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Car booster - safe travel for your baby

Car booster - safe travel for your baby
Car booster - safe travel for your baby

When traveling with a child in a car, the first thing to remember is the safety of the baby. It is for this purpose that the strict letter of the law prescribes that children be transported in a special car seat. And parents need to understand that this device is not a tribute to fashion, and not the whims of officials, but an urgent need for organizing the safety of the child.

Children's car seats today there are a huge variety. They are divided not only in appearance, but also according to a certain

car booster

age group of the child. So, for example, for the smallest, special infant carriers are on sale. Depending on the group 0 or 0+, they are designed for babies weighing up to 9 and 13 kg, respectively. For older children, a car seat should be chosen among the seats of groups 1, 2, 3. These models can be used from the moment when the child begins to sit confidently and has a weight of at least 9 kg. There is another type of child seat - car booster. Let's take a closer look at this group of chairs.

What is a booster car seat? At its core, this is the same child seat,like other models, differing only in the absence of a backrest. Similar designs are intended for children aged 7 to 12 years old, weighing from 22 to 36 kg, and the opinion that

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car booster can be used from the age of 4, extremely wrong. After all, the minimum height of a child for a safe ride in such a chair is 125, and ideally - 135 cm.

Children's booster is gaining more and more popularity among motorists with a child. It can be purchased not only in specialized stores,

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but also in almost any children's goods store, car markets and auto parts stores. What is the reason for such a high demand for a car booster? First of all, this is a fairly low price compared to models of chairs with a back. It can vary from 250 to 10,000 rubles, while the price of a good car seat will be much higher. Another aspect of its popularity is its usability. It is much easier to carry and much easier to attach to the car seat. Another undoubted advantage of the booster is its compact size.

But despite the list of benefits, a car booster is not, according to experts, the preferred choice when buying a child seat. This is due to its design features. He is unlikely to be able to completely protect the child in the event of an accident - he will not protect in a side impact, and can even cause injury toglass. The car booster only compensates for the missing height of the child to properly fix it with a standard seat belt. And yet with this seat is much better than without it. The booster is a good alternative if your child refuses to sit in a regular car seat.

In order for the car booster to provide maximum safety for the baby, when choosing it, you should pay attention to some points. An adapter must be provided for the top strap of the standard seat belt. For more comfort, the design should have armrests.

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