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How to raise kittens so that they turn into well-behaved cats and cats?

How to raise kittens so that they turn into well-behaved cats and cats?
How to raise kittens so that they turn into well-behaved cats and cats?

A pet, unless, of course, we are talking about fish, reptiles or lethargic hamsters, is a charge of positive and joy, as well as an opportunity to observe the behavior of a mature personality. However, in order not to grab your head while examining the gnawed furniture, not to swear through your teeth or out loud,

how to raise kittens

cleaning up another puddle in the wrong place, you need to educate your pet from childhood.

Basic parenting

The very first rule of how to raise kittens is to accustom the baby to the tray. It is best to place the tray in your own toilet or bathroom - this way you will avoid the spread of unpleasant odors around the apartment. Also make sure that the little cat is comfortable and easy to climb into the container, make sure that the sides are not too high. There are many types of cat litter, and which one to choose is entirely up to you. The main thing is that the tray should be in a place that is comfortable for the cat - do notthrough passage and, preferably, closed.

The next problem you face when wondering how to raise kittens is their nutrition. Your pet should have its own place where its bowl will stand and be sure to have a bowl of clean water. As for the diet itself (what to feed, how many times a day), this is a separate issue, and often many factors depend on the breed of your pet. But in order to eat in the same place and not carry food around the house, you need to teach your baby from childhood: this way you will avoid a lot of troublesand problems in the future.

how to raise a scottish fold kitten

Organize a corner for the cat where your pet can have fun to the fullest: install a scratching post, a wall on which he can climb, a cozy house, hang your favorite toys. It is very important to accustom a kitten to a corner: in this way you protect yourself from damaged furniture, gnawed wires, scratched and torn wallpaper. How to raise kittens and accustom them to corners? Make the play area as interesting as possible for the baby, and if the kitten strives to grab the railing of your favorite chair, quickly take it to the scratching post.

How to raise a baby?

If suddenly your kitten misbehaves, you should not leave it unattended - otherwise you will grow up an ill-mannered and harmful cat. However, you should not be zealous: basing your relationship with an animal on fear is not the best option. A lot has been written about how to raise kittens, but remember the main thing: the animalcan't be beaten no matter what it does. For an insignificant, in your opinion, misconduct, you can raise your tone, scold in a rude voice, or throw some object that makes a loud sound towards the cat, accompanying this with the command “fu”, “no” or “no” (do not hit the cat itself!). If you accuse the pet of a serious crime, you can take it by the scruff of the neck and lift it slightly (not completely, so that the animal can lean on the hind limbs, and the front ones

how to raise a british kitten

paws slightly off the floor) and lightly shake the cat to the right and left (again carefully). Another option is to slap on the forehead or nose. Both punishments will bring your pet back to his childhood when he was raised in this way by his mother cat.

"Overseas" cats

When it comes to how to raise a Scottish Fold kitten, many people think that this is a difficult task that requires significant not only time, but also financial costs. However, you will agree that caring for a thoroughbred cat is better than an ordinary yard Murka, taken for a symbolic five kopecks from the neighbors, is at least wrong. After all, this is some kind of discrimination! Therefore, when purchasing an expensive thoroughbred cat, get ready to raise it with the same carrot and stick as any other. The same can be said about how to raise a British kitten: provide your baby with a cozy house, a comfortable toilet and food rich in essential trace elements - and your pet will delight you with active and cheerful behavior, perky character and affectionate purring, regardless ofthe one who is listed in his pedigree: purebred Marquises in the fifth knee or ownerless Murki.

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