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Parable for young people at the wedding. Wedding greetings and toasts

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Parable for young people at the wedding. Wedding greetings and toasts
Parable for young people at the wedding. Wedding greetings and toasts

Where did the tradition of saying parables on holidays come from, no one will answer. This form of teaching has been known for many centuries, but, nevertheless, it still retains its relevance, because it is much easier to convey something to a person with the help of vivid images and specific examples, albeit sometimes exaggerated, than unfounded facts. The parable of the young at the wedding has become the same obligatory attribute of marriage as a birthday cake and the first dance. Most often, it comes from the lips of parents who, until the end of their days, remain the educators and mentors of their children, but sometimes the toastmaster can also teach the newlyweds. What are the parables, what is better to say? We'll figure it out.

Oriental wisdom

Most often, when people talk about teachings during a celebration, oriental toasts come to mind, usually beginning with the words “Somewhere high, high in the mountains.” That is why I would like to start with Eastern wisdom.

wedding parable for young people
wedding parable for young people

Parables for the wedding of young people from parents usually teach how to behave in the family, how to build relationships between spouses. Here is one of the interesting options for such a teaching:

“Once the Sultan was asked: “Listen, there are constantly enemies at your borders, sometimes there is not enough bread in the state to feed everyone, but at the same time there are no unrest. How do you manage to maintain peace and tranquility? To which Vladyka replied with a smile: “When I lose my temper, my people are calm; when they are dissatisfied, I am calm. In other words, they calm me, and I calm them. Any family is a small state, with its own rules and division of responsibilities. So let peace and tranquility always remain in your state.”

A long time ago

Sometimes long and serious congratulations can tire impatient newlyweds. Therefore, you need to think about the fact that the parable for the young at the wedding is short, but capacious. In this case, you can use the reference to distant times.

parables of love
parables of love

"The word "husband" is said to have come to us from the ancient Greek language. Surprisingly, it denotes a harness of oxen. At first glance, it is not clear why a young family is compared to pack animals, but in fact everything is simple. Spouses, like oxen, should be in the same harness, pull the routine of family life together and rest together. So may you always be there.”

For fun

What is a wedding without humor? Usually funny parables about love for a wedding are short - they dilute the splendor of the celebration with a touch of sincere fun. Here is one example:

“An older couple celebrated their diamond wedding. Of course, they were asked how they could withstand such a long family life. To which the husband replied that it wasbecause of the single bed in which they slept: even after quarrels, they were forced to snuggle up to each other at night. So let this family also have a narrow bed that guarantees them a long but happy marriage.”

parable congratulations on the wedding
parable congratulations on the wedding

In your hands

Beautiful wedding parables can surprisingly change the mood of guests and newlyweds. After correctly spoken words, the celebration can subside for a while, thinking about them, and, probably, this is the main goal of any teaching - to make you think.

There is one very famous quivering, albeit a little sad story. “In one distant land, there lived a man who knew exactly everything, everything, even how many stars were in the sky. Once a young couple came to him, determined to prove that not everything can be known to a person. The husband held a butterfly in his palms: if a man said that she was alive, the young man would crush her; if declared dead, he would release a moth. When the couple asked what was hidden in the palms, the sage answered with a smile that they were hiding the butterfly from him. And whether she flutters free or falls crushed into the grass - depends only on themselves. Family happiness, like a fragile butterfly, is only in your hands.”

Let's drink to…

There will be a lot of congratulations at the celebration anyway. Monotonous wishes of happiness and he alth can be diluted with a toast-parable for a wedding. You can pick up a serious instructive story, or something easier and more fun - this will definitely be remembered by the guests.

wedding parable toast
wedding parable toast

« One ruler had a harem. He once called his adviser to him and said that he wanted to reward him for such a long and faithful service and therefore allows him to choose any woman from the harem as his wife. The adviser, without thinking twice, chose three. He approached the first one and asked: "How much is two plus two?" "Three" - the woman immediately responded, to which the adviser decided that she was very economical. The second answered without hesitation: “Four”, while the adviser noted her extraordinary mind. The third woman said: “Five”, and the adviser appreciated her generosity. What woman did he take as his wife? After the story told, all those present at the celebration offer their options, after listening to them, the congratulator happily summarizes: “And he took the most beautiful one! So let's drink to our beautiful ladies! "".

Crystal Heart

To the clink of glasses, loud cries of “Bitter” and lively jokes of the toastmaster, one also wants a story that will remind guests of the tenderness and fragility of the family, of the amazing and quivering feeling that arose between young people. A charming parable for newlyweds at a wedding, telling about a crystal master.

« In one city there lived a craftsman who made toys exclusively from crystal. They were unusually beautiful and cost a fortune, but the master gave them just like that to all the surrounding children. Of course, the fragile crystal could not withstand the children's brisk games and broke, which made the children very upset. Once the parents of the children came to the master and asked why to give careless kids something that is so easy to break. To which he replied with a smile: “One day your children will be presented witha gift that is much more fragile than crystal - the heart of a loved one. And then they will already be able to handle it the way it should.” Remember that the heart of your beloved is crystal, do not break it with a careless movement! "".

Some spice

Sometimes young people forget that family life is not only boundless happiness. Parable-congratulations on the wedding can remind them of this: nevertheless, such teachings are a great way to convey to the newly-made spouses the secrets of living together.

“A very rich man, in his old age, married a beautiful young girl. The young wife tried her best to please her husband, but very soon he began to complain about the boredom and monotony of life, about being tired of her. The friend of the man was amazed: “How so! Your wife is charming, she is ready for anything for you! The rich man with a smile invited him to stay for dinner. Chocolate, Turkish delight, cookies, marmalade, and cakes were served on the table. The friend was surprised at such a choice of dishes, but he tried one, another, a third, a fourth … in less than an hour, he begged: “I can’t eat sweets anymore! Give me something else." The rich man gave him wine: “You see, even sweetness gets boring.” So let family life for our young people be spicy, piquant, s alty, but by no means bitter! "".

beautiful parables for the wedding
beautiful parables for the wedding

Flowers of life

But endless parables about love are not what you want to listen to all evening: the young people will understand everything after the third or fourth congratulations. So what else do they want at weddings? Right tothe family got bigger as soon as possible. For such a wish, you can use this parable:

« One sculptor created extraordinarily beautiful sculptures - they were so realistic that they seemed alive. God decided to reward him and promised to breathe life into any two works that the master chooses. The sculptor created a man and a woman of extraordinary beauty, who, having come to life, immediately fell in love with each other. But over time, the master noticed that they became sad, that something was missing in their world. Once they came to the sculptor and asked him for happiness. After much deliberation, he fashioned from the material left after the creation of a pair … a child. Real happiness in children - let it appear to you as soon as possible! "".

Instruction from elders

An excellent parable-congratulations on the wedding can sound from the couple's parents. A little humor and a huge amount of warmth will please both the newlyweds and the guests of the celebration.

parable for the newlyweds at the wedding
parable for the newlyweds at the wedding

“I remember the first time my little son returned from kindergarten in torn clothes - he got into a fight with one of the children. Then I strictly told him that this was the last time. Several years passed, he brought his first deuce from school, to which, having scolded him, I repeated again that this was the last time. Today my son is getting married for the first time. And the only thing I want to say to him now is: “May this be the last time!” "".

Best Alloy

If we have already talked about wishes with humor, the toast-parable for the wedding will continue the baton, short but insanely capacious and thatmost importantly, infinitely wise.

“Everyone talks about today, but I would think about the future. You know, in order to live to see a silver wedding, you will need iron nerves and golden patience. Let's drink now for the most beautiful alloy! "".

Breaking patterns

And the most amazing gift may not be the stereotyped wisdom found by the toastmaster or guests on the Internet, but a parable for the young at the wedding, telling their own story. You can start with the bride: “In the same house there lived a girl who loved to read, wanted to be a lawyer, loved to walk around the city and look at the stars, could not live without films about bright and pure love and was still waiting for her only one”, then it is added that something about the groom: “And a boy lived not far from her, he was fond of football since childhood, studied well, thought about becoming a doctor. He was also very well-mannered, gallant and polite. And one day he saw the same, his girl. And fell in love with her at first sight.”

wedding parables for young people from parents
wedding parables for young people from parents

Of course, you can tell anything here: both the history of acquaintance and relationships. And you can finish directly with the wedding, while wishing that the future life would be as fabulous as all the parables about love that sounded today.

P. S

"A man married a lame, bald and stuttering woman. All his acquaintances were shocked by this misalliance, but only one came up and directly asked:

- Where did your eyes look? She's bald!

- But no hairdressing costs.

- Lame!

- And you can do without all these fancy shoes.

- She stutters!

- A woman must have at least some flaws! »

This parable for the young at the wedding will amuse the newlyweds and will delight all those present. Bitter!

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