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How much does a wedding cost: the cost of the celebration
How much does a wedding cost: the cost of the celebration

It's great when lovers decide to formalize their relationship. A wedding is a wonderful event, an opportunity to declare your love to the whole world, to connect two families with family ties and create a new unit of society. In preparation for the celebration, the newlyweds have many questions. One of them is how much the wedding costs.

This has always been a very costly undertaking. Even if you want to organize a small holiday, and not a banquet for 150-200 people, the costs will not be small at all. You need to spend at least on rings, a small feast, suits for the bride and groom, makeup and hair. Not to mention a big celebration.

So how much does it cost to get married? Let's figure it out.

how much does a wedding cost per person
how much does a wedding cost per person

Official registration of marriage

How much will the wedding cost? The fee to the state, which is officially required by registry offices for registering relations between two people, is 350 rubles. Application with a receipt for payment of the statefees must be filed about a month before the celebration itself. In some registry offices, you can apply two months before the wedding, and in especially popular ones (for example, in Griboedovsky in Moscow), the queue can be scheduled even six months in advance.

Many modern couples often choose field registration instead of registration at the Wedding Palace. A romantic ceremony can be held in some suitable place. The ceremony is led by a person acting as a government registrar. Young people in this case visit the registry office in advance, where they receive a certificate. How much does a wedding cost in this case? Registrar services will cost five to ten thousand rubles. Instead, one of the relatives or relatives of the newlyweds can conduct the ceremony.

Some metropolitan registry offices provide an opportunity to choose the exit registration officially. The list of places is limited: as a rule, these are Moscow estates, the interiors of the Pushkin Museum-Apartment or the Glazunov Art Gallery. An employee of the registry office is present at such registration; you do not need to first visit the Wedding Palace. How much does it cost to have a wedding? In this case, registration will cost 25 thousand rubles.


Rings are essential attributes of a wedding celebration. This is one of the most budgetary items of expenditure. A pair of white gold rings in a classic style can be purchased at a jewelry store for about 15 thousand rubles. The price of rings from Tiffany varies from 800 to 1500 dollars (45.3 thousand - 85 thousand rubles). Premium rings cost from 10 thousand dollars or more (from 600 thousand rubles). Besides,wedding rings couple can make to order. So, a budget solution will cost about 15 thousand rubles, rings of the middle price category - 30 thousand, an expensive option - from fifty thousand.

Venue of celebration

how much does it cost to have a wedding
how much does it cost to have a wedding

How much does a cafe wedding cost? It all depends on many variables. The number of invited people plays a role, and the preferences of the newlyweds on the menu, and the category of a cafe or restaurant. In addition, you can not be limited to a banquet hall. A wedding can also be held in an outdoor tent on the site, if one of the newlyweds or their parents has a country house, in a hotel or a rented cottage.

How much does a wedding cost in a restaurant and in an open area somewhere outside the city? Of course, the price will differ several times. The most budget option of these two will definitely be a restaurant. And you can also just hold a gala dinner at home, especially if the number of guests is small, and the newlyweds themselves want to celebrate the holiday in a narrow family circle and at home.

The cost of a banquet directly depends on the number of guests. How much does it cost to get married? Depending on the specific set of dishes per person, you will need from two to ten thousand rubles. To this amount, you must also add the cost of alcohol in the restaurant or corkage fee, which is charged for each bottle of alcohol brought with you.

As a rule, in addition to the banquet, they also organize a wedding reception. In the buffet area, where fruits, light snacks, desserts and drinks are displayed, guestswaiting for the start of the holiday. The buffet will cost one to five thousand per person, depending on the items on the menu.

If you decide to hold a wedding outdoors, you need to add the cost of the site. You can rent a cottage on the river bank in the Moscow region, for example, for 60 thousand rubles, and to hold a celebration in an old mansion on Tverskoy, you need to pay about four hundred thousand. This amount does not include the cost of the banquet itself. In addition, another 10% of the cost of the banquet should be included in the budget - for service.

So, how much does a 50-person wedding with a banquet cost? With a minimum set of dishes in a restaurant, it will cost a hundred thousand, if you offer guests a wide selection of treats, you may not meet half a million rubles.

how much does a wedding cost for 50 people
how much does a wedding cost for 50 people

Wedding Decoration

The decor should match the occasion and the overall concept of the wedding. You can turn to professional designers of bouquets and halls for the celebration, or you can try to do everything yourself. It is difficult to name the cost of the whole project, because it all depends on the concept, style of the holiday and the wishes of the newlyweds.

The work of professional designers will cost fifty thousand rubles. This price includes decorating the premises where the bride's gatherings take place, the welcome area, the photo zone, the banquet room and the place where the ceremony itself takes place. The final price depends on the scale of the event, the quality of the decorative elements, the design concept, the number of people who will be occupied.

If budgetarywedding, then the design can be excluded from the budget. All you have to do is order a bouquet for the bride and a boutonniere for the groom. Such a set will cost about 2500 rubles or more.

Photo and video shooting

How much does a wedding cost? The budget must include the services of a photographer and / or operator. Of course, you will want to remember such a significant day for a long time. Therefore, it is imperative to do a photo session or hire a photographer who will take pictures of the bride’s morning preparations, a banquet, a marriage registration, and a walk.

In Moscow, the cost of an hour of a photographer's work varies from two and a half to ten thousand rubles. For a beautiful video you need to pay at least thirty thousand rubles. Additional services, which include shooting from an aerial crane or creating a whole feature film, will cost the newlyweds another one hundred and fifty thousand rubles.

how much does a restaurant wedding cost
how much does a restaurant wedding cost

Images of the bride and groom

How much does a wedding cost? The budget must include such an item as suits for the bride and groom, makeup and hairstyle of the bride. You should not deprive yourself of the process of trying on, because it is such a pleasure, you can try several options, see what exactly you like best. In order to save money, girls sometimes order a dress online, but a wedding is a special event, so you shouldn't tempt fate.

A bride's outfit usually costs 10% of the wedding budget. The cost of a dress in the salon is from twenty thousand rubles or more. More accessories are needed: veil, garter, hair ornaments, gloves. You will need shoes. Perhaps it makes sense to take two pairs - comfortable pumps and beautiful stilettos for a photo shoot. The bride still has to think about hair, manicure and makeup. Some girls, preparing for the wedding, even order a full range of spa treatments.

We need a budget option - a wedding look in the capital can be created for 8 thousand rubles, only it will take a little longer to look for stores. Still need to hold rehearsals, do trial makeup and hair. All this is already included in the agreed amount.

With the groom's suit, everything is much simpler. You can buy a classic suit in a regular store, such a purchase will cost ten to fifty thousand, and then use it in everyday life.

how much does a wedding cost
how much does a wedding cost

Transport rental

Transport will be needed not only for young people, but also for guests. You can rent an ordinary car for a thousand rubles per hour or more, but premium or retro cars will cost much more. For guests it is better to book a minibus. The cost of ordering such a car is from 1500 rubles per hour.


At least we need a DJ and equipment, as well as a host of the holiday. In the role of the latter may be one of the relatives or friends. Also often invited are cover bands, fire shows, fireworks, dance groups, bubble shows, jugglers, professional bartenders, sand shows or magic tricks. This can be very cost effective if your budget is limited. You will have to spend at least about forty thousand rubles.

How much does it cost to invite a host, a cover band andDJ? It will cost about 80 thousand. If you take into account other entertainment, you need to budget from 100 thousand.

Bachelorette and bachelor parties

These are optional events, but the hen and stag parties provide an opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle before the wedding. If the budget is limited, then this item can be completely abandoned or limited to gatherings with friends: arrange a pajama party with friends, buy ice cream and watch a melodrama, spend an evening in a male company watching a football match, for example.

If finances allow, then girls like to arrange bachelorette parties-photo shoots, where each is offered a separate image and several outfits to choose from. Men can go to a club, choose an active holiday, spend a day in nature or pay for paintball. A photo session for a bachelorette party and a stag party at the club will cost about twenty thousand rubles for both events.

how much will the wedding cost
how much will the wedding cost

Other expenses

This article includes expenses that, in general, are not mandatory, but may be included in the budget of a particular couple. These are the same dresses for bridesmaids, staging a wedding dance, entertainment for guests, ordering invitations or designing an invitation website. In the budget version, all this can be abandoned, but if we consider the average price category, then you need to lay down about ten thousand rubles for other expenses, and from 25 thousand for an expensive wedding.

Wedding Planner Services

How much does a wedding for 30 people cost? This can be calculated independentlyuse the services of a wedding organizer who will do everything for the newlyweds. This person completely develops the whole concept (of course, taking into account the wishes of the young people), looks for a restaurant and presenters, works with contractors, estimates the event and coordinates everything directly during the wedding. The organizer's remuneration is usually about 10% of the wedding budget. Managers' fees start at an average of forty thousand rubles per event.

Wedding night and honeymoon

The wedding night suite at the hotel hosting the banquet is often free. Another possible condition for such a gift from the hotel is the ordering of additional nights for accommodation. The average hotel room for newlyweds will cost 20-45 thousand.

As for the honeymoon, you need to lay at least 80 thousand for a trip abroad. Everything else depends on the amount on the account of the newlyweds and their preferences.

Summing up

How much does a wedding cost per person? Such a question is not entirely correct, since everything depends not only on the number of invitees. Guests affect the final cost of the celebration only at the time of planning the banquet. So, for one, as already mentioned above, you need from two to ten thousand rubles, and if you also need a buffet table - plus 1-5 thousand.

how much does a wedding in a cafe cost
how much does a wedding in a cafe cost

In general, a wedding (excluding honeymoon and wedding night) will cost at least two hundred thousand rubles. If an average celebration is planned, and not a budget one, the wallet will be lightened by half a million, and for large events you need frommillion rubles or more. The upper bar, of course, is not limited by anything other than the amount that lies on the account of the newlyweds. With more options, a wedding can be amazing, but a budget celebration will also be great.

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