Which is warmer - fluff or holofiber? What filler is best for a winter jacket?
Which is warmer - fluff or holofiber? What filler is best for a winter jacket?

Video: Which is warmer - fluff or holofiber? What filler is best for a winter jacket?

Video: Which is warmer - fluff or holofiber? What filler is best for a winter jacket?
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Which is warmer - fluff or holofiber? This question is being asked by a lot of people today. On sale there is a wide range of modern down jackets, which are made of down or holofiber. The listed materials have certain differences, which can greatly affect the final choice of a potential buyer.

Characteristics and features of the down jacket

which is warmer down or holofiber
which is warmer down or holofiber

It is worth noting that the most common insulation is down, which is a natural saver of constant temperature, while holofiber can be attributed to synthetic materials. Also, one should not forget that the cost of jackets with such fillers differs significantly from each other. Answer the question: “which is better - fluff or holofiber?” - advice from manufacturers and sellers of such goods will help.

Women's, children's or men's down jacket, which has a down filler, is considered to be the mosthigh quality and warm. But the cost of such a product will be high, since the presented jacket includes white goose down. A large number of manufacturers today can reduce the cost of down jackets using gray down. Then everyone will be able to buy a product at a nice price, although the color of the filler will not affect the quality in any way.

Natural insulation - down - is a natural material that is designed to protect against severe frost in the cold season. A good down jacket should include the following ratio - 60% down and at least 40% feather. Ideal winter outerwear should contain at least 90% down and only 10% feathers. If the volumes of such heaters are equal in the composition of the product, then this model will not protect a person from severe frost, it can be worn at an air temperature not lower than zero.

Disadvantages of down filling

To fully determine what is warmer - fluff or holofiber, you also need to know about the disadvantages of a product made from natural materials. Everyone should remember that when choosing outerwear for the cold season, you need to consider whose pen was used.

down insulation
down insulation

The best option is a goose. Unscrupulous manufacturers can produce jackets from chicken feathers, which are incredibly brittle and do not provide the necessary volume to keep warm.

You can highlight the main disadvantages of down and feather:

  • difficulties during washing (it is best to hand over such clothes indry cleaning);
  • probability of an allergic reaction;
  • down is a favorable breeding ground for a large number of ticks.

Holofiber filler properties

holofiber jackets
holofiber jackets

Hollofiber coat is incredibly light and warm. This material is a hollow siliconized synthetic fiber, which has high thermal insulation performance. It should be noted that a specially designed silicone coating is able to prevent the accumulation of moisture inside the insulation. The presented material allows to provide a high degree of insulation. Silicone coating prevents the regular accumulation of moisture inside the holofiber, resulting in excellent elasticity and warmth.

Coat on holofiber has a small weight and volume, so it can achieve high thermal insulation parameters. Such a product will serve a person for a long time, and you can take care of it at home, periodically wiping it with a damp cloth. This filler will be a pleasant surprise for those who, until today, have given preference exclusively to down jackets.

Advantages of holofiber material

holofiber reviews
holofiber reviews

This material is used as a great alternative to down. The following advantages and advantages of holofiber can be distinguished:

  • The material does not accumulate excess moisture inside. This is especially important if a person is in the field, where there are difficulties with drying things.
  • Jacketsholofiber perfectly restore their original shape after a strong crush. This includes packing and storing clothes during the summer months.
  • This material is hypoallergenic.
  • Caring for a holofiber product is as simple as possible. You can wash it in any washing machine, but you need to choose only gentle modes and use slightly alkaline powders.

Varieties of holofiber

A material such as holofiber can be divided into canvases, layers and balls. In turn, the canvases are of the following types:

  • Soft. The composition of such a material is exclusively hollow, highly crimped polyester microfiber, which is presented in the form of a spiral or springs. Soft holofiber jackets are quite soft and pliable. The presented type is widely used for the manufacture of upper layers of clothing, children's furniture and many other things. It can be used for newborn baby clothes.
  • Medium. The canvas is quite sensitive to the microclimate of each person. It is applied similarly to "software". The main difference is the density, thanks to which manufacturers produce baby envelopes, pillows, coats and other outerwear from this material.
  • Volumetric filler is quite voluminous and light. It is widely used during the production of outerwear.

Functional qualities of holofiber

holofiber coat
holofiber coat

It is worth noting that holofiber acts as a heater and filler. This material can be used ashigh-tech alternative to the well-known synthetic winterizer, batting, wool, latex, foam rubber, mineral wool. People of different ages were able to appreciate such a heater as holofiber. Reviews about it are only positive, so many consumers are satisfied with their purchase.

Fields of application of this universal material are various. It is used for sewing and filling furniture, as well as a heater for the apiary, a filler for outerwear and children's toys. This list can be continued for a long time. Best of all, holofiber has proven itself as a heater for outerwear. It is thanks to him that a large number of people feel great in the winter and cold months.

So what is better - fluff or holofiber? Experts recommend giving preference to the second option. It is able to perfectly retain heat due to its unique fiber structure, which is presented in the form of a spiral spring, where a special air cushion is formed.

Positive properties and qualities of holofiber

holofiber or down jacket
holofiber or down jacket

Products made from this material are able to serve their owner for quite a long time. Hollofiber is absolutely non-toxic material, therefore it will not cause allergies in people. It also does not absorb various odors from the environment. Products are not flammable, therefore, when choosing, consumers prefer such material as holofiber. Reviews of people who wore outerwear with this filler are most often positive andadvisory.

When wearing a product based on holofiber, you don't have to worry that it will wrinkle or lose its neat appearance, since this material always returns to its shape. In especially cold months, such filling will perfectly retain heat.

Disadvantages of holofiber

Many people take the process of buying winter clothes like a jacket very seriously. Hollofiber or fluff is the personal preference of each consumer. It should be noted that a downy product can cause allergic reactions in a small child or an adult, so jackets with such a filler are not suitable for everyone.

The only drawback of holofiber can be identified - this is the promise of manufacturers that outerwear will not accumulate static electricity.

How to wash a holofiber jacket?

It is difficult to determine what is warmer - fluff or holofiber? These two materials are unique because they have their own advantages. Hollofiber proved to be excellent in wear and is an excellent filler for outerwear. Ticks and many other parasites will never start in this material.

what is better fluff or holofiber
what is better fluff or holofiber

Washing and caring for holofiber jackets is quite simple. They can be put in ordinary washing machines. When a thing is very dirty, you just need to soak it for a while. After that, dirty places such as the collar, cuffs and pockets should be brushed. Jacket washes well with normalwashing powder at a temperature of 50 degrees. All of the above recommendations will help readers not only determine which is warmer - fluff or holofiber, but also tell you how to choose the right outerwear for each family member.