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The oath of the newlyweds in the registry office, at the exit registration, in the church. The oath of the newlyweds is comic. Newlyweds vow template

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The oath of the newlyweds in the registry office, at the exit registration, in the church. The oath of the newlyweds is comic. Newlyweds vow template
The oath of the newlyweds in the registry office, at the exit registration, in the church. The oath of the newlyweds is comic. Newlyweds vow template

Seaside weddings, outdoor wedding ceremonies, professional wedding planners, and rehearsals for gala events - almost all American films have it all. And it is these traditions and behaviors that are increasingly adopted by our newlyweds. At our weddings, white doves, rose petals are increasingly appearing, and during the wedding, all unmarried ladies line up in a row in order to catch the treasured bouquet from the hands of the bride. Also very popular is such an innovation in the marriage ceremony as the oath of the newlyweds. We will tell about it further.

newlyweds vow
newlyweds vow

What is a vow for newlyweds?

A vow is a promise that newlyweds make to each other during the marriage ceremony. The text for this, relatively speaking, oath, as a rule, is compiled by the young themselves. Moreover, it is created by mutual agreement and through the application of joint efforts.

The oath of the newlyweds is written down on an ordinary piece of paper. If desired, it can be beautifully designed and written down on a landscape sheet or whatman paper. Ideally, future newlyweds should learn the words of the promiseby heart.

Often during the oath there is a priest who helps the young people remember the text of the vow and asks leading questions, for example: “Are you ready, Ivan, to live happily ever after with your wife Elena in sorrow and joy, in we alth and poverty, in youth and old age, until death do you part?”

When is an oath used?

The wedding vow is said during the marriage ceremony. It can be the vow of the newlyweds in the registry office, in the church, in the banquet hall, on a ship or boat, on a pier or beach at an outdoor ceremony and during a themed wedding.

As a rule, such an oath is pronounced in the presence of a large number of people. The newlyweds take turns answering the questions of each other or the priest, and then pronounce the text that they have prepared in advance.

newlyweds oath comic
newlyweds oath comic

What are oaths?

A lot depends on the type of wedding chosen by the couple. In particular, it is the theme of the celebration that plays the main role. For example, standard vows are suitable for a classic wedding, while non-standard ones are suitable for a thematic wedding.

Besides this, the oath of the newlyweds in the church can be written in prose and verse. The last option will be the most advantageous, since words spoken in rhyme are remembered and perceived very easily. In addition, you can find an oath of a religious orientation, as well as a kind of improvisation of the finished text from the popular youth series.

newlyweds vow in the registry office
newlyweds vow in the registry office

The Newlyweds Vow: Comicvariation

Do you want to make your wedding more original? A striking example of a non-standard approach to a wedding celebration is the oath of the newlyweds. Such a promise usually has a light humorous connotation and is pronounced during competitions in the banquet hall in front of the guests. In the text of such a vow, the following phrases may occur:

  • “Do you swear, Nikolai, that you will give your entire salary to your wife, carry your mother-in-law in your arms, regularly wash dishes and clean the apartment?”.
  • "Alexandra, do you promise to let your husband go for a beer with friends on Saturdays, not to beat him at cards, delete texts from fans and come home from work on time?".

Another example of a comic version of the oath:

The words of the bride: “I am Ivanova Tatyana Vasilievna. In the face of the guests gathered here, I swear to "knit" iron gloves for my husband, to educate him, to take away his entire salary to the penny, including stash and money for cigarettes.”

The words of the groom: “I am Ivanov Nikolai Ivanovich. Before the guests gathered here, I swear to praise her culinary masterpieces, even if it will be impossible to eat them, to let her go for a walk with the dog and children; let her watch soap operas and talk on the phone for hours.”

What the vow of the newlyweds looks like at the exit registration, we will tell further.

newlyweds vow when i'm 85
newlyweds vow when i'm 85

An example of a traditional wedding vow

Let's give an example of the text of a standard wedding promise. It usually says the following:

The words of the bride: "I(such and such) agrees to take (such and such) as a husband and enter into a legal marriage with him. I promise to keep love and fidelity, respect (the name of the spouse) and listen to his opinion, remember and fulfill my duties. I swear to keep my promise in we alth and poverty, in sickness and in he alth, until death do us part.”

The words of the groom: “I (such and such) agree to take (name of the bride) as my legal spouse, love, respect and protect her throughout my life.”

Oath of the young at the exit registration

Another example of a wedding vow during the offsite registration. So, the newlyweds should take turns repeating the following words:

“I give you my hand and agree to become your wife (husband). I agree (sen) to sail with you in the same boat through life, overcoming all thresholds, bumps and gentle slopes. I will be with you in the heat and in the cold, in summer and winter, in thunder and hail. With this ring, I seal our alliance and agree to follow you wherever you go. In love and joy, in sorrow and sorrow, in sickness and he alth, I will always be with you.”

newlyweds oath of allegiance
newlyweds oath of allegiance

What words are in the oath?

A vow is a kind of vow that young spouses make to each other. Therefore, in the text of the promise, one can find such words as "swear", "promise", "you will, agree (-sen)", etc. The newlyweds' oath of allegiance contains direct speech, enumerations, interrogative and exclamatory sentences, and may also consist of questions and answers to them.

In the wedding vowboth spouses promise each other the following:

  • be faithful;
  • love and protect;
  • keep the warmth of the family hearth;
  • live in peace and harmony;
  • help each other through hard times;
  • respect each other;
  • protect each other etc

How can vows differ?

If you search well, you can always find a ready-made sample of the newlyweds' vows. For example, you can do this using our article. However, most often the text for the oath is arbitrary and is created on an individual basis. Therefore, the difference between the wedding vow lies in its text.

In addition, when comparing vows, it is important to take into account the age component. For example, at the age of 18-20, a comic form of an oath is more suitable for lovers. Such an interpretation will cheer up both the newlyweds and the guests.

If two future spouses decide to sign at a later age (within 25-45 years), then the standard scheme for composing the text is ideal for them. It is much rarer to find elderly people at the altar, who will do well with a short promise with a few standard questions. What is it, this oath of the newlyweds "When I am 85 years old"? We will answer this question below.

sample wedding vows
sample wedding vows

How to write an oath yourself?

In order to write a solemn promise, newlyweds just need to follow certain rules.

First, don't make your text toolong. A protracted ceremony, as well as a lengthy speech, will have a repulsive and annoying factor. Therefore, do not tire your guests and relatives - make the text as concise as possible.

Secondly, the vow of the newlyweds includes questions and answers. Therefore, it would be useful to look at a sample of such a promise in order to select suitable questions. They can later be reformulated and redone as you see fit.

Thirdly, when making a speech (especially for male representatives), try to speak in general terms and avoid dubious comparisons such as “There were no other women like you among my ex-girlfriends”, “I loved many women, but you surpassed all my expectations.”

Fourthly, it is best to write a text for a solemn promise on a draft. This way you can correct and make adjustments together.

Finally, your vow of the newlyweds should be drawn up taking into account the wishes and comments of each other.

Summary: follow our advice and then your oath will be the best!

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