we say that the food is made from natural meat. Of course, there are also products made from meat and bone meal, which is also called "natural product", but it is not natural meat. It contains an insufficient amount of amino acids, since the amount of such acids in the bones themselves is minimal. Such food categorically cannot be considered a balanced and he althy diet, although it saturates the animal. The only problem is that the proteins from such feeds are not digested well enough. Bone, cartilage or hoof protein simply transits through the entire digestive system without being absorbed or remaining in the body.

what is the best food for bengal cats
what is the best food for bengal cats

Premium food contains enough vitamins and minerals. They provide the necessary daily intake of components in accordance with the condition of the animal: age, breed characteristics and characteristics of the content. You can choose the right food for pregnant females, castrated animals or individuals with reduced immunity.

Royal Canin is the perfect solution

This product is specifically designed to take care of the teeth and gums of this breed. The pellets are specially made in the shape of the letter Y, which makes the animals carefully chew on the delicacy. This helps maintain oral hygiene.

IncludedThis food contains highly digestible proteins, the right amount of fiber and prebiotics, which guarantee the maintenance of the balance of the intestinal microflora.

High protein and moderate fat levels help Bengal cats maintain an optimal ratio of muscle to fat tissue.

The sulphur-containing amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins in the formula contribute to the he alth and luster of the coat, which is essential for a breed with such a unique coloration. The balance of minerals contributes to the proper functioning of the cat's urinary system.

Food for Bengal cats "Royal Canin" does not contain artificial colors, odor and taste enhancers. It does not contain monosodium glutamine and sodium nitrite, which make the product more tasty, but less useful. The product is enriched with vitamins A and D, iron, iodine, copper, manganese, zinc and selenium.

Nutrients contained in it in the following ratio:

  • 3, 8% fiber;
  • 40% protein;
  • 18% fat;
  • 7, 7% minerals.

Of technological additives, only antioxidants and clinoptilolite of sedimentary origin are present in the feed.

How to identify a quality product?

Always pay attention to the components that are listed first in the composition - this is the basis of the feed. If it starts with wheat or wheat gluten, corn or cornstarch, and not meat meal or protein components, then it is not a premium product.

royal canin food
royal canin food

Premium holistic foods are the best. They are based on no grains, and they are as balanced as possible. All ingredients are easily digestible, and the meat content is 65% or more. The mineral supplements in dry food for Bengal cats are not premixes, but natural products: vegetables, fruits, berries. Vegetable proteins are used instead of grains.

On a dry food diet, water intake should be tripled. The water itself should always be fresh.

Medical products

Among premium foods, you can find those that are suitable for therapeutic diets. Such diets may be prescribed by a veterinarian or animal nutritionist. As a rule, they will also advise which manufacturer's food is better to buy. Such diets are often required by animals that are prone to certain diseases or breed characteristics.

how to feed bengal cats
how to feed bengal cats

Also, a special diet can be prescribed for pregnant, lactating or aging animals to make up for the lack of certain elements and minerals.

Change in diet

If you need to switch from one premium food to another, it is best to start the process gradually. It usually takes about a month. Replace part of one food with another every day. So you can completely change the diet of the animal, while not harming his he alth and mood. It is important to remember that feeding with balanced and high-quality feed is a guarantee of a happy, he althy and long life.the life of your beloved Bengali.