How to fatten a dog? How and what to feed a malnourished dog? Wet dog food

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How to fatten a dog? How and what to feed a malnourished dog? Wet dog food
How to fatten a dog? How and what to feed a malnourished dog? Wet dog food

Video: How to fatten a dog? How and what to feed a malnourished dog? Wet dog food

Video: How to fatten a dog? How and what to feed a malnourished dog? Wet dog food
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Pet dog owners often wonder how to help their pet gain weight. Severe thinness may be the result of a serious illness or other reasons. How to feed a dog? This process is not fast and requires compliance with certain rules.

Which dogs should be fed?

Female dogs can become malnourished after nursing a large litter of more than a dozen puppies. Also, emaciated animals after a serious illness or operation need special nutrition.

Exhausted can be street dogs or domestic dogs that are lost and have been without a home for a long time. If neglected animals are used to feeding on leftover food from garbage dumps, then lost pets may refuse such food and become very thin.

Another cause of malnutrition is parasitic infestation. Therefore, before you start fattening your dog, you should consult a veterinarian and rid the animal of worms.

Wasting is also possible in dogs that have to work hard, but their diet is not enough calories. This is especially possible in tetrapods that carry loads over considerable distances.distance.

Sometimes it is necessary for a dog to put on weight before entering a show. It happens that you need to show some features of the breed, so dogs are forced to gain weight or lose weight.

An animal in old age may refuse food due to poor he alth. They are more prone to depletion than other pets due to metabolic disorders. How to feed the dog in this case? You will definitely need the help of a veterinarian who will help adjust the diet of the animal.

wet dog food
wet dog food

Diet for fattening

How to fatten a dog? On the "natural" it is easier to do. Such food has a pronounced taste and smell that dogs like. Feed produced by the industry is not so appetizing, many animals quickly get tired of them. The exception is canned dog food - they can be called more like delicacies.

If the pet is used to eating dry food, you can diversify it. For example, mix with grated cheese, chopped boiled meat, egg, cottage cheese.

It is important for young dogs, as well as pregnant and lactating females, to eat fermented milk products: kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt. This will help digestion work, improve stools.

malnourished dog how to feed
malnourished dog how to feed

What else to offer your pet?

Weekly it is useful to give boiled fish to dogs, after removing the bones. Only low-fat varieties are suitable for pets.

Eggs are full of vitamins and he althy cholesterol. Give them to four-leggedboiled.

Plant foods (cereals, fruits, vegetables) provide the body with the necessary carbohydrates and stimulate the digestive system.

In addition to the right diet for an emaciated dog, it is also important to increase the number of meals. Feed pets three to eight times a day.

how to feed a dog
how to feed a dog

If the animal refuses food, warm water is poured into it from a syringe without a needle and a glucose solution is injected.

How to fatten a dog?

The main component of the menu for thin animals is meat. It is a source of essential amino acids, which are not found in plant foods and fish. If the dog has not eaten meat for a long time, they give it boiled and only lean. The daily menu consists of 75-80% meat.

The rest of the diet is plant based. For example, cereals. Dogs can be given buckwheat, oats, rice. Corn can cause allergies. Wheat is not suitable for feeding predators. When cooking cereals, s alt is not added. Meat cut into pieces, as well as vegetables, fruits, greens are put in porridge.

If a dog has had enteritis, its food should be puree and semi-liquid: boiled pieces of meat, fermented milk products, liquid oatmeal, vegetable soup.

Feeding of the female after the weaning of the puppies is supposed to be enhanced, according to a certain scheme of feeding pregnant and lactating dogs.

how to feed a dog straight
how to feed a dog straight

Preparing for competitions

If the dog needs to gain weight before the show, reduce its physical activity and increase the daily portionfood. The ration is not changed. If the dog is ready for the show, it means that he is in great shape and his menu suits him perfectly. In addition, the introduction of new products can adversely affect the he alth and mood of the animal. Shedding may begin, discharge from the nose and eyes, redness of the ears. Of course, such manifestations will only reduce the performance of the pet on the show.

how to feed a skinny dog
how to feed a skinny dog

What not to do?

Some time ago, dog breeders advised adding semolina to the diet of a thin animal. However, today experts do not recommend doing this. Dogs do not perceive wheat and products from it in the best way, and semolina is the result of processing this cereal. Dogs are often allergic to semolina.

Also, do not give your pets fatty meats - pork and lamb. It is harmful to the liver and pancreas, burdens the gallbladder. In addition, pork often causes allergies.

Ideal meats for dogs are rabbit, turkey, veal, horse meat. They are boiled, cut into pieces, herbal ingredients are added and fed to pets.

During the fattening period, do not replace meat with offal. They are not as nutritious, and they are digested worse. The only exception is the liver. It can be given instead of meat, pre-boiled.

To fatten up a dog, you need to increase the calorie content of his diet. In this case, first of all, carbohydrate food comes to the rescue, so the animal is boiled porridge in broth and vegetables are added to them.

Should I buy ready-made food?

If the owner chooses ready-made wet food for fattening, it is advisable to purchase premium or super-premium products. Along with them, economy class positions are also produced. Either way, wet food is a great food option for malnourished animals.

dog food
dog food

Product advantages are that:

  • feed composition is balanced;
  • includes natural and he althy ingredients;
  • products of various categories are produced, including prices.

Food supplements

How and what else to feed an emaciated dog to help her gain weight? Beneficial supplements include:

  • Meat and bone meal is a powder obtained from processed animal carcasses. In some countries it is used as a fertilizer. In dog nutrition, it is considered a source of calcium, phosphorus, and protein. Large pets are given up to 2 teaspoons of flour per day, adding to food before serving.
  • Fish oil is a useful supplement that strengthens the immune system and the skeletal system of the animal. The product contributes to the prevention of many diseases. Give fish oil to the dog 2-3 times a week, mixing a small amount of it into food at the dosage prescribed on the product package.
  • Seaweed is a source of iodine and other useful trace elements. Large dogs can be given up to 100-150 grams per day.
  • Plantain - normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal system, improves the blood formula, raises the level of hemoglobin. You can add a little of the leaves of this herb to your dog's food.
  • Eleutherococcus leaves - increase efficiencydogs, normalize the work of the heart, are used as a growth stimulant, improve the quality of wool. It is used in the form of a pharmacy tincture, which is given to dogs half an hour before meals. 7 drops are enough for small animals, 30 drops for large animals.
how and what to feed a malnourished dog
how and what to feed a malnourished dog

Practical advice from experts

How to fatten a dog? The answer to this question consists of a number of practical recommendations:

  • First you need to find out what caused the low weight of the animal. If the dog brought puppies or was taken from the street, everything is clear.
  • It will be useful to visit the vet. If a dog is sick, it makes sense that he will lose weight. A number of diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, pathologies of the liver, kidneys, oncological problems, can lead to the loss of valuable kilograms.
  • A dog's low weight may be due to its breed. To find out, it is worth clarifying the standards and comparing the weight of the animal with them.
  • If an animal consumes wet dog food, it is necessary to check the information on the packaging to clarify whether the owner is giving enough food to his pet. It depends on the size of the quadruped. If the animal consumes less canned food, it is not surprising that it loses weight. After all, it does not receive the required daily amount of calories.
  • If a dog is malnourished, how to feed it? It is necessary to increase the daily amount of feed. Usually start with a 10% increase. If after that the pet does not have diarrhea after 2-3 days, then another 10% is added to the amount of wet dog food eaten. Andetc. The same applies to dry food. It is not worth drastically increasing the amount of food for the pet, as this will cause disturbances in the intestines. If the difference with the original weight is small, then add to the portions. If the increase is significant, make another feeding during the day.

Here are practical tips that helped answer the question of fattening a skinny dog.