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Caring for newborns in the first days of life

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Caring for newborns in the first days of life
Caring for newborns in the first days of life

Here is the long-awaited happiness! Your baby left his cozy house, announced the world with a cry of his arrival, and now he is sniffing funny in your arms. The first minutes, hours, days and weeks of a child are filled not only with joy and love, but also with anxiety. Mom tries to do everything for her baby, but is constantly afraid of making a mistake. What should be the care of newborns in the first days? More on this later in the article.

newborn care in the first days
newborn care in the first days

The first days of a baby's life

Usually, at first, mother and child are under the watchful supervision of the doctors of the maternity hospital. A pediatrician will visit you several times a day, which will carefully monitor the he alth and development of the crumbs. If you have any questions, be sure to ask the medical staff.

Are you wondering what will happen immediately after the birth of your baby? The algorithm of actions of doctors in maternity hospitals has been debugged and brought to automatism:

  1. The umbilical cord is fixed in two places,and cut later.
  2. The baby is dipped in a dry diaper to draw moisture from the skin.
  3. If the baby feels good, then they spread it on their mother's stomach and cover them with a diaper and a blanket. This is a very important moment, as it allows you to make the first contact with the baby. In the case of a caesarean section, the baby is laid out on the father's stomach, if he does not mind.
  4. The doctor assesses the condition of the crumbs on a number of indicators. In the early days, the baby will still be examined frequently to identify various abnormalities.
  5. Modern maternity hospitals strongly support breastfeeding and the natural development of babies, so they try to attach the baby to the mother's breast as soon as possible.
  6. If the mother and baby feel well, they are transferred to the ward of joint stay. Now your baby will be constantly there, and you will have to take care of him yourself. What should be the care of newborns in the first days?
the first days of a baby's life
the first days of a baby's life


In the maternity hospital, you are unlikely to be able to bathe a child, but regularly keeping his little body clean is a must. First, you should change diapers at least once every three hours. If the baby has soiled diapers, then immediately change them and wash the crumbs. You can use special napkins or ordinary running water for this purpose. Try to wash your child less often with soap, especially if you have a girl. Next, blot the baby's ass with a towel or diaper and put on a clean diaper.

Wash baby with water every morning, preferablyboiled. Its temperature should be between 35-38 degrees. It is very convenient to use cotton swabs or discs. First, wipe the eyes in the direction from the outer corner to the inner. Use a separate swab for each eye. Next, wash your face and neck. Change the cotton again and wipe all the wrinkles on the arms and legs. At the end of the water procedures, we wipe the entire body of the child. Remember that newborn care in the early days should be as gentle as possible.

Belly button treatment

The navel falls off a few days after birth, although in some cases it may take more than a week. Every day, with the help of ordinary brilliant green and a cotton swab, carefully treat the wound area. Try not to twist the rest of the umbilical cord, so as not to cause it to fall off early.

Choose such clothes for the crumbs so that the seams or buttons do not rub the navel. Also fold the edge of the diaper so that it does not injure the wound.

baby's first days
baby's first days

How to dress baby

It is no longer customary to swaddle babies. Even for the little ones, there are funny costumes on sale, so buying clothes should not be a problem. But mothers often have questions about how and what to wear to the baby.

The temperature in the room should be at 25 degrees. In such conditions, a cotton suit, socks and a hat are enough for a baby. Keep in mind that children have not yet established thermoregulation, so it is very easy to supercool or overheat them. Grandmothers are advised to touch the child's nose in order todetermine how comfortable he is. However, neither the temperature of the legs, nor the nose, nor the ears will reliably tell about the well-being of the baby. Better focus on the temperature of the back of the head.

Caring for newborns in the early days will help you learn doctors and nurses, do not be afraid to ask them for help. Try to get as much information as possible, because soon you will go home and be alone with your baby.

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