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Yellow whites of the eyes in a newborn: causes, description with photos, possible problems and recommendations from pediatricians

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Yellow whites of the eyes in a newborn: causes, description with photos, possible problems and recommendations from pediatricians
Yellow whites of the eyes in a newborn: causes, description with photos, possible problems and recommendations from pediatricians

Yellow whites of the eyes of a newborn indicate the presence of icteric pathology. If the cause is not in a pathological condition, then the imperfection of the baby's body causes a similar symptom. Doctors diagnose the baby's temporary inability to adapt to new conditions of existence outside the mother's womb. Often, pathology is detected in premature babies. However, yellow eyes can be a sign of dangerous diseases.

Types of pathology. Physiological

The yellow white of the eye in a newborn can be for various reasons. Experts divide them into two categories: safe for he alth and dangerous. The first type should include physiological jaundice, which is expressed in a change in the color of the eyes and skin. It can be caused by:

  • Infant consumption of mother's milk, which contains high amounts of the hormone estrogen;
  • reorganization of the body inneonatal period (does not require therapeutic adjustment and, under favorable conditions, passes on its own).

If the yellow whites of the eyes of a newborn are caused by physiological causes, then there is no danger to the life and he alth of the baby. A similar condition can be diagnosed from the second day of a child's life and last no more than seven days. During this time, the baby's body adapts to new living conditions and adapts.

Yellow whites of the eyes in a newborn
Yellow whites of the eyes in a newborn


However, the second type of pathology is also distinguished, when the baby has yellow whites of the eyes, which is called pathological. In this case, the baby needs emergency medical attention. The following types of diseases are distinguished:

  • liver disease, or conjugation type;
  • disturbances in the bile ducts, or mechanical type;
  • exceeding the norm of bilirubin in the brainstem, or nuclear type.

It is important to accurately identify the type of illness and provide appropriate treatment if needed.

Why does a newborn have yellow whites of the eyes
Why does a newborn have yellow whites of the eyes

How does pathological jaundice manifest?

Yellow whites of the eyes of a newborn are observed in almost every fourth baby, which indicates an adaptation period and adaptation to life outside the womb. However, sometimes pediatricians diagnose a severe pathology that requires immediate medical intervention. Signs that indicate the need for a thorough examination:

  • Besides yellownessthe skin has a similar shade to the eye. Moreover, the color may be unnatural immediately after birth or a day later.
  • Baby feels unsatisfactory.
  • After feeding, vomiting appears, which becomes more pronounced on the third day of life.
  • Yellow pimples can be observed on the skin.
  • The liver and/or spleen are enlarged.
  • Yellow skin color does not go away within a month.
  • Pathological symptoms disappeared, but reappeared for no apparent reason.
  • Baby's urine is dark and stools are pale.
  • Bruises appear on the body.

Symptoms are usually fixed in the hospital, but the disease can develop after discharge.

Yellow whites of the eyes in newborns when it passes
Yellow whites of the eyes in newborns when it passes

Why is there a problem?

Why a newborn has yellow whites of the eyes worries all new parents. If doctors see no reason to panic, then the problem is related to physiology and will go away on its own. However, in severe cases, long and thorough treatment will be required. Causes of failure in the body, causing a change in the sclera of the eyes and skin, can be:

  • hormonal disorders;
  • conflict of the Rh factor of the blood of the baby and mother;
  • asphyxia due to birth difficulties;
  • defects in the development of the liver, spleen or gallbladder;
  • hereditary predisposition to jaundice;
  • failure in the metabolic processes of the body;
  • infectious diseases.

If this symptomatology is detected in a baby, thenit is important to correctly diagnose, prescribe competent treatment and provide proper care.

What to fear?

If the yellow whites of the eyes of a newborn are caused by natural changes in the body, then there will be no he alth consequences. However, with pathological failures, complications are possible, which depend on the reasons that caused them. Therefore, pediatricians strongly recommend not to let the problem take its course in order to prevent the development of dangerous conditions. For this, it is necessary to regularly show the baby to the doctor and, when diagnosing the disease, take all appointments seriously. If you do not carefully listen to all the recommendations, then the following conditions may develop in the baby:

  • disturbances in cerebral circulation;
  • neurological disorders;
  • weakening of one's own immune forces;
  • intoxication of the body;
  • progressive cirrhosis of the liver;
  • deafness;
  • paralysis;
  • mental and physical retardation.

If the disease can be corrected, then home treatment is possible. But in some cases, hospitalization will be required.

Why do newborns have yellow eyes?
Why do newborns have yellow eyes?

What will the hospital offer?

You can often observe yellow whites of the eyes in newborns. When such a condition passes depends entirely on the cause. If the jaundice is physiological, then within a week the color of the eyes and skin is normalized. If the cause is pathological changes in the organs, then the treatment will take longer. Such jaundice will require hospitalizationbaby and mother, where a treatment course will be offered.

Depending on the cause, the baby may be given procedures that combine therapeutic techniques, which include the following:

  • choleretic;
  • antibacterial;
  • antiviral;
  • immune;
  • detoxification.

As the experience of doctors and parents' feedback shows, such methods in combination usually give a good result. There are practically no complaints about the deterioration of the child's well-being and the occurrence of complications. However, you must be prepared for the fact that at first the baby's well-being may be unsatisfactory.

The baby has yellow whites of the eyes
The baby has yellow whites of the eyes

Cause and effect

It is always necessary to establish exactly why the whites of the eyes of newborns are yellow. Further therapy depends on the diagnosis. So, if the Rh-conflict became the cause, then it is advisable to conduct a blood transfusion or its components. Further, the infant may be recommended a course of antibiotics and physiotherapy. If the jaundice has a mechanical type, then surgical intervention will be required.

In case of malfunctions in the production of bilirubin, photo procedures can be shown to the baby. Their essence lies in placing the child under a special lamp, which works on the principle of sunlight. As a result, vitamin D begins to be intensively produced in the baby's body, which successfully copes with increased bilirubin. Usually the course is 96 hours under the lamp.

For some pathologies, doctors may prescribe courses of glucose intravenously andadministration of activated charcoal. Glucose is necessary to activate the liver, and the sorbent removes the remnants of unprocessed bilirubin naturally along with feces.

Yellow white of the eye in a newborn
Yellow white of the eye in a newborn

Treatment at home

Most caring parents worry if a newborn has yellow whites of the eyes. When such a condition passes will depend on the diagnosis. If the cause is a physiological failure of the body, then improvements should be noticeable no later than seven days from birth. The pediatrician can also give advice to speed up the recovery process. It is known that the best medicine for a baby is his mother's milk. To improve its healing properties, experts recommend using:

  • aloe juice (one teaspoon);
  • fresh rowan juice (100 g);
  • beetroot juice (100 g);
  • barberry tincture (30 drops).

Usually tinctures are taken half an hour before meals three times a day. Decoctions of shoots of chokeberry or currant leaf may also be useful. Plants can be brewed and drunk instead of tea for a month.

The following infusions received a lot of praise:

  • From St. John's wort. A spoonful of dry raw materials must be poured with a glass of boiling water and filtered after half an hour. During the day, you need to drink up to one liter.
  • From wormwood. Pour a teaspoon of grass with two cups of boiling water and leave for about twenty minutes. After strain and add a little honey. Drink throughout the day.

All prescriptions must be approved by your doctor. Treatment of jaundice at home is possible only if the condition is not complicated.

Cup of tea
Cup of tea


Yellow sclera of the baby's eyes usually signal the imperfection of the work of the whole organism and, in particular, the liver. This pathology is temporary and does not pose a threat to he alth. However, there are cases when a change in the color of the eyes and skin is associated with a serious pathology that threatens life and requires immediate treatment. Therefore, it is important to take into account all the recommendations of doctors, the implementation of appointments and careful care. Under these conditions, the outcome is usually favorable.

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