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Waterproof lamps for a bath: description, characteristics, marking
Waterproof lamps for a bath: description, characteristics, marking

What Russian person does not like a bath? It relaxes not only the body, but also the soul. True, in order for the rest to be complete, the room must be cozy and pleasant. Bath lighting plays an important role in this. The light in the steam room should be soft, and in the guest room - cozy and attractive. Moisture-proof lamps for a bath should be chosen wisely, based not only on their appearance, but also on functionality and safety.

waterproof lamps for the bath

Basic requirements for bath lamps

Special conditions are created in the steam room: high temperatures and constant humidity. That is why the first light fixture that comes across should not be hung here in any case! Protect yourself in advance by training the basic requirements for bath lighting. Fixtures should be:

  • sealed;
  • be specially marked;
  • moisture resistant;
  • have a certain tension.

Experienced bath attendants advise waterproof lamps for baths made in Germany. They have a ceramic body and frosted glass, mounted on the wall and ceiling. The device can withstand temperatures up to 125 degrees due to the fact that all parts of the cartridge (except contacts) are made of ceramics. The silicone layer protects the lamp from splashes and steam. Frosted light does not need a lampshade. But those waterproof fixtures for the bathroom or sauna that do not have frosted glass will require light dispersion with a wooden lampshade.

waterproof LED luminaires

Halogen steam room lamps

Many novice bath attendants are interested in the question: what type of lighting fixtures will be the best for the steam room? An unambiguous answer cannot be given. Each device has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Halogen lamps are gaining more and more popularity among those who like to take a steam bath. Thanks to the built-in reflectors, they can withstand high temperatures, which is ideal for a steam room. Moisture-proof lamps for a bath with a power of up to 35 watts also have protection against splashes of water. Safe voltage is also a huge plus for halogen lamps.

Waterproof bath lamps with fluorescent lamps

In the steam room, the use of fluorescent lamps is permissible. True, the first one that comes across in the store is still not worth missing. Choose lighting fixtures with energy-saving and non-integrated lamps. Nottake lamps with an electromagnetic choke, since although they keep high temperatures, they do not tolerate frost very well, and in the harsh Russian winters you will not heat the room every day. Fluorescent lamps also have a big plus - they have adjustable light brightness.

lamp ip65

Fiber-optic lamps in the steam room

Fiber-optic luminaires most often have an attractive and stylish appearance. They are a tourniquet and a projector. This harness is able to withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees, which makes the fiber optic lamp a particularly welcome guest in the steam room. True, the device has its drawbacks. Firstly, the high price, and secondly, the complexity of installation. It is important to connect them carefully, strictly following the instructions and all fire regulations.

Waterproof LED fixtures

LED lamps do not like heat too much, so not every attendant will want to equip a steam room with such devices. But they are still appreciated for their style and modern look, so they are installed in the bath, but as close to the floor as possible. Waterproof LED lamps have a bright light and a wide color spectrum. It is precisely because of their excessive brightness that they are placed primarily behind and under the shelves. Such lighting looks mysterious and original.

Special mention of IP65 luminaire. This device has a high level of protection. They work in rooms with high temperature, humidity, high dustiness and frequent power surges.

waterproof bathroom fixtures The numbers in the title indicate the international degree of protection.

  • 6 - protection against solid objects, dust;
  • 5 - protection against water jets falling on the lamp at any angle.

The IP65 luminaire gives a very pleasant light: not blinding, but not dim, it will never flicker.

Which lighting fixtures are better not to install in the bath?

It is better not to install ordinary and familiar incandescent lamps in a steam room. If only a drop of water hits them, they can explode and injure anyone present. And cleaning up after the incident will be long. Such lamps require special mechanical protection, which often does not justify itself. Discharge lamps are not suitable for a steam room - their light is too bright, and the color reproduction is of poor quality. When installing any devices in the steam room (even if the spotlights are waterproof), remember that in any case they will not be damaged by additional protection.

waterproof spotlights

The best protection is wooden lattice lampshades. And so that the steam room does not have a striped look due to shadows, point the lamps in the opposite direction, where frosted reflectors will already be installed.

How to make a lamp for a bath with your own hands?

Originality and originality are in fashion now, and those lamps that are sold in stores are in every third steam room. You can order a waterproof ceiling lamp from a designer, but such services will be very expensive. So why not make your own lighting fixture for the steam room? Necessarytake:

  1. Wood (the one that went to the interior decoration of the bath is perfect).
  2. Glass.
  3. Plywood.
  4. PET film.
  5. Mounting glue, super glue.
  6. LED bulbs.
  7. Aluminum electrical tape.
  8. Getinaks.

Cut out templates of the future lamp from plywood according to your own taste and desire. Do not forget to try on the template to the corner where the lamp will be. According to the template, make frame details, as well as vertical slats. Now fasten the parts and rails, coat the joints with glue.

waterproof ceiling lamp

For reliability, you can fix the corners with self-tapping screws. Wrap the glass with PET film. To support it, attach special rails to the frame. Now, in the Word program, print a table with cells 3 x 3 cm in size, print it out and attach it to the getinax sheet. Where the lines intersect, drill 5mm holes to match the size of the LED. Now, with another drill, make the indentations even deeper, so the light from the lamp will be more directional. After all operations, the paper from the insulating material can be washed off. On the reverse side of the resulting panel, simply glue the LEDs with superglue. Solder 80 LEDs in 4 pieces, the power of the unit will pull 12 volts. Aluminum tape will serve as an excellent reflector.

Now you know how important it is to choose the right lighting for the bath. Let the steam room bring you only positive emotions!

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