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How to live with a moron guy you love: tips and tricks. What to do if the guy is a moron?

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How to live with a moron guy you love: tips and tricks. What to do if the guy is a moron?
How to live with a moron guy you love: tips and tricks. What to do if the guy is a moron?

The family has its black sheep, just like the rest of the world. Each person is unique, but some character traits of close people can sometimes simply infuriate. Are you wondering what to do if the guy is a moron, but you love him? Then you've come to the right place, because in our article you will find four tips that will help you develop a relationship with a guy who is different from others for the better.

Hint him about the importance of self-development

"I fell in love with a moron and can't live without him. What should I do?" - in the modern world, a lot of girls ask a similar question. It is not surprising. The fact that there are much more women on the planet than men is known to almost everyone. Therefore, young ladies begin to "rake" normal guys as early as adolescence. However, there are also girls who choose a boyfriend for a long time, after which they are forced to live with far from the most normalguys. Well, or the girl just falls in love with a guy who has "not everything at home", and can't do anything about it. What advice can you give to such a beauty?

i loved the retard

Try to hint to your lover that in the modern world it is very important to constantly develop yourself. If a guy sits at a computer all the time or drinks beer with friends, then he has no moral right to be called a man. However, you should not say such things directly to your man. Let the representative of the stronger sex be the head of the family, but you can manipulate him the way you want. Just say you want to start reading more books and would love to have your boyfriend join you. Or buy him some interesting souvenir that will awaken in him a desire for self-development.

Introduce the guy to your parents

What to do if the guy is a moron, but you are afraid to tell him about it directly? A very good option in this case would be to introduce him to his relatives, who are distinguished by a sharp mind and follow the rules of etiquette. You can even ask them to play along with you so that they show double diligence. In such a society, your boyfriend will begin to feel out of place and will begin to develop himself in all areas so as not to appear imbecile in front of your family.

my boyfriend is a moron

Also, friends with whom your young man for some reason is not yet familiar with can also be included in the category of useful acquaintances. Just tell them "My boyfriend ismoron, help!" They will support you in every possible way and help develop a plan that will make "a person out of a monkey." Emphasis should be placed on the fact that you are used to living in a society of adequate and adult people. Having fun, of course, is also great, but you should not forget that life is short and you should seize every opportunity to make it better.

Copy his terrible behavior

Sickening as it may sound, even a level 80 moron won't tolerate his girlfriend's behavior that he displays himself. Try to do the same as your boyfriend, and if necessary, even embellish some points. Don't be afraid to burp at the table or throw a water balloon out of the window. Every guy tries to find a nice and feminine girl, not a troll who will pick his nose and wipe this secretion on the headboard.

level 80 morons

If a guy notices a change in your behavior, then don't be afraid to give him an ultimatum that you will behave this way as long as he behaves that way. Use the phrase "Now do you understand what it looks like from the outside?" If there is even a little adequacy in your beloved, then he will stop acting like an abnormal person and begin to change for the better.

Threate a young man to break up

Answering the question of what to do if the guy is a moron, one cannot fail to mention a rather effective method that is ideal if your boyfriend selflesslyloves. Just tell him in all seriousness that you need a normal man, not an idiot.

The girl left the guy

If you put your most valuable asset on the line, things will unfold as follows:

  • or the guy will leave you;
  • or it will start to change.

Even if the first happens, don't worry too much about it. Perhaps fate has long tried to hint to you that you should not build a serious relationship with this person. Especially if he does not value your union and it is easier for him to part with you than to change. We hope now you know what to do if the guy is a moron. Good luck!

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