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Beautiful congratulations on the wedding in prose
Beautiful congratulations on the wedding in prose

Wedding is one of the most important events in a person's life. Newlyweds always hope that this will be the only such event. That is why it should be made unforgettable. And, of course, guests should help in this. What wedding congratulations in prose would be the most appropriate? Read more about it below.

Congratulations from friends

Wedding is a celebration of two lovers. But it is celebrated widely. Even if 100 people are not present at the solemn event, those who are married will still invite their closest friends. After all, the holiday will be more fun and better remembered if you share it with your loved ones. And what congratulations on the wedding in prose can the guests say? Here is one option:

"My dear Oleg and Elena! I congratulate you on this solemn event. I am glad that you invited me to share this holiday with you. I hope your whole life will be permeated with the light of the sun, like this morning. I know you two from early childhood. Then we could not even think that you had everor become newlyweds. But time passed, we grew, and today I am here. I am especially pleased to see you happy. Your romance began before my eyes. I remember with trepidation your first date, which a friend told me about. How romantic everything was. Oleg, take care of your wife, she is your most intelligent, beautiful and kind. But I think you already know about it. I want to wish you long life together, he althy children and financial well-being".

Congratulations on the wedding in prose can be different. The main thing is that it comes from the heart. Many people say that it is not necessary to rehearse a speech in advance. But still it should be done. If you rarely speak in public, then from an overabundance of feelings, all the right words can fly out of your head. Therefore, you should prepare a speech in advance, and improvise at the wedding in accordance with the circumstances.

Congratulations from witnesses

congratulations on your wedding day in prose
congratulations on your wedding day in prose

Today, the registry office does not require newlyweds to single out two guests. But (as a tribute to tradition) witnesses are appointed. After all, these two people are the best friends of the spouses and it is they who will help in holding the celebration. When the newlyweds get tired of singing and dancing, they no longer want to participate in competitions, witnesses will have to come to the rescue. What wedding congratulations in prose would be appropriate to say to marked friends? Here is one example:

"Maxim, I am incredibly glad that you met Nina on your life path. She enriched you, it was with her that you became a real man. You took care of thisgirl and promised that you would protect her all your life. I have known you for a long time and I am sure that you will keep your word. Nina is wonderful. She is a good hostess, a loving woman and the soul of the company. Thanks to her, every day will be a holiday for you. I hope that your passion does not dry out, and it is in your power to maintain the fire of love. Live peacefully and happily. Do not forget about friends and may troubles always bypass your home."

Witnesses should not emphasize their privileged attitude towards other guests in speech. After all, none of the friends should be offended that this place is not taken by him.

How parents can congratulate

congratulations on the wedding in prose
congratulations on the wedding in prose

The older generation must be present at the wedding. After all, parents are the people who gave each of us life. And whatever they are, we still love them. It is clear that sometimes we swear or take offense, but these are all temporary phenomena. Peace is sure to come. And for each person it is important that the closest people are near at a crucial moment in life. What wedding congratulations in prose should parents say? Here is one example:

"Daughter, I do not believe that I am giving you in marriage. For me, you will always be a little girl that I rocked in my arms. How quickly children grow up. I remember your first steps, first fives and the defense of your diploma. You are my smart girl and I love you very much. Today our family is replenished with new people. Seryozha, you are almost like a son to me. I hope you will always look at Masha the samewith loving eyes, like today. I know that you are a good guy and will never hurt my daughter. I also feel that your love is mutual and it warms my heart. It's nice to understand that I'm giving Masha in safe hands. Children, I want you to create your own full-fledged family and give birth to many grandchildren. And remember that the doors of my house will always be open for you."

Beautiful congratulations on your wedding day in prose should sound touching. Don't be afraid to tear up. Sincere emotions will not make you worse in the eyes of others. Well, if you are afraid that cosmetics will flow, use waterproof mascara. Be sure to say a few words about the people in the family. After all, new family members are not only a daughter-in-law or son-in-law, but also their parents, sisters, brothers and children, if any. Therefore, you should express gratitude to these people and say that you really want to make friends with them all, since from this day on you are one big family. You can even invite everyone present to your party.

Sister Wishes

heartfelt congratulations wedding prose
heartfelt congratulations wedding prose

The closest people always occupy a huge part of our lives. And if fate sometimes separates us from friends, then we are connected with sisters by an inextricable thread. These girls and women are always very understanding, often do not even need words to explain something. An invisible connection allows them to feel emotional experiences and always find the right words. What congratulations on your wedding day in prose can a sister say? Here is an example:

"Christina! You are the mostmy dear little man, it always has been and always will be. Today I give you to Zhenya. Guys, you are just made for each other. I remember how you met, I remember your first date and your first anniversary. My sister told me all this in great detail. Christina, I even envy you a little, white envy, of course. You found a great man, probably fate brought you together. I am very pleased to see you happy. I hope this magical feeling that has been living in your hearts for three years will never run out. And to prevent this from happening, you should periodically warm up feelings. You have a lot of common hobbies, so I think this will not be a problem. Guys, be happy today and for the rest of your life."

Wedding congratulations in prose can bring everyone to tears. The main thing is to choose the right words. You can supplement the speech with some memorable moment, for example, tell the public about the first kiss of the newlyweds. True, in this case, you should first ask the bride for permission.

Congratulations from brother

congratulations on the wedding prose
congratulations on the wedding prose

Men rarely reveal their feelings to the public. Restraint is what distinguishes the strong sex from the weak. Therefore, congratulations on the wedding day in prose from a brother will differ in avarice of feelings. If you want to be more liberated, you should write a speech in advance, read it to your parents. They will be able to make adjustments, and mom will always help you find the right words. Here is a variant of one of the congratulations:

"Borya, today you are leaving ourfamilies and create your own. I'm not very sad about this. After all, everything new is insanely interesting. Marina is a good girl and I know that she will take care of you. Brother, you have always been my support and support, as well as an example to follow. I know what a wonderful person you are, so I respect your choice. Creating a family is the main mission of every person. And you did it. Now you have the responsible task of preserving and expanding it. Be as confident and purposeful as our father. Take care of Marina in the same way that dad takes care of mom. I think that this is the main secret of our family happiness. Good luck guys and long life together."

Don't be afraid to mention in your speech not only the newlyweds, but also the parents. After all, they are your pride and support. If dad and mom are happily married, then it is from them that you need to take an example. Therefore, mark the older generation in your speech, they will definitely be pleased.

Short congratulations

congratulations on the golden wedding in prose
congratulations on the golden wedding in prose

The longer the wedding goes on, the shorter the speeches become. This is right, because towards the end of the evening people want to hear not congratulations, but toasts. Therefore, in addition to one big speech that you prepare for the holiday, you should write a few more, but short ones that can fit in two or three sentences. It will be possible to use the text as a toast, or it will be possible to fill the pause formed in the holiday with it. Here is an example of a short congratulation in prose on your wedding day:

"My beloved, happy holiday!May your life be like a sea voyage, and the wind always be fair."

Parting words from mom can be like this:

"Never despair. And remember that dirty linen is never brought out of the family. Tomorrow you will forget that you had a fight, and I will always remember. So live peacefully and try to solve problems with each other."

Short beautiful congratulations on your wedding in prose can be invented on the go. For example, noticing what you observe at a holiday. Just try to moderate your sarcasm, it may not be pleasant to everyone. But good-natured jokes would be quite appropriate.

It will be great if you read some congratulations in the form of poems. And if you do not have the talent of a poet, then you can learn a few folk ditties. Such funny quatrains will cheer up the guests. It is not necessary to sing them in front of everyone, you can seize the moment and congratulate the newlyweds in a chamber setting.

The newlyweds thank the guests

congratulations on your wedding anniversary in prose
congratulations on your wedding anniversary in prose

Congratulations on the wedding in prose and in verse will sound throughout the solemn day. But in the evening, when the time comes to disperse, the bride and groom will have to give a speech of thanks to the guests. What for? So that all those present understand how important support, friendship and all this warm atmosphere are for young people. Thanking guests is not so difficult, and people will be very pleased. What is worth saying? Here is one way to say thanks:

"Dear guests! We are very glad that you were able to share this solemnday, one of the most important in our lives. Today we are happy, we hope that the charge of positive energy that each of you received here will warm your soul for more than one month. Thank you for the wonderful gifts you have given. This contribution to our overall budget. Today we have become a family, but don't worry, we won't forget anyone. We will not lead a reclusive life, and we will definitely meet with all of you. Thanks again for coming, for the congratulations and for the gifts."

You can thank for anything, both all the guests together, if there are many of them, and each individually, if there are only 10 people invited. Just a few words are enough to leave a pleasant aftertaste of the holiday.

Anniversary greetings from friends

Time flies fast. It seems like yesterday there was still a festive party, and today it’s time to prepare congratulations on the wedding anniversary in prose. Do you need to congratulate friends? Some people think that the first anniversary is a family holiday. And that's right. But no one bothers to call on the phone and say a few nice words. Husband and wife will be flattered that their friends remember the date of their wedding and even prepared a solemn speech. How can she sound? Here is one example:

"Misha and Katya. It seems like only yesterday we were walking at your wedding, and a year has already passed. How quickly time flies. But I'm glad that there is something permanent in this life, for example, your love. Gone year, and your feelings not only have not cooled down, but also become stronger. This inspires me and makes me believe in love. Looking at you,Guys, time seems to have stopped. You live in a fairy tale that you build for yourself. That's wonderful. I wish on this holiday that everything in your life is good, good luck always lives in your house, and love only becomes stronger every year."

In the congratulations on the anniversary, you can mention some memorable moment of the wedding. Do not talk about fights or that one of the guests went over a little. Think of something romantic, like the first dance or the fireworks display.

Congratulations on the anniversary from parents

It's always nice when loved ones remember our important dates. But parents do not even have to put a reminder on the calendar. Children's wedding day will be imprinted in their memory as well as a birthday. That is why parents never forget to prepare a speech. How should congratulations on your wedding anniversary sound in prose from loved ones? Here is one example:

"Son, a year ago you created your own family. Now you have a wife, and soon there will be a child. You will become a full-fledged family, you will learn all the joys of motherhood and fatherhood. I am incredibly happy that I will soon become a grandmother. After all, it is for this we come into the world to leave our offspring and raise them with dignity. I coped with this mission, now it's your turn. I know that family life is not always sweet, there are sorrows in it. You have experienced a lot this year, but I'm glad that all your quarrels ended in reconciliation. Don't worry, it won't always be like this. Peace in the family will only be more reliable if you learn to understand each other andresolve any issues quickly. I wish you understanding, love and happiness."

What else can be said in prose for the wedding year? Congratulations should not contain only moralizing. Parents must understand this. Their children have a holiday today, it is not worth listening to boring lectures on this day. Therefore, it should be said that everything will always be fine, and it will be possible to cope with all problems.

How to wish your wife a happy anniversary

On a solemn day, newlyweds with experience hear a lot of warm words from friends and relatives. But you want to hear the main thing from your soulmate. After all, a year ago you tied each other in marriage, and you hope that happiness will be eternal. Don't be ashamed of your feelings. Girls are known to love with their ears. They are ready to listen to declarations of love all day long. And if you rarely please your beloved with spiritual outpourings, then it's time to do it on your anniversary. What beautiful congratulations on your wedding day can you compose? Compose yours according to the pattern below:

"Beloved, for three years now my life has had meaning. Today I want to once again confess my feelings to you, since on this day exactly a year ago our wedding took place. We swore before friends and family to love each other forever friend, I promise that I will keep my word. I am extremely pleased to find confirmation of my feelings in your eyes. May they shine brighter every year. We are happy and he althy. I hope that soon we will become a full-fledged family. Precisely on this day, it's time for us to think about the child, because we are ready for this."

What elsecan be mentioned in a sincere congratulation in prose. A wedding is a celebration for two. Therefore, lovers know their soul mate better than anyone else. On a holiday, you should say something that the girl will be pleased to hear. But you should not promise to get the stars from the sky. It will be a shame if you can't keep your word.

Congratulations on the anniversary of her husband

Men are not as subtle as girls. But they will also be pleased to hear kind words from their wife. Thanks to declarations of love, self-esteem rises, and for a man this is very important. So the girl should try to make a tender congratulation on the first wedding anniversary in prose. How might it look? Read the example below:

"Beloved! Exactly a year ago we became a family and I'm extremely happy about it. You are the best thing that happened in my life. I still can't believe my happiness and every day I thank fate for such a gift. You are the strongest, smart and beautiful of all those I have met, and I think that of all those whom I will meet again. Thanks to you, I become better. You are an inspiration and role model for me. I want to match you. I will always give my best effort to make your eyes glow with love."

Wedding anniversary and touching prose (congratulations) are just made for each other. This day is another reason to confess your love. After all, this is exactly what your significant other wants to hear on this romantic holiday. Therefore, you can not prepare a speech, but simply say whatever your heart tells you.

Golden wedding congratulations

happy wedding day congratulations in prose short
happy wedding day congratulations in prose short

Not every couple can live 50 years together. Therefore, those who celebrate this date are especially pleased to congratulate. After all, life together is not only joy, but also sorrow. You need to be able to put up with the shortcomings of your soulmate, to endure with dignity all the failures that befall the family, to be able to be condescending. In this case, it will be easy to get to the 50th anniversary. And what kind of congratulations on a golden wedding in prose can you come up with? Here is one example:

"Parents! I'm just incredibly happy to be present at this solemn event. Today is exactly 50 years since you stood at the altar. A lot of water has flown under the bridge since then, you raised three wonderful children, and now raising grandchildren. I thank heaven that they sent me exactly you. After all, it is thanks to our strong and friendly family that I believe in pure and sincere love. I have always been amazed at the way dad looks at mom, how gently he squeezes her hand. I wish you many more years of living together so that you can take care of your great-grandchildren."

Congratulations should be sincere. Children and friends can take a strong relationship as an example for everyone and say that this is the best marriage that has ever been made on our earth.

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