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Cow skin on the floor. Advantages and disadvantages of natural skins

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Cow skin on the floor. Advantages and disadvantages of natural skins
Cow skin on the floor. Advantages and disadvantages of natural skins

Recently, designers are increasingly offering to decorate an apartment or house with natural animal skin. This trend was inspired by the ancient Vikings and northerners, who decorated their homes with products from dead animals. Although at that time they did it solely for the purpose of maintaining warmth and comfort in the house. But such an unusual carpet looks great in modern apartments.


The choice of these natural decorative products today is quite wide and varied. It can be the skin of a wolf, bear or fox. Sheep is also very popular. Its plus is that it almost does not get dirty and is very warm. An alternative to any natural skin will be an artificial carpet, dyed in the color of any animal: cheetah, tiger or zebra. Such a floor covering will not cause allergic reactions, it is easy to vacuum or even wet clean. The disadvantage of this decor element is that it does not fulfill the main task - it does not warm.

The choice of cattle skins is so wide that it is limited only by the designer's imagination. It is also worth noting that natural products are much more valuable and better than artificial ones. Buy skinthe animal should only be in a specialized store, as this will guarantee its durability.

bear skin
bear skin


Today such products are in trend. They are easy to clean and cut, quickly and easily dyed, do not have an undercoat and do not peel. The skin of a cow on the floor will perfectly decorate and complement the interior of the apartment, bring its own zest to the atmosphere. It is easy to dye and cut.

Cow skin will perfectly decorate the living room, office or hall. According to its characteristics, it is inferior to long-haired natural carpets, its heat and sound insulation is lower. But at the same time, a carpet made from it is affordable and practical.

cattle skin
cattle skin

How to choose a quality hide

When choosing, first of all, it is worth deciding in which room it will be located. On the floor of the bedroom it is better to choose a warm sheepskin. It is perfect as a bedside rug. The skin of a wolf or a bear will harmoniously look in the office. The hall can perfectly decorate a cow rug. Also suitable for the living room.

When choosing a product, the main parameter of quality is dressing. The service life depends on it. The skin of an animal, while short, if it was dressed with high quality, does not have an unpleasant odor, is soft and will not crack over time. It is also recommended to choose products that have been chemically treated. This will protect against parasites and possible fungi.

natural animal skin
natural animal skin

Pros and cons of natural skins on the floor

Among the manyThe advantages of natural skin flooring, such as a magnificent view, useful properties and unusual decor, there are also disadvantages. The skins of different animals are subject to various influences and have their pros and cons.


  • Wide range. The skins are presented in a variety of colors, shapes and can be used as flooring, furniture, as decorative elements.
  • The ability to choose completely natural products and substitutes close to them in composition and properties.
  • Heat-insulating and sound-insulating properties of cowhide carpets on the floor.
  • Relatively inexpensive cost compared to other types of carpets. The price depends on the type of animal.
  • The possibility of any combination of skins and design solutions regarding the appearance of the product.
  • The skins can be used as a carpet or as a cover for a sofa or bed.

This product will delight lovers of everything unusual and beautiful, it will perfectly decorate the living room, hall or bedroom. But also do not forget that many people do not accept the use of natural skins and fur in everyday life. The appearance of the carpet can simply hurt the feelings and hurt the beliefs of people who are categorically against the killing of animals.

There is an opinion that natural animal fur has a positive effect on humans and helps relieve fatigue after a hard day.

Children will appreciate the natural fur carpet, but it is important to ensure that the natural pile does not cause allergic reactions.

wolf skin
wolf skin


  • The first and most significant drawback of such a decorative element is the difficulty in care. Natural products are whimsical in operation. You should always monitor the cleanliness of the carpet, process it and dry it constantly.
  • The appearance of the product is only suitable for a certain interior.
  • Use the skin of a cow on the floor only in dry rooms.

Rules for the care of natural skins

From the point of view of practicality on the floor, it is better to choose a skin with a short pile. He will get dirty less and not so whimsical to care for. Beautiful, long-haired skins will look beautiful as an addition to upholstered furniture.

You need to clean such an element of decor in a timely manner, since the inside of the carpet is light and quickly gets dirty. The best option would be to take the skin to a dry cleaner, specifying what means the cleaning will be carried out. Natural products deteriorate from the use of aggressive cleaning agents. Oxygen-containing substances are ideal for cleaning natural hair and hide.

This carpet should be placed in places where direct sunlight does not fall.

Choose cleaning methods is also based on the length of the pile and the stiffness of the skin. It should be noted that natural products are almost not contaminated with dust and are easily cleaned from mechanical impurities. The bearskin is quite difficult to clean at home, it is too rough and bulky. The skins of short-haired animals or sheared ones are the easiest to clean. The carpet from a cow is ideal in operation. It is easy to clean and does notcauses allergic reactions, and home cleaning will be enough for him. Clean the products with a vacuum cleaner and ventilate them regularly. Combing the pile will significantly reduce the time for cleaning dirt from the product. Also, the skin of a cow on the floor can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove dirt from it, and then dried with a hairdryer. It should be remembered about the enemy of natural products - moths. Regular shaking of the product and processing it with special products will protect the carpet from pests for a long time.

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