Who is better a cat or a dog? Who is better to start: pros and cons
Who is better a cat or a dog? Who is better to start: pros and cons

Video: Who is better a cat or a dog? Who is better to start: pros and cons

Video: Who is better a cat or a dog? Who is better to start: pros and cons
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For pet owners, the question of who is better a cat or a dog is completely incorrect. If the choice fell on a dog, then it remains to decide on the breed, which they do not part with, practically, for the rest of their lives.

who is better cat or dog
who is better cat or dog

Cats exist next to us, giving their warmth, which does not completely exclude the presence of a dog.

Cat or dog: pros and cons

The problem cannot be solved in one plane. Animals are as different as you can imagine. It is comparable to making a decision about the need to live nearby a living creature that will either be loved with all the shortcomings, or will poison the life of the owners with their impudent antics. Only by inwardly answering ourselves, are we ready to patiently improve alongside them (in fact, endure all the negative moments of their life), we can decide on the animal itself.

who is better to get a cat or a dog
who is better to get a cat or a dog

To be fair, it must be said that internally the future owner decided who he sees next to him: either the faithful eyes of a dog, or a cozy purr on his knees. This inner urge determines the further attitude towardsconsideration of the advantages and disadvantages of cohabitation. And then the question is no longer: “Who is better a cat or a dog?”

Who are they living next to us?

Everyone at least once in their life, but faced with cats and dogs.

A black cat crossing the road causes only negative emotions in us, and even drivers strive to slow down and wait for someone to cross the road earlier. But the purring creature on its knees is a picture of quiet family happiness and well-being in the house, and then the answer to the question why cats are better than dogs is unambiguous.

A dirty dog, restlessly running back and forth, prowling through the garbage dumps in search of food - this can only be dreamed of in a nightmare. But a trained, impeccably obedient silent dog, whose devoted eyes are constantly watching him, almost always gives a reason to dream about his own.

why cats are better than dogs
why cats are better than dogs

Probably, that's why we can't immediately decide: a cat or a dog.

One can talk a lot about who is better - a cat or a dog, but the decision will come spontaneously, although after serious consideration.

Problems of mutual existence with cats

A small kitten (best taken at the age of one and a half to two months - then it will grow up and meet the laid down master's requirements) is not accustomed to anything. He can eat, drink, jump, run, climb. Departure of natural needs occurs almost spontaneously - where he wanted, it happened there. Two months, or even three will go awayfor accustoming a kitten to a potty (tray with filler). No one will do this for the owners, although if you have enough money, you can take a thoroughbred kitten already trained in everything at 4-5 months of age. And if you're lucky, then the usual - not thoroughbred. But this will already be a creature with a pronounced character and not completely a master - he was raised by others, he will remember them all his life.

And if the content requirements are different? Maybe he climbed the curtains and you don't allow that. He grew up with a cat mom, she taught him how to eat properly, but he can’t lick himself, and washing a kitten (to get rid of fleas) is already a problem.

What you need to know about cats and cats?

The kitten chooses the place where he will sleep, it is impossible to make him do it.

He will determine the food himself - food from bags, unfortunately, will be swallowed instantly, but also quickly excreted from the body. And the eternally hungry, plaintively screaming, scratching the legs of the owners of the creature will force him to feed him with real food. And then you rush to the store to buy him fresh meat (chicken, fish) - what does the pet want there?

The cat will inevitably ask for a walk. Estrus (estrus) is a natural physiological process, no one has yet been able to cancel it. These will be tense times in the apartment: uterine meowing (even at night), tearing wallpaper or grabbing the heels of the owners (from great tenderness) and looking inward. Moreover, it is absolutely impossible to scold a cat during estrus - you can leave her a psychopath for life. Of course you can usespecial sedative tablets and drops. Immediately after the first estrus, the owners should decide whether to sterilize the cat. Then transfer her to a special diet so as not to gain weight.

The cat will definitely try to mark the territory. And it will do this if appropriate measures are not taken - there are special means. He will have to be punished. At eight months old, a cat (if it is not taken as a thoroughbred for the purpose of reproduction) needs to be castrated, otherwise it will be just a disgusting creature, provided that the pet lives only in an apartment and does not go for a walk on the street.

who is better cat or dog in the apartment
who is better cat or dog in the apartment

Unsterilized cats and cats are completely predictable natural creatures in their impulses. They snoop around basements, catch mice and birds, sometimes hunt in garbage containers (even well-fed ones). But in the conditions of a big city, they bring a lot of worries to the owners - they can disappear for several days, and after that they come and either, if it is a cat, you need to wait for the offspring, or, if it is a cat, you need to wash and feed it. In any case, annual vaccinations and examinations by a veterinarian for infectious diseases for people (which is important for children) are mandatory.

If these problems do not seem insurmountable, then, without hesitation, you can take an animal from the cat family. And then it makes no sense to consider the question of who is smarter than a cat or a dog.

How do owners feel next to cats (cats)?

If the problems of growing up are overcome, the pet is accustomed to the toilet, has decided on food, then in the apartment they come thatquite naturally, good times.

cat or dog pros and cons
cat or dog pros and cons

The owners live in a cat's rhythm, having adapted to the pet. He wakes them up at night: cats are nocturnal animals. Their great-great-great-grandparents behaved in exactly the same way. And it’s good if, after waking up, the pet finds his favorite toy and starts messing with it. But most often he will demand to feed him, and once caught on this, the owners will be forced to get up at dawn, and then it will be very difficult to fall asleep. It does not help even if the cat is kicked out to another room. For about ten minutes he jumps alone, then he starts yelling under the door. You have to go out, take it in your arms, talk - this is about two hours. And it's already morning. And the cat falls asleep, and does not even lead with his ear when the door closes behind the owners. He can sleep for a long time, get up, eat, and again on the side. Wakes up and meets the owners. Yes, that's the kind of creature he is.

Children love to play with kittens, carry them in their arms, squeeze, getting great pleasure from this. Sometimes, if you squeeze your pet hard, he may first hiss, and then scratch. Conclusion - children should be limited in playing with cats.

Cats choose their own owners, they only tolerate the rest of the household. There is no reasonable explanation for this. A cat can purr on anyone's lap, but petting ends immediately when the owner of her choice enters. And for him (or her) it has long been no longer necessary to solve the problem of who is better a cat or a dog.

Problems of mutual existence next to a dog

Small, forevera creature poking at its feet, so inquisitive that it always overturns everything in its path - such will be a freshly brought puppy. And any breed.

who is better cat or dog pros and cons
who is better cat or dog pros and cons

To make him an obedient, and most importantly, smart dog, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. At this stage, hands often give up, sometimes a thought flashes through, but is the choice correct, so who is better in the apartment a cat or a dog?

You have to start, oddly enough, with yourself. A dog will grow up he althy (with properly formed bones and joints) only if it moves enough for the breed. Even a mongrel needs active walks. Therefore, in any weather and bad weather, first four or five times for ten to twenty minutes, and then twice a day for at least half an hour, the owner must walk his pet. And you can’t put it off until later, you need to do it every day: most dogs can’t send their natural needs to the trays like cats. And in the first months, even frequent walks will not be able to protect carpets from wet spots (they are usually removed when the baby is brought).

With the selection of food, everything is much simpler - what you decide to feed, then the pet will eat. With inexperienced owners, puppies can become very fat (they always want to eat), and fullness is harmful, unfortunately, not only to people.

How do people feel around a dog?

When the period of growing up is overcome, a period of mutual consent begins.

The pet understands the owner, he feels his mood, and raising his voice at the slightest fault makes the dogworry. It becomes difficult for owners not to humanize the actions of dogs - the response is often unexpectedly warmer than just friendly.

who is smarter cat or dog
who is smarter cat or dog

During this period, a person becomes not just the owner of the dog, but her friend. If such contact is established, then mutual existence is completely unburdened.

The natural background is the estrus of dogs with the inevitable spots, the desire to run away in search of a partner.

Even the constant urge of males to linger next to a delicately smelling girlfriend is not annoying, and if you don’t take it on a leash in time, then run away.

The dog lives with the problems of the owners, but they do not load it with their own, having decided a long time ago the question of who is better to get, a cat or a dog. For them, the answer is always unequivocal - of course, a dog, but only of the breed to which the soul lies (it can be outbred), of the size that will not infringe on the interests of the household.

Who is better a cat or a dog: pros and cons

If we consider the issue of the psychological state of the owners after adopting a pet, then it does not matter who becomes a furry friend.

The inevitable concomitant struggle with dirt (in one form or another) will almost always be present throughout the pet's life, with cats a little smaller, with dogs a little more.

The advantages of keeping a cat in an apartment are practically unspoiled relations with neighbors. In the case of a dog that still needs to be trained so that it does not howl in the absence of owners and does not yelp when someone passes by the apartment, relations with neighbors can reachscandals. There are many examples of this, and moving can also be the result - you can’t give your pet to anyone (although there are many negative cases).

You can leave a cat on vacation by entrusting the care of her to relatives or neighbors (this is an economy option, more expensive - in a special receiver). The dog is very hard going through the absence of the owner, the relatives will not cope with it, the neighbors even more so. All that remains is an expensive nursery specializing in overexposures.

From the point of view of the routine and rhythm of life, a dog binds its owners to itself much more tightly than a cat. A dog is a lifestyle, but a cat, in fact, does not change anything.

Sharing dogs and cats

In many families, dogs and cats live together, acquiring loving owners either at the same time, or appearing in the apartment in turn. The owners for themselves immediately and forever decided the question of who is better - a cat or a dog.

If these creatures appear at the same time, the owners for almost a year in a tense rhythm raise them, train them, accustom them to the household and the routine of life.

Cats, when still young, are wary of puppies. But then they begin to patronize them, probably perceiving them as their own children.

Unfortunately, not all dogs can be tolerant of felines, but if this happens, a strong and close-knit union is born. Sometimes it brings more joy to the animals themselves than to the owners.