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Maternity discharge envelope: tips for choosing
Maternity discharge envelope: tips for choosing

The day when a newborn baby leaves the maternity hospital for the first time is no less solemn than the date of his birth. Therefore, a young mother needs to prepare in advance for this moment and purchase an elegant envelope and other clothes that are included in the discharge kit. You definitely cannot do without useful tips on choosing in this matter.

What is a discharge kit?

To discharge a baby from the hospital, you need a whole set of clothes. The list may vary depending on the season. But roughly it looks like this:

  • thin cotton slip or bodysuit;
  • smart suit (pants and blouse or overalls);
  • hat (one thin and one warm if necessary);
  • cotton mittens;
  • socks (thin and wool);
  • envelope for a newborn.
discharge kit
discharge kit

The discharge kit must be prepared before the baby is born and placed in a separate bag. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of the envelope, since it is the main attribute of the children's wardrobe inthis solemn day.

The main criteria for choosing an envelope

The envelope is the baby's outerwear. That is why the child should be at least warm and comfortable in it. A few years ago, it looked like an ordinary quilt in a white duvet cover, folded into an envelope and tied with a pink or blue satin ribbon. Today, the choice is much wider and more varied.

Future parents, even before the birth of a child, can evaluate the model they like according to several important criteria:

  • seasonality and climatic conditions;
  • functionality and practicality;
  • tailoring quality;
  • natural materials;
  • appearance.
envelope for discharge from the hospital
envelope for discharge from the hospital

Thanks to simple tips, you can purchase such an envelope for discharge from the hospital, in which both the child will be comfortable, and parents are calm for his well-being and safety. But still, the main factor that is taken into account when choosing a particular model is the time of year.

Envelope for discharge from the maternity hospital by season

In newborns, the body's thermoregulation system is not yet fully formed. Therefore, a child can easily become overcooled when discharged in the cold season, or, conversely, overheat if wrapped in a warm blanket in summer. That's why it's so important to find the right baby carrier for your newborn.

Babies who were born in the warm season will only need to purchase a thin cotton blanket or blanket. The extract envelope (summer version) should not be too tight. Heserves more of an aesthetic function. In summer, the baby will not freeze even in a thin suit, but it is more convenient to hold him in the arms in an envelope.

When choosing a kit for the cold season, from October to April, you should pay attention to warmer models. Blanket-envelope for discharge from the hospital (winter version) can be made of sheepskin, down or synthetic winterizer.

envelope for a girl
envelope for a girl

For the off-season, an envelope is bought taking into account the peculiarities of the weather of this time of year. For example, in early May or September it can be both very cold and hot. Therefore, the envelope should be chosen with a thin layer of synthetic winterizer or fleece.

Material and fittings

No matter what time of year the envelope is bought, it must be made from natural materials. Synthetic fabrics often cause allergies in babies, so it is absolutely not recommended to wear them on babies.

Before buying, be sure to check whether the model you like has a cotton lining. Of course, in the event that a demi-season or winter envelope is selected for an extract. The summer version is sewn without lining, so it must be made of natural fabric. Particular attention should be paid to the side seams. The skin of a newborn baby is delicate and sensitive, it is easily damaged. That is why the seams on children's clothes that come into contact with the skin are turned inside out.

The fittings used in the envelope manufacturing process must comply with high European quality. Before buying an itemfasteners, Velcro, buttons, zippers should be checked. They should be well and easily fixed, and not touch the face of the baby.

Functionality and practicality

A good envelope will serve the child and parents for a single day, so when choosing it, you should pay attention to functionality. For example, some models, if necessary, are easily transformed into a blanket, others into a jumpsuit. But when buying, you need to take into account the fact that children grow very quickly. Therefore, an envelope is purchased for discharge from the hospital, but with a small margin in growth, so that it is enough to wear it for another 2-3 months for a walk. But no more. When the baby is already six months old, he will no longer need the envelope.

knitted envelope for statement
knitted envelope for statement

Ruffles, lace and bows - it's all very beautiful, of course, but for one, the most solemn day. Therefore, if we are talking about the off-season, then it is better to take a knitted envelope for an extract, but in winter a blanket or a transformer will be more in demand. These are practical things that will last the baby for at least the next couple of months of life.

Varieties of envelopes

There are several types of envelopes. The most common and sought after of them:

  • envelope-quilt;
  • envelope bag;
  • envelope-overalls-transformer.

In addition, manufacturers are constantly releasing more modern, ergonomic models. One of them is a hard-backed maternity discharge envelope. Outwardly, this model resembles a bag, but with a dense coconut mattress inside. The baby's back willreliably protected from sudden movements.

Quilt Envelope

This envelope is classic. This is the most common model compared to the rest, and also the most practical. It is a blanket folded in the shape of an envelope, on the free corner of which the child's head is located. For reliability from the outside, the model is fixed with ribbons, Velcro, zippers. They also perform a decorative function.

blanket envelope for discharge from the maternity hospital winter
blanket envelope for discharge from the maternity hospital winter

The envelope-quilt is sewn from different fabrics. It depends on how practical it will be. If you need an elegant envelope, intended only for a solemn statement, then you should choose a satin. But for subsequent use, such a model is hardly suitable, since it is inconvenient to hold a child in it. The satin fabric slips, and the baby can simply not be held in your arms.

More practical is the cotton envelope. It does not look so elegant, but it can be used after discharge. To give solemnity, the blanket is tied with a bright ribbon, the color of which depends on the gender of the child. For example, a discharge envelope for a girl will be decorated with a red or pink ribbon, and for a boy it will be blue.

The main advantages of the quilt-shaped model are its practicality and inexpensive, affordable price.

Envelope bag

This model has common features with the previous version, but with the difference that it is no longer required to fold the blanket in a certain way. The envelope has the shape of a bag, which fastens at the bottom and on the sides withlightning. Thus, the baby is reliably protected from the weather inside, and his head is located on a free corner-hood.

summer envelope
summer envelope

The envelope bag is perfect for discharge, and for use over the next three months, when the motor activity of a newborn baby is limited. The model is sewn from different materials for winter or summer. In the envelope-bag, the baby is comfortable to hold in your arms, and you can not worry that the blanket will untie and the child will slip out of it.

Transformer envelope

This envelope looks like a jumpsuit with arms and legs. On sale there are models where the lower part is made in the form of a bag or a trapezoid. Closer to three months, the child becomes more active, and then it's time to transform the envelope. With the help of special buttons or a zipper, the "bag" turns into two legs, into which the baby's legs stick through.

baby envelope
baby envelope

This is one of the most functional and practical models. An envelope or transforming overalls are ideal for discharge in the cold season. For this, manufacturers use fillers such as synthetic winterizer, down or sheepskin. The transforming envelope can easily replace winter overalls even for a three-month-old baby. If the birth takes place in cold weather, this is one of the best options for an envelope for the baby. Modern and stylish models are presented in different colors. This allows parents to choose the appropriate envelope for both the boy and the girl.

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