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The size of the bracelet on hand. Marking table. Sizing methods

Table of contents:

The size of the bracelet on hand. Marking table. Sizing methods
The size of the bracelet on hand. Marking table. Sizing methods

The bracelet is a beautiful decoration that complements both the female and male image. This type of product can be made of precious metal, jewelry, stone. When choosing, it is important to take into account the size of the wrist bracelet, the table of which is quite wide, it includes not only Russian measurements, but also markings from other countries.

bracelet size table
bracelet size table

Bracelet Models

Such a product has been known since ancient times. Women wore bracelets not only as elegant jewelry, but also as amulets that protect against evil spirits. Today, jewelry has not lost its relevance, there are different types of bracelets according to the material, shape, clasp.

This decoration can be made from the following materials:

  • precious metals - platinum, gold, silver;
  • natural - stones, leather, glass, wood;
  • artificial - plastic, thread, beads.

The following types of bracelets are distinguished by shape:

  • bracket;
  • hoop;
  • spiral;
  • half ring;
  • connected links.

According to the method of manufacture, they distinguish:

  • chain - are connected chains or links;
  • articulated, fastened with a hinge;
  • closed, not having a fastener, are a single whole;
  • springy, wrapped around the arm;
  • braided, strung (from beads or beads).
women's bracelet size
women's bracelet size

Methods for determining the size of jewelry

In order for the bracelet to fit the wrist beautifully, it is important to choose the right length. If the purchase is made in the store, then everything is simple - just try on several models. However, if the jewelry is purchased as a gift or through an online store, then it is important to know how to determine the size of a wrist bracelet, the table of which is presented on the website or in the store. The following methods are suitable for measuring the wrist of both women and men:

  • to measure it is necessary to prepare a centimeter tape, a thick thread or braid, it is applied tightly on the arm, without allowances;
  • when measuring with improvised materials, it is necessary to draw a line of tape closing with a marker and attach it to the ruler;
  • if the bracelet has a clasp, then measure the wrist along the thick part of the bone;
  • when putting on jewelry through the hand, measure the widest place below the wrist, usually the junction of the thumb and palm;
  • to the actual measurements you need to add 1.25 cm, then you get the length of the product, this number can be increased to 2.5 cm, the larger the indicator, the stronger the bracelet will hang;
  • for beaded or bulky items, remember that the inside of the jewelry will be smaller than the outside.

Table of Russian and world markings

Women's bracelet size will be different for manufacturers from different countries. In order not to be mistaken, the measurements obtained must be correlated with the data in the table.

Size cm

Russian markings

Size, inches

World mark



6, 5








7, 5








8, 5


If the product will be chosen for a man, it will help to determine the desired size of the bracelet on the hand, the marking table for women, which is the same as for men.

types of bracelets
types of bracelets

Recommendations for wearing jewelry

Any jewelry should be appropriate, in general, fit the image, be combined with each other. There are following guidelines for wearing the bracelet:

  • The product is not suitable for dresses or sweaters with wide sleeves, borders or large embroidery. Ideal bracelets look either on an open wrist or on a narrow long sleeve.
  • All jewelry must be made of the same material: if the bracelet is made of stone, then the earrings and rings must match it.
  • Bright products are best combined with plain earrings so as not to overload the image with color.
  • For summer light styles, plastic bracelets or with various decorative elements, such as shells, are suitable. For special occasions, it is better to have jewelry made of precious metals and stones.

Thus, using a centimeter tape or other material at hand, you can simply determine the size of the bracelet on your hand. The table includes five main markings of Russian and world manufacturers for women's and men's jewelry.

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