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Barbie doll sizes and step-by-step instructions for sewing a simple doll dress

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Barbie doll sizes and step-by-step instructions for sewing a simple doll dress
Barbie doll sizes and step-by-step instructions for sewing a simple doll dress

You can't argue with the popularity of the Barbie doll. Almost every girl dreams of such a toy. Modern stores offer a wide variety of both the dolls themselves and the clothes for them. However, there are situations in which the young owner of Barbie is unable to try on her new outfit, because it does not fit. Mom can save the situation by sewing a simple dress for the doll. But first you need to know how the size of the Barbie doll is determined.

A bit of history

Today, there are many models of Barbie, both collectible and themed. The history of the 11.5-inch plastic doll, which is now considered the standard, began back in 1959 with the filing of American mother Ruth Handler. The woman took as a prototype the Bild Lilly doll, popular at that time in Germany, which has proportions similar to a human, and a height of 29 cm. Matell, which was the property of Hanlders, created the first dollBarbie based on this prototype and following Ruth's recommendations.

vintage barbie

Throughout the decades, the doll has also been made in large sizes, comparable to the height of a child, and custom-made porcelain models are also known.

The new Barbie dolls, which have been produced since 2005, do not differ in height from the old models.

Standard doll sizes

The current established Barbie doll size is 29 cm (11.5 inches), with the male representative, Ken doll, standing 1.5 cm taller (12 inches) and her little sister (Screeper) 1 inch shorter.

The modern Barbie differs from the old model mainly in the chest girth (it is 1 cm larger in the older version of the doll). In addition, the new model has a more elegant back. Classic models are produced to this day. They are usually significantly cheaper than new products.

There are models from 25 to 30 cm tall, and they also belong to the Barbie brand.

DIY doll dress

How to sew clothes for a doll with your own hands

Sewing everyday clothes for Barbie is not difficult. Difficulties may arise with overalls or puffy evening dresses. For connection, you can use a simple seam, sew by hand or on a typewriter. Based on the fact that the size of the Barbie doll implies the presence of small details when sewing outfits, the manual method is preferable.

Materials for sewing doll clothes are limited only by imagination. You can also crochet the outfit oron the spokes. And by decorating the hem of a fluffy dress with a frill or lace, you can get an analogue that is in no way inferior to the clothes for Barbie that are sold in the store.

Step by step instructions for sewing a simple dress

To tailor the outfit, you will need to accurately determine the size of the Barbie doll. To make a simple sheath dress, you need to measure the height of the doll, the desired length of the product, the circumference of the bust, waist and hips, as well as the width of the shoulders and the height of the yoke (length from the shoulder line to the center of the bust).

Patterns of dresses for Barbie

The steps for sewing a basic dress for Barbie are as follows:

  1. Preparing a sketch of the future product. The owner of the doll can be involved in this process.
  2. Transferring a sketch to paper, taking into account the measurements received - building a pattern.
  3. Next, the pattern should be cut out and attached to the cut of the selected fabric
  4. Trace pattern, adding 1-1.5cm seam allowance on all sides.
  5. Cut out the pieces and sew together, observing the position of the front and back sides.

After sewing the product for a doll fashionista, it is recommended to steam it with an iron through the fabric.

Doll dress options

Beautiful Barbie dolls are available today in almost every toy store. And clothes sewn for the doll with their own hands will help to give individuality. You can also involve your daughter in this process so that she learns sewing and perseverance in the process of this interesting lesson. Designer outfits will definitely distinguish the Barbie doll from many others.

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