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Wedding style dudes: decoration, clothes, script
Wedding style dudes: decoration, clothes, script

When you want to organize not a simple, but a fun and themed celebration, a stylish wedding is what you need. Stilyagi is a fairly well-known youth culture that appeared around the 40s. It reached its peak in the early 60s. Who knows all the delights of this era, probably remembers the incendiary melodies of rock and roll, twist and woogie. At that time, they dressed brightly, elegantly and unrestrainedly had fun. We invite you to immerse yourself in this wonderful and noisy era for a while.

Bride and her friends in colorful dresses
Bride and her friends in colorful dresses

Interesting parallels of past and present

For those who are unfamiliar with the idea of organizing a themed wedding in the style of dudes, a picture of a bright, noisy and cheerful celebration should emerge. It is known that the dude subculture arose as a kind of youth protest against strict social canons andnormal.

Organizing a wedding in a similar style is also a special protest. Just remember how predictable the wedding scenario can be: bride price, registry office, photo session and feast in the banquet hall. Everything is fresh and the same. So, if you want something bright, protest and eccentric, you will definitely like a wedding in the style of dudes.

Girl in a white dress with purple accents
Girl in a white dress with purple accents

What to look for when planning a wedding?

If you want your wedding to turn into a bright and memorable event, you must comply with a number of certain conditions. First, the future newlyweds need to get used to the role.

To do this, you should study the fashion of dudes. You can really learn a lot of useful things from old films, books, magazines, and printed publications. Your task is to learn as much as possible about the fashion and style of that time. Secondly, work out the plan of the event in detail, taking into account the principle of decorating the premises and even invitations. It is thanks to well-designed invitation cards that guests will learn about the theme of the upcoming event, as well as what they should wear.

And finally, thirdly, since the dudes were very fond of dancing, choose a banquet hall or summer area with a large place for dancing.

The bride paints her lips and arrows on her eyes
The bride paints her lips and arrows on her eyes

Where to have a wedding and choose a place?

If you want your celebration to be remembered for a long time, start by planning and finding the right venue. For example, a themed wedding can be organizedin any cafe or restaurant.

If the weather and season permit, it can be a huge summer playground or a massive outing into nature. Moreover, when your choice falls on organizing a wedding in nature, you can always order off-site waiter service and even rent a huge festive tent. The main thing here is to make the appropriate design of the wedding in the style of dudes. Read more about it and talk further.

Dressing the bride and groom: examples of images

The main characters of any wedding, including thematic ones, are the newlyweds. That is why it is so important that they are dressed in accordance with the chosen theme of the celebration. For example, a bride should wear a short dress with an A-line flared skirt. At the same time, the length of such a skirt can be both up to and above the knee.

As for the color scheme, it is better to choose a white dress. But its frame can be of any tone, for example, bright red, green, orange, etc. In a word, the brighter the better. It is such a daring combination of colors that suggests a wedding in the style of dudes.

If we talk about the image of the groom, then he will suit pants in a cage with narrow tops, bright suspenders and a jacket (about the same color as the pants). The groom's shirt can be any color. There are no strict restrictions here. However, if she is in color tandem with the bride's dress, it will be just great.

If you chose a white shirt, then for the best contrast it should be diluted with some bright accessory. For example, it can be a very bright tie, neckerchief,suspenders, belt, hat, boutonniere buttonhole, etc.

For complete authenticity (in accordance with the fashion of that time), the groom should roll up his pants and show the guests his high and very bright socks. As you can see, it turns out very bright and specific clothes. A wedding in the style of a dude suggests just such a combination of colors and images.

The groom and his friends in suits
The groom and his friends in suits

Makeup, hairstyles and clothes for honorary witnesses

In addition to a beautiful dress, the bride needs: a suitable make-up, manicure and accompaniment in the form of honorary witnesses. For example, to create a suitable manicure, the brightest, but always matching colors are suitable.

It can be red, yellow, blue, pink and purple. Bright green and blue are also the perfect setting for a stylish wedding. Photos of a bright manicure will give you inspiration and help you figure out a win-win combination of colors.

The bride's makeup should have bright lipstick and black arrows. You can also choose a hairstyle in accordance with the retro style. For example, you can simply weave ribbons into your hair, tie your curls with a spectacular scarf, or fix with a hoop. Or it could be a stylish high bun, babette or Victory Rolls.

Bridesmaids and witnesses from the groom's side can choose the brightest clothes, which do not have to be white or black. They may contain ethnic motifs, large or small peas, a "checkered" print, etc.

Depicted sweets, flowers, dress, retro car
Depicted sweets, flowers, dress, retro car

Wedding in the style of dudes: photo, hall decoration

In order to find yourself in the 50s at least for a while, you need to properly decorate the hall. For example, bright and multi-colored helium balloons can be used for this. However, they do not have to be round at all. The most varied form is quite acceptable. And the fancier the better.

Perfect decor for your wedding will be vinyl records, small and colored confetti, record players on huge old reels, rotary phones, old black and white photographs, open bright umbrellas of various sizes, gloves and other accessories. On separate tables in vases you can put bright beads, chains and beads. It is their bridesmaids who will be able to wear during the festive photo shoot.

As for the color scheme of the design, the decor should contain bright and sometimes bold colors.

Create an unusual and original password

As far as ideas go, a dude style wedding is a real experimental springboard for creativity. Here you can come up with not only the very design for the hall and clothes for guests and newlyweds, but also slightly beat the plot a la the 50s. To do this, come up with a kind of code, which you must inform the guests about in the invitation. Entering the room, they will be required to pronounce it.

For example, when meeting guests, they will be asked if they want to change their one-room apartment to a "kopeck piece" with a surcharge? And they will have to answer, for example, that the ad is outdated, and they have alreadymanaged to change their living space.

A few words about invitations

When you have already chosen a wedding venue in the style of dudes, be sure to inform your guests and relatives about this with the help of invitation cards. Also include the time, theme, dress requirements, etc. Add a few jokes and carefully rewrite the names of the people invited.

The invitations themselves can be decorated using pieces of old vinyl records. Or for this purpose, the plate itself can be a great form for an invitation card. Old newspaper clippings, black and white photographs, large beads, lipstick marks and other bright elements can also come in handy here. The text of the invitation itself is easy to write on special paper with a slight retro effect.

Newlyweds, car, cake and dancing
Newlyweds, car, cake and dancing

Wedding procession, or car registration

If your wedding is in retro style, this theme should correspond not only to the design of the hall, but also to the wedding cortege. Modern foreign cars or "stars" of the domestic auto industry are not suitable for this. Only retro transport will suit you. For example, it can be an old Pobeda or Volga. You also need to dress up such a car in the style of dudes. Let the doll flaunt on the hood, ribbons and flowers flutter.

In the meantime, young people are doing a photo session and gaining strength after visiting the registry office, guests can always ride in a retro tram. By the way, such a rarity is also rented out. It will be fun and exciting. This is an example scenarioweddings in the style of dudes, which includes riding a retro tram and a car, a walk with a photo shoot, meeting guests and much more.

Bride ransom
Bride ransom

What to do with the script for the wedding?

When planning a wedding in this style, make up an approximate scenario for yourself. It will begin, for example, with the ransom of the bride. Moreover, it can be a staged scene in the form of a meeting at the party committee. Strict people in suits will sit at the tables, who will "suspect the groom in love." To ransom the bride, they will give him various tasks and ask tricky questions about the bride.

You can entertain guests in front of the registry office. Let, for example, mummers spin around near the building, who, for a fee, will sell paraphernalia in the style of dudes to guests. It can be bright bows, ties or socks. Guests can also organize a bright photo session against the backdrop of a variety of themed posters.

Then everyone will go to the registry office. From it, young people will go to be photographed, and guests will ride a retro tram, for example. After that, guests will be met with a secret code at the entrance to the restaurant. In the restaurant itself, you can order live music with the indispensable participation of a saxophonist. Dancing competitions are required. For example, each of the guests will dance to music known to the dudes and compete in endurance.

But the kidnapping of the bride can be staged as a raid by representatives of the communist party on a holiday, etc. In a word, create the very atmosphere of the holiday, do not forget about the thematic design, and your wedding is in the style of dudeswill be the most unforgettable.

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