Lego "Star Wars": how to assemble it and enjoy the process. Feel like a hero

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Lego "Star Wars": how to assemble it and enjoy the process. Feel like a hero
Lego "Star Wars": how to assemble it and enjoy the process. Feel like a hero

Video: Lego "Star Wars": how to assemble it and enjoy the process. Feel like a hero

Video: Lego "Star Wars": how to assemble it and enjoy the process. Feel like a hero
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Everyone knows that during the game there is a development of the child. Children love fun, especially when their parents are involved.

What makes a constructor good?

During the assembly of the designer, fine motor skills develop perfectly, because in order to assemble the selected design from the parts, you need to try and work with your fingers.

Sometimes it can be difficult for a child to decide how to assemble Lego Star Wars - a designer of models of starships or ground vehicles. In this case, he may need the help of parents, which will add to the attractiveness of this exciting activity and will help bring children and adults closer.

how to build lego star wars
how to build lego star wars

What is STAR WARS?

Star Wars is a fantastic space opera that has become a brand over time. Computer games, comics, animated series, T-shirts with stories -all this makes the characters and the plot of the story recognizable. The Lego Star Wars series of sets is very popular among children and adults. Minifigure kits are available that are easy to assemble, as attaching the head to the torso and finding the arms and legs is a breeze. By the way, this is where you should start assembling the set, which includes minifigures and complex structures, for example, the Death Star.

The figures are easy to assemble, but the Star Wars starships and Lego ships are much more serious. “How are such structures assembled?” asks dads who want to help their kids.

Sometimes this is not easy: if there are thousands of details in the designer, then you can get confused. Of course, this can be de alt with if you carefully study the components and instructions. After the box is opened and the bags with parts are taken out of it, you need to pour the parts into pre-prepared containers or trays so that they do not get mixed up. This is important, otherwise there is a risk of not coping with the task at all.

What will help you?

When a person has difficulty with how to assemble "Star Wars" Lego, especially if he has chosen a complex model, the instruction enclosed in the box will come to his aid. The instruction is made on coated paper, it is colored, very detailed and is designed to help an adult or a child assemble the designer and get the most out of the process.

lego star wars collect kits
lego star wars collect kits

The instructions are numbered pages, where in the formThe pictures show the assembly sequence of the parts. That is, everything is simple and clear. The sequence is also marked with arrows and picture numbers. Therefore, anyone who wishes to assemble a model they like can first read the instructions, which explain in an accessible way how to assemble a Lego Star Wars. Thus, you can try yourself as an engineer and creator of space technology.

What is this set?

The construction set is packed in a cardboard box with the LEGO and STARWARS logo, the name of the set, the age of the child for whom it is intended, a digital article and a color image of the finished model. Inside the box are numbered transparent bags containing parts for assembly and instructions. The number of parts can be up to several tens of thousands, depending on the model.

How to do it?

Let's consider the assembly using the example of the Death Star mentioned above. She is in the top ten of the best designers in the world. This is not the easiest set - it has more than twenty figures and about four thousand details. This is a lot, so you need to stock up on time and patience.

If you look at the picture, it becomes clear that the finished structure consists of three platforms, figures of heroes and various equipment - an elevator that rises from the first platform to the second, equipment transporting various parts, a small flying ship, a cannon and much more. The instructions for it are like an album with pictures and recommendations.

how lego star wars ships are assembled
how lego star wars ships are assembled

To startcollect a few minifigures to get involved.

Next, start assembling the actual Star. Start from the bottom platform, keep the instructions in front of your eyes, follow them strictly. If you are building a set with the whole family, it will be a rewarding and interesting experience. Do not try to skip a stage and then return to it. This can ruin the whole job.

After you finish building the first platform, collect a few more figures, then the process will seem less monotonous.

Then start assembling the second floor of the base. Here things will go more fun, as an understanding of the assembly principle will come. Each floor has several compartments that are separated by walls or doors that can be opened and closed. Once you're done with the middle platform, reassemble some figurines.

The last, third platform will be assembled effortlessly. Please note that you should not be left with extra details. Check if everything is assembled: equipment, devices, if everything works, if the laser gun is moving. The elevator should go up and down, the doors should open and close, the chairs should spin, and the cannon should fire.

Who is this for?

A large number of adults are addicted to collecting Lego Star Wars sets. They do this for a long time in their free time, this process is so exciting. They spend the whole day at work anticipating and thinking about how to build Lego Star Wars, a model tank or a fighter. It should be noted that the best of these sets haveindividual features that add uniqueness and added interest.