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Quartz lamp and its application

Quartz lamp and its application
Quartz lamp and its application

Since ancient times, it has been believed that sunlight can prevent the reproduction of infections. In 1877, it was found that the growth of microorganisms stops from the part of the solar radiation spectrum, with a wave below 320 nm.

quartz lamp
quartz lamp

Further scientific developments have made it possible to create artificial radiation sources capable of destroying bacteria and disinfecting the air and surfaces of solid materials, without the use of chemical disinfectants and high temperatures.

The spectrum of ultraviolet rays (UV) is divided into three groups:

  • Long wavelengths (UV-A) 315 400 nm.
  • Medium waves (UV - B) 280 315 nm.
  • Short wavelengths (UV-C) shorter than 280 nm.

Modern quartz irradiators are divided into several types: wall, mobile, ceiling, closed and open type.

UV bactericidal irradiator (quartz lamp) is designed to destroy microorganisms in the air and on various surfaces, is an effective method of preventing and combating pathogens of various infections.

Specialnoteworthy is the combined quartz lamp, which allows the irradiation of surfaces and air using an open lamp. In this

home use quartz lamp
home use quartz lamp

case it must be remembered that during the operation of such a lamp there should be no people in the room. If diffused exposure with a shielded (closed) lamp is used, the presence of people is acceptable.

Today, the quartz lamp has been widely used in medicine for the treatment of various diseases. However, before starting the procedure, it is necessary to consult the attending physician regarding contraindications and the selection of the required dosage.

Positive results can only be achieved if the prescriptions of the attending physician are strictly followed. All people respond to treatment individually, so there are no general rules for treating with quartz.

The basic rule for using a UV lamp is to wear protective goggles, which are usually included. Areas of the body that are not subject to radiation are covered with a towel. The procedure can be started five minutes after the lamp is turned on - during this time, its stable mode of operation is established.

Quartz lamp should be located at a distance of fifty centimeters from the irradiated area. Before irradiation, lubricate the skin with oil or sunscreen. Start procedures from 0.5 minutes, gradually increasing the time with each

quartz lamp sun reviews
quartz lamp sun reviews

following exposure for 0.5 – 1 minute.

Currently storesmedical technicians offer a huge selection of ultraviolet irradiators. Let me introduce you - a quartz lamp for home use - "Sun". This device is both bactericidal and therapeutic.

Quartz lamp "Sun", reviews of which can be viewed on the Internet, was created for hardening and healing children and adults. This model compensates for the lack of sunlight for the body. It is used in the treatment and prevention of diseases such as influenza, runny nose. In addition, it will easily cope with bacteria and viruses in any room.

Quartz lamp for home use "Sunshine" is especially suitable for treating a room in which there is a newborn baby.

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