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23 week of pregnancy: what happens to mom and baby
23 week of pregnancy: what happens to mom and baby

Pregnancy is an amazing period in the life of a woman and her unborn child. With each week, significant changes occur in the baby's body. It becomes larger, and the structure and work of its organs become more complex and improved. Many expectant mothers are very interested in following the changes during pregnancy. Every week brings something new. What happens at 23 weeks pregnant?

Fruit size

The baby has already reached an impressive size compared to previous weeks. Its weight can range from 450 to 600 g, and its height is from 20 to 31 cm. If the size of the child itself is compared with a zucchini or eggplant, then the enlarged uterus, along with the fetus, becomes the size of a soccer ball.

The brain is growing rapidly. Over the past 3 months, it has grown more than 10 times and now weighs about 20-24 g. In the next two weeks, it will increase another 5 times. With the help of devices, you can fix its activity. It is similar to that of already born children and even adults.

fetus and uterus in a woman's body
fetus and uterus in a woman's body

What the fetus feels and does

23 weeks pregnant. What happens to the baby - mothers ask. What is he doing in his stomach? Most of the time, he sleeps. Moreover, his cycle of sleep and wakefulness is not at all the same as in adults. He wakes up briefly about every hour. It is at this time that you can feel the jolts with your feet and even your elbows, which become more distinct. Scientists suggest that at the 23rd week of pregnancy, the baby is visited by the first dreams. REM sleep is traced in his brain. True, it is difficult to say what he might dream, because he is still unfamiliar with the visual impressions of our world. What impressions are available to the fetus in the womb? If you think there are none, you are wrong. A child at the 23rd week of pregnancy already knows how to open her eyes and distinguish between light and darkness. He responds to them by changing his behavior. His hearing is also developing. What sounds are heard "inside mom"? The beating of her heart, the rumbling in her stomach, and her mother's voice are still distorted, because the sound is transmitted through the tissues of her body, and not through the air.

fetus in the womb
fetus in the womb

The fetus also sometimes grabs its own leg or catches the umbilical cord with its hands. Facial muscles are developing, so he can grimace.

Respiratory system

Fetal development at 23 weeks pregnant is in full swing. The respiratory system of the child is also actively developing. Despite the fact that the lungs will straighten out and fill with air only after a few months, the baby is already training them. He makes breathing movements. blood vessels inlungs are still developing. After all, this important organ will nourish all the blood with oxygen and release it from carbon dioxide! Previously, the respiratory movements were rare and chaotic, now they are becoming more rhythmic (about 50 per minute). Training can last more than half an hour, and after it comes rest. It may take several hours. What does the baby breathe for lack of air? It absorbs amniotic fluid. Part of it is absorbed in his body, the rest is excreted back.

Digestive system

The digestive system is also training and is already doing its job in some ways: the baby swallows amniotic fluid. They break down into water and sugar. At the 23rd week of pregnancy, the fetus can drink up to 500 ml of liquid. Along with it, skin flakes, as well as vellus hair that have fallen into the liquid from the baby’s body, also enter the intestines. After birth, they, as well as dead intestinal cells and bile, will be excreted from the body with meconium. In the meantime, there are few of them and they are absolutely not dangerous for the intestines. Where does excess fluid go from the body of the fetus? The baby begins to write already in the womb. Is he bathing in his own urine? There is nothing to worry about, there is still very little urine and it is sterile, and the amniotic fluid is constantly updated - they completely change their composition in 3 hours. Sometimes swallowing liquids causes hiccups. Mom can feel it as a slight twitch in her stomach.

Development of other organs and systems

Nutrients for the rest of the pregnancy will be supplied by the placenta through the umbilical cord. Now their influx is increasing, so the volume is increasing.mother's blood. The endocrine and nervous systems are intensively developing. All glands work almost at full capacity, making the child's body less dependent on the mother.

The baby continues to accumulate subcutaneous fat. However, his skin grows faster, so he looks wrinkled. The baby's skin is red and becoming less transparent - pigments accumulate in it.

23 week of pregnancy is an important period in the formation of fetal immunity. The immune system remembers bacteria, viruses and allergens in order to resist them after birth.

By this time the genitals are formed in the fetus. If earlier the gender could only be indicated approximately, now it is clearly visible on the ultrasound whether it is a boy or a girl. Unless, of course, the baby wants to turn away or cover the genitals at the time of the study.

ultrasound picture
ultrasound picture

Changes in the mother's body

So, the 23rd week of pregnancy has come. What's going on with mom? The weight of a pregnant woman usually increases by 5-7 kg from the beginning of pregnancy. This may depend on the weight before conception. If before that a woman had a lack of body weight, she can gain more, and if she is overweight, then the set should not be so great. On average, up to 400 g is added per week. The bottom of the uterus can be at a height of 4 cm above the navel. Most women feel fetal movements from the 20th week, and some, especially multiparous ones, from 18-19. At first, they are barely noticeable and can be confused with intestinal motility, because gas formation is often during pregnancy. But now the fetal movementsvery distinct. He still has enough room to change position, but still he often rests against the walls of the uterus, and his muscles have become stronger. Therefore, jolts with heels and elbows can cause discomfort to the mother. And a slight shudder in the stomach, as already mentioned, may indicate hiccups. At the same time, you should not count the number of movements per day yet - the baby is still too small.

pregnant tummies
pregnant tummies

The child is often active when the mother is resting, for example, in the evening. The mother's activity, physical or intellectual, requires oxygen. During rest, the mother's body begins to consume less oxygen and more goes to the fetus. Also, movements can be noticeable after a hearty meal or eating sweets, when glucose enters the bloodstream. In the evening, you can try to soothe the baby with soft strokes on the stomach or humming a lullaby.

Hormonal levels

At the beginning of pregnancy, some women experience headaches. Their cause lies in hormones. Now the hormonal background should stabilize a little. Most often, by the 23rd week of pregnancy, headaches disappear.

Appearance changes

By this point, you may notice a change in appearance. For example, the lips become fuller, the nose increases, pigment spots appear on the skin. Increased melanin pigment synthesis can darken the nipples. Some develop a dark line down the middle of their abdomen. But the hair becomes thicker, they shine and fall out much less. At the same time, hair growth on the body can also increase. If ayou are afraid of changes in appearance, look how many beautiful young mothers walk the streets with strollers. During pregnancy, some of them could experience the same thing, and then everything went away. Age spots, increased hair growth and enlargement of facial features disappear after childbirth. At the same time, many female photos at the 23rd week of pregnancy show an attractive and fresh appearance, and a rounded belly only reminds of the expectation of a miracle. When it comes to the appearance of the mother, everything is deeply individual.

Physical discomfort

Unpleasant sensations can deliver heartburn. The fact is that the growing uterus shifts the organs of the abdominal cavity. The position of the stomach changes. In this case, the hormone progesterone relaxes the sphincter, which blocks the entrance from the esophagus to the stomach. Therefore, gastric juice can pass from the stomach into the esophagus and irritate its walls. Some women find that heartburn is especially noticeable after eating spicy foods like fresh garlic and onions.

You need to be careful about changing positions. If, when resting on the back, there is a lack of air and dizziness, then the abdominal aorta is pinched under the weight of the abdomen.

organs of a pregnant woman
organs of a pregnant woman

Your back can also hurt during pregnancy. These pains should not be left to chance - after all, the stomach will only grow, and the load will increase. It is best to use a bandage. Also, gymnastics for pregnant women can bring significant benefits.

Nutrition for pregnant women

At 23 weeks pregnant, your nutrition is multi-tasking. First, food mustprovide the baby with all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, trace elements. Sometimes in women in the 2nd trimester, hemoglobin begins to decrease. The food remains the same, but the baby consumes much more than before. In this case, iron-containing foods are recommended - beef, buckwheat, pomegranate. And leg cramps can indicate a lack of vitamin E, calcium and protein. This means eating animal products, especially dairy, but also fish and meat. For example, cottage cheese is very useful - it contains everything that happens in milk in a concentrated form, so the content of proteins and calcium is high.

Other nutritional goals are related to the care of the mother's digestive tract. It is important to avoid constipation and hemorrhoids. Therefore, food should be saturated with fruits and vegetables, dairy products, cereals. It is also important to move enough and drink fluids. If constipation persists even after following all these recommendations, you should consult a doctor. Your doctor may prescribe medications that are safe for pregnant women. Constipation should not be ignored, as it increases the risk of hemorrhoids, and also causes poisoning by digestive waste, which is not good for either the mother or the fetus.

Mode and clothes

At the 23rd week of pregnancy, the development of the brain and endocrine system is intense. The fetus needs more and more oxygen, so you need to spend more time in the fresh air. Relaxation exercises will also help increase the flow of oxygen.

The uterus puts more and more pressure on the bladder, so urination occurs more often. To ensure a normalsleep, it is better to drink less at night. You can drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. True, there is a risk of edema. But in this case, the most important thing is to reduce s alt intake.

meditation for pregnant women
meditation for pregnant women

Belly at 23 weeks pregnant is not yet big enough to restrict a woman's movements. Therefore, you can do gymnastics for pregnant women. And at the same time, the changing figure is increasingly demanding new clothes. It should be comfortable and free. Equally important are shoes. During pregnancy, you need to give up heels, this will reduce the risk of varicose veins and swelling of the legs. By the way, the seductive elegance that a woman's figure acquires in heels is due to the fact that the calf muscles tighten and their contour appears more clearly, and the lumbar lordosis (bend) becomes deeper. So, during pregnancy, the load on the lower back is already so great and it bends even without heels. There is no need to increase this effect at all.

Risks at 23 weeks pregnant

The greatest risk in this period is preterm birth. A baby born at this time can go out, but his chances of surviving are still not great enough. An increased tone of the uterus can be considered a threat - it is felt as discomfort, “petrification” in the lower abdomen, sometimes pain. Also, doctors on ultrasound usually evaluate the condition of the cervix. If it is short or too soft, there is a risk of childbirth.

premature baby
premature baby

But you shouldn't be afraid of training bouts. At this time, the uterus can already contract, preparing for childbirth in advance. These fights are usuallyare irregular, weak and easily stop when relaxed. But if at the same time even slightly water leaks, urgent hospitalization is needed. At the same time, do not panic - even such crumbs are being nursed now!

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