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Beautiful and elegant wedding cake with cupcakes

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Beautiful and elegant wedding cake with cupcakes
Beautiful and elegant wedding cake with cupcakes

For a long time there was a tradition of preparing beautiful multi-tiered cakes for a wedding. But gradually, the newlyweds began to show a desire to try something new. Cupcakes on a special dish are a real birthday cake. If such an assortment of cakes is served at the table, not a single guest will remain indifferent.

Original cake

Cupcakes are cakes about the size of a coffee or tea cup. It is fashionable today to use small cream-decorated confectionery as a dessert. Covers and recipes from culinary magazines testify to this. The most interesting option is the wedding cake with cupcakes created with their help.

The idea is to arrange several dozen different cakes in 3-7 tiers. The use of a special dish creates an external resemblance to the familiar wedding cake. Although cakes can also be used to create beautiful desserts:

  1. On sticks.
  2. In the form of a bridesmaid dress.
  3. Like a flower pot andin other variants.

Benefits of cupcakes

Young guests usually enjoy cake more than anyone else. Children are sometimes sorry that when cutting a cake, a cream rose or a berry from mastic goes to someone else. And if there is a wedding cake with cupcakes on the table, they simply don’t have such thoughts.

wedding cake with cupcakes
wedding cake with cupcakes

A significant advantage is the uniqueness of the cake dessert. Pastry shops offer cupcakes prepared according to a huge number of recipes. In addition, you can think of an infinite number of ways to decorate them. It can be confectionery from cream, mastic, glaze, nuts, jam and other ingredients.

Guests like it if cupcakes of different tastes are arranged on the same dish. This speaks of the hospitality of the organizers of the celebration and their desire to please everyone present. That is, guests take cakes according to their taste preferences.

The appearance of such a delicacy is in no way inferior to a cake in elegance. With the help of cakes arranged in tiers on a dish, you can create very beautiful wedding cakes. Also, do not forget that cupcakes eliminate the need to cut the dessert, calculating in your mind the number of invited guests.

How mini-cakes appeared

Pastry art is constantly improving, enriched with recipes and creations of masters of their craft. Such a funny and cute innovation in our country, like cupcakes, has won the hearts of many sweet lovers. How did it happen thatNewlyweds are ditching the traditional tiered cake in favor of neat brownies?

These original desserts were appreciated back in the 18th century in America. And they began to enjoy popularity all over the world after the famous TV series "Sex and the City". The main characters of the film enjoyed the creations of Magnolia Bakery. Martha Stewart is a popular American housewife who has published a book about brownies. And in our country, miniature confectionery products have been successful for only a few years and mainly among advanced young people.

wedding cake with cupcakes price
wedding cake with cupcakes price

The tradition of newlyweds cutting the cake

A large wedding cake with cupcakes, consisting of several small cakes, is, of course, beautiful. But young couples often want to keep up with the times and at the same time follow the traditions. The custom of cutting the cake is over 5,000 years old. If cupcakes are served as a dessert, then there is no need to divide the delicacy into equal parts. Moreover, miniature products with cream look much more impressive and neat than pieces of cake.

Cupcake wedding cake is prepared in such a way that the top stand has a larger cake than all the others. On it are beautiful figurines of the newlyweds. The upper tier is designed for young spouses and is convenient to cut. Or confectioners offer to order a set: several cupcakes in the same style. They are easy to divide into pieces of the same size.

How much does it costfun

The cost of the cake depends on the characteristics:

  1. Number of cupcakes.
  2. Design complexity.
  3. Amount of work.
  4. Number of small parts.
  5. Urgency order fulfillment.
beautiful wedding cakes
beautiful wedding cakes

By contacting the selected confectionery, according to these characteristics and the number of invitees, you can calculate how much a wedding cake with cupcakes costs. The price of the simplest one cake averages about one dollar.

Using a creative approach, you can give the wedding dessert originality. A spectacular table decoration always evokes admiring exclamations from guests. To show grace, taste, and indicate your modernity, it is very successful to use the idea of a cupcake cake as a wedding dessert.

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