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How to set the table for a birthday at home inexpensively, quickly and tasty?
How to set the table for a birthday at home inexpensively, quickly and tasty?

Before this significant date, the heart invariably skips a beat with joy in anticipation of gifts, fun, friendly meetings. But some people don't like their birthdays for various reasons. Someone due to the fact that they are at least a year, but they are getting older. And some, especially economical subjects, are busy calculating how much a festive dinner will cost them, and their mood deteriorates from the announcement of the estimate. Life so develops that everyone is periodically forced to save. But this is not a reason to deprive yourself of the holidays. Therefore, we will try to answer the question: how to inexpensively set the table for a birthday?

Where does the tradition come from?

When did people start celebrating birthdays? There are two versions. According to the first, the tradition was based on Roman rites in honor of the gods. The pagans laid plentiful tables, congratulations sounded, various gifts were given. This hypothesis is more recent. And the second version says that the roots of the tradition go back to ancient times, when there were beliefs about the special vulnerability of a person on his birthday. It was believed that any wishes or curses have a vengeance in suchdates. Therefore, with offerings, ancient people tried to appease the spirits so that they would not harm the newborn.

Fly-Tsokotuhi's name day

Birthdays gradually turned into personalities, but for a long time no one paid attention to the date of the birth of children and women. The first woman whose birthday was celebrated on a grand scale was the beautiful Cleopatra. It was not customary for the common people to record and celebrate ladies' birthdays.

How to cheaply set the table for a birthday?

Greeks and Egyptians often and snobbishly celebrated the birth dates of gods, as well as pharaohs and kings. Sometimes, on the occasion of the birth of the pharaoh, prisoners were released from prisons. In ordinary families, it was practiced to celebrate only the birthday of the head of the family.

Christianity's position on this issue at first was extremely tough: life is given to a person to atone for sins, so he is not up to fun. Later, the church softened somewhat and allowed baptisms with name days. But the Soviet system was against name days and, figuratively speaking, trampled on the tradition with its iron boot. Even the famous birthday fly was ordered to be removed from the works of old Korney.

By the way, name days were very popular in Russia: they baked a loaf, brewed delicious beer, cooked pies and sang songs. Of course, the peasant holidays were much more modest than the royal ones: sometimes it was possible to build several luxurious palaces with the amount spent on the name day of the crowned person.

Surprise cake

It is clear that ordinary people have always dreamed of tasty and inexpensive table setting for a birthday.But what's a holiday without cake? Few people know where this indispensable attribute of birthdays came from. If you dig deeper, it is believed that the idea itself came again from the times of paganism, when sacred altars were lit in pitch darkness in honor of the ancient gods.

tasty and inexpensive to set the table for a birthday

But the Germans introduced the tradition. They created a common ritual for celebrating a child's birthday. To do this, they prepared a delicious cake, in which various iconic objects were hidden, candles were placed on top according to the number of years of the hero of the occasion, and, having woken up the child with the dawn, they sang he althy songs to him. It is noteworthy that the cake was not eaten until evening, until the whole family gathered at the table. The child had to think of something cherished and blow out the candles at a time. Familiar, right?

Jam Day: their manners

In different countries, such holidays are treated differently. The most reverent attitude of the majority of the inhabitants of the planet to anniversaries. But some nationalities celebrate just odd or non-circular dates. Traditions are also different: in Italy, spaghetti will be an indispensable dish on the table of the birthday boy (so that he lives long), and in Latin America they always break a piñata with gifts loaded into it.

The British, who lived to be 80 years old or more, are personally congratulated by Her Royal Majesty. But the most unlucky birthday people live in Japan: instead of children, they congratulate their parents, and it is generally accepted to give gifts only after the onset of 60 years.

Economy table rules

If the hostess-birthday girl still decidedto gather close people under his hospitable roof, but wants to measure needs with opportunities, then there is a way out.

Set the table for a birthday at home inexpensively

Setting a table for a birthday at home is inexpensive, very tasty, and even so that it looks presentable - an absolutely doable task. To do this, you must adhere to the simplest rules:

  1. The menu must be thought out in advance. It's good to delve into cookbooks, look through magazines. It is necessary to pay attention to the ingredients: it is cheaper to buy seasonal products, so the menu is selected accordingly. If the hostess wants to set the table for a birthday at home inexpensively, recipes with photos are especially welcome, because you can immediately see how the dishes will look on the table.
  2. Precisely calculate the number of invitees (considering, of course, a few uninvited guests). You can cook hot portions, but in this case, the birthday girl will not have peace. It's better to make a common dish with a margin.
  3. First courses in the birthday menu, as a rule, are not included. The exception is exotic gourmet soups.
  4. If you plan a traditional celebration, then it is quite possible to set the table for a birthday at home inexpensively. Recipes for budget meals can be found in any source to your taste. But the festive menu must include cold and hot appetizers, main course (meat or fish), salads and dessert.

Alcoholic drinks are also an important attribute of the festive table, as they increase the degree of mood, sorry forpun.

Modest cut and sumptuous roll

Many families adhere to classic long-term traditions and set the table with favorite dishes that guests know by heart. But this approach has its own benefit: people will never leave hungry and are guaranteed to be satisfied.

Meat, cheese and vegetable cuts belong to the standard cold appetizers. This classic approach has never let anyone down. The main thing is the variety of varieties in the composition of the cut. Everyone knows that it is with cold appetizers that any feast should begin. This is the so-called organizational moment: after all, it is useless to hope that no one will be late. And while waiting, the rest of the guests will be able to eat well so as not to drink on an empty stomach.

set the table for a birthday at home, inexpensively: recipes with photos

For those who want to set the table for a birthday at home inexpensively, Korean snacks are perfect: get a little bit of everything (pre-tasting the dishes) and put them on the table in small plates. Homemade pickles and marinades are also in great demand among guests.

There are express recipes for the insiders on how tasty and inexpensive to set the table for a birthday: a cold roll and an appetizer with the romantic name "Raffaello". The first is prepared as follows:

  • a sheet of thin lavash is smeared with a mixture that includes: mayonnaise, garlic, dill and grated cheese;
  • spread thinly sliced ​​ham on top;
  • then repeat the steps;
  • roll pita bread in the form of a roll;
  • wrap the product in cling film and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Serve such an inexpensive, but original dish by cutting it into portions with a very sharp knife.

Raffaello appetizer will require the following ingredients:

  • crab sticks;
  • garlic;
  • hard cheese;
  • mayonnaise;
  • cashew nuts (but you can use walnuts to save money).
set the table for a birthday at home inexpensively

A walnut kernel is rolled into a mixture of cheese, fat mayonnaise and garlic. Next, the frozen crab stick is rubbed on a fine grater. A cheese ball falls into the grated crab meat with a surprise: the dish is ready. Including with the help of this recipe, you can reveal the secret of how to quickly and inexpensively set the table for a birthday. To make such balls look festive, they are laid out on fresh lettuce leaves.

You can also use seasonal dishes. The budget version of the menu is compiled in the summer. For example, eggplant tongues or fingers. The second option is more expensive, since it has very little, but meat is included.

Delicious hot appetizers

A hostess who asks herself the question of how tasty and inexpensive to set the table for her birthday should not forget about hot snacks. They follow the cold when everyone has gathered at the table and it's time for the first toasts. They should not be many, and they are prepared shortly before serving. This is a light meal with small portion sizes. An example of such an appetizer isbecome easy-to-cook meatballs:

  • traditional minced meat is made with the addition of a raw egg;
  • ready dough sheet is rolled out and cut into strips;
  • meat balls are wrapped with threads of dough like a ball;
  • the dish is baked in the oven until done.

This appetizer looks very presentable.

Now it is not a problem for the hostess to set the table for a birthday at home inexpensively, recipes just jump out of magazines, cookbooks, Internet portals. Here, for example, is a dish similar to julienne, which is prepared ridiculously quickly, but tastes simply charming. We present to the attention of the housewives champignons in sour cream sauce.

set the table for a birthday at home inexpensively, recipes

The dish is prepared like this:

  • peeled mushrooms are added to thoroughly sauteed onions and carrots and stewed for about 10 minutes;
  • later sour cream, spices are added and everything is stewed until tender.

The simplest dish can be made beautiful by sprinkling grated cheese and herbs on top and serving in ceramic pots.

Salads for the date

If you set out to set the table for a birthday at home inexpensively, then you can’t do without salads. For a traditional approach, Olivier, herring under a fur coat, Mimosa or Caesar are suitable. You can use the simplest option, which will require products such as:

  • green peas;
  • ham;
  • marinated champignons;
  • mayonnaise.
Set the table for a birthday party at home inexpensively and tasty

This salad is perfect when guests are literally on the doorstep or come unexpectedly. After all, you don’t need to prepare anything in advance, all the components are simply mixed.

Seafood salads can look original, they especially appeal to the female half of the guests.

Main serving dishes

A very important moment when, after an artistic exclamation: “Fedya! Game!" on the table appears, for example, a baked appetizing duck stuffed with dried apricots and apples. But the question was how inexpensively to set the table for a birthday, what does the game have to do with it? So it is not necessary to bake the duck, the same can be done with chicken. You can use not the whole bird, but its legs or wings. If you marinate them well, and even roll them in honey, you will get an excellent dish with a delicious crispy crust.

In general, before planning the main serving, you need to ask yourself what your guests like more: meat or fish? Only then can you prepare the coveted main course. Of course, fish is several times more troublesome than meat, but stuffed carp or pike will become truly festive and will be remembered by guests for a long time. It is not bad to serve chops, meatballs, medallions or steaks to the festive table. One thing is for sure - the meat on the table must be present.

how tasty and inexpensive to set the table for a birthday

A side dish for main dishes is to choose potatoes in any form: mashed potatoes, french fries, fried, boiled with herbs.

And compote?

To set the table for a cheap birthday, recipes are not all that a hostess needs. Drinks are also important. Of course, you can not do without compotes, juices, carbonated drinks, maybe even crocks. And what about alcohol? It is important to take into account here that not everyone drinks strong alcohol, so champagne, as well as other wines, is an obligatory attribute on the festive table.

Desserts require tea or coffee. As a sweet, of course, in the classic version they serve a cake with candles, but how to set a festive table for a birthday inexpensively? After all, cakes are quite expensive. There is a way out: either bake a cake with your own hands, or purchase cakes, cookies or sweets. By the way, a confectionery product prepared personally is better than any purchased product, because the hostess puts her soul into the dish.

Mistress Secrets

To set the table for a birthday at home inexpensively, but at the same time make it unforgettable, you need to know the main secret: proper serving and decoration of dishes. Don't waste your time on this.

how to set a festive table for a birthday inexpensively

What you need for serving and decorating:

  1. Tablecloth. The classic version is white, but other colors are allowed.
  2. Dishes. Cutlery and glasses should be polished to a shine. For a solemn occasion, it will be useful to get your best service from the bins.
  3. Do not forget about cloth napkins according to the number of guests. They can be laid out beautifully in waves or in the form of shapes.
  4. Decorate dishes with herbs, bright berries, like cranberries, peas, olives. There is a special knife for curly cutting vegetables and fruits, it would be nice to buy it. If you ask yourself the question: how to set the table for a birthday inexpensively, recipes can be very surprising. And not only with not too expensive and tasty dishes described in them, but also with a presentable appearance. This is due to the fact that the dish is decorated correctly, because when looking at food, an appetite should come.
  5. Don't do too many culinary experiments, let everything be familiar, except for one or two dishes.

Festive table should not be complete without a variety of vegetables and fruits. If the alcohol is planned to be strong, then take care of a hearty and plentiful snack.

To the little birthday boy

How inexpensively to set the table for a child's birthday so that he is delighted, probably many mothers think.

How to inexpensively set the table for a child's birthday

It's actually quite easy. There are several tips that you can use to make an unforgettable celebration for your child and his friends:

  • paper tableware in bright colors - safe and beautiful, and nothing needs to be washed;
  • decoration of the room with balls, paper garlands;
  • small dishes - mostly canapés, salads in bowls, pita rolls with various fillings, chicken croquettes - children don't like to overeat, unless, of course, these are sweets;
  • water drinkers can be offered homemade lemonade, fruit drinks, juices,compotes and milkshakes;
  • desserts are preferable from cottage cheese;
  • salads are best seasoned with sour cream and yogurt.

Everything is suitable for canapes: ham, cheese stars, pepper circles, olives, corn, shrimp. The sweet version is made like this: bananas, grapes, kiwi are pricked on skewers.

From boiled chicken, tomatoes, sweet peppers and hard-boiled eggs, you can make a delicious salad in the form of a hedgehog with fly agarics on its back. Lettuce is laid in layers: chopped chicken → tomatoes → grated eggs → crushed peppers. Each layer is smeared with sour cream and yogurt dressing. The hedgehog should be sprinkled with grated carrots, and the muzzle should be marked with egg white. The eyes and nose are made from olives and prunes, and fly agarics are made from eggs and tomatoes.

It is important to create a festive atmosphere and give the kids the opportunity to move actively.

Alternative ideas

Finally, we can offer a few ideas when there is neither time nor desire to spend time in the kitchen, and the soul needs a holiday. You can set the table for a birthday at home inexpensively and tasty by purchasing prepared food from a cookery or restaurant. This option is especially suitable for a young advanced company. You can order pizza, grilled chicken and salads. Japanese dishes will cost a little more.

how to set the table for a birthday inexpensively, recipes

There is another interesting and modern option - buffet. But he obeys certain rules:

  • separation into single portions;
  • dishes should be mostlyon skewers;
  • you can put all kinds of goodies on one big table;
  • the main dish should be in baskets or make pastry sheets after cutting them;
  • if chicken legs are served, the bone is wrapped in a napkin.

Alcoholic drinks must be uncorked, and glasses and glasses must be provided to guests. But a huge plus will be that the birthday girl does not have to constantly change plates and cutlery.

The most interesting option would be a birthday in nature. Happy people born in the summer months know what that means. Outdoor picnic, barbecue, barbecue, air and sun - what could be more tempting? But here there are nuances:

  • salads with mayonnaise are not recommended picnic dishes;
  • meat must be marinated in advance;
  • should take care of drinking water;
  • sandwiches and garnish available from home.

And what a delicious pilaf on a fire or potatoes baked in ashes!

But whatever the birthday person chooses, the main thing is the festive mood and loved ones nearby.

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