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Spreads on corner sofas: from simplicity to luxury

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Spreads on corner sofas: from simplicity to luxury
Spreads on corner sofas: from simplicity to luxury

Upholstered furniture eventually loses its novelty and brightness of the upholstery. A comfortable corner sofa in front of the TV, which is a favorite place for all family members, is likely to suffer the same fate. This problem can be solved by laying a blanket or bedspread on the furniture if it is a simple sofa. What if it's angular?

Variants of covers and capes

bedspreads for corner sofas
bedspreads for corner sofas

Other options can come to the rescue - eurocovers, or bedspreads on corner sofas - ready-made or sewn on your own and to order. As for the covers, they look great on furniture and have a tightening elastic band. Their disadvantage is some inconvenience when the sofa needs to be expanded to get a bed. The inconvenience is that such a cover must be removed from the furniture before you start laying it out.

If you decide on tailoring, then you should do the following:

  • take necessary measurements;
  • pick up a decent textured material.

This option also has its drawbacks: difficulties with self-cutting, if upholstered furniture is angular. In the atelier, bedspreads on corner sofas will be sewn fromfabrics that are in stock. True, the guarantee that the sewn bedspread will sit perfectly on upholstered furniture is not high.

Benefits of Choice

bedspread on the corner sofa photo
bedspread on the corner sofa photo

So, we got to the main point. There is also a third option, the best from any point of view. You can buy ready-made bedspreads for corner sofas. Benefits of this option:

  • choose fabric and colors to your liking;
  • opportunity to buy the right and beautiful product with different decor elements (fringe, small pillow, roller);
  • the opportunity to see the bedspreads on corner sofas, as they say, with your own eyes and decide how any of the products will look on your furniture;
  • Qualified assistance from fabric care consultants.

Fabrics and their features

tapestry sofa bedspreads
tapestry sofa bedspreads

It is believed that velvet and velor are fabrics that will protect the upholstery and give the interior a rich look. Materials such as cashmere, merino wool or alpaca will do double duty: a beautiful furniture cover that can be covered up on cold winter evenings. When a blizzard blows outside the window and the wind howls, you have nothing to fear, lying on your favorite sofa with a warm bedspread made of natural wool, environmentally friendly and pleasant to the touch.

Isn't it true that when you enter a room, first of all you pay attention to the curtains, carpet and upholstery of upholstered furniture? In this regard, tapestry bedspreads on the sofa compare favorably with other fabrics. They are reliable inuse, easy to machine wash and durable.

Tapestry is a real decoration of the interior, both as curtains and as a cape on furniture. It does not show minor flaws, such as hooks. In a specialized store there is always a catalog of products that go on sale. You are sure to find a bedspread on the corner sofa to your own taste. The photo will demonstrate the beauty of the texture, the variety of colors and patterns. Such a product can be a luxurious gift for a wedding day or anniversary.

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