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How to feed a snail at home

How to feed a snail at home
How to feed a snail at home

What kind of pets you will not meet today in city apartments! The size of housing does not really allow you to have such a large animal as a dog or cat. And even with constant employment, the owners cannot always take a minute to feed, and even more so for long walks. Therefore, they are looking for easier-to-care animals. And an example of such unusual pets can be ordinary snails. It turns out that they are very cute and bring a lot of joy. You just need to know in what conditions to keep and what to feed domestic snails.

what to feed a snail

Snails at home

These pets do not make any noise at all, do not interfere with the owners to sleep or go about their business. They are absolutely unpretentious. From them there will be no dust, an allergy will not develop. The most popular species among breeders today are Achatina. They are large in size: in natural conditions, some specimens can reach a length of 30 centimeters and weigh almost half a kilogram. These molluscs come from hot Africa. There they freely crawl along tree trunks and eat foliage. In captivity, different types of these snails are kept, such as lemon, net, brown. Living conditions in nature must be taken into account when deciding how to feed the snail. You can also often find houses and grape snails.She is a staunch vegetarian and grows quite large.

Achatina snails what to feed

Snail maintenance

To make a clam feel at home, you need to know not only what to feed it, but also how to keep it. In order for the mollusk to be comfortable, a relatively small aquarium will suffice. It must be filled with soil (sand or sawdust) so that the pet can dig into it if necessary. But do not forget that the aquarium must be closed with a lid and have holes for air access.

Snail care

There are several important points in caring for these exotic pets, in addition to knowing what to feed the snail. Firstly, the soil must be moistened, but so that it does not become wet (otherwise the mollusk may decide that the rainy season has come around). Secondly, the snail needs to bathe about once a week. It is enough just to hold it under a small stream of warm water. The pet will like this process, it will funny move its horns. It is only necessary to ensure that it does not choke, snails still breathe oxygen. From time to time, it is advised to mix crushed shells into the soil so that the pet eats it.

what to feed domestic snails


If the house contains Achatina snails, how to feed them is not such a serious problem. They eat a variety of plant foods, such as carrots, oatmeal flakes, watermelon or pumpkin slices, cabbage or lettuce leaves. They also givea variety of dry fish food, as well as soft vegetables (cucumbers, zucchini). When deciding how to feed a snail, it is important to remember that animal food is contraindicated for it, as well as everything s alted, fried, smoked. The larger the pet, the more food it can absorb. At the same time, you can feed them even every other day.


Reproduction of Achatina is also very interesting. The fact is that they are natural hermaphrodites, so any pair has offspring. That person who decides to be a female lays eggs, from which babies are hatched in large numbers. It is interesting that a mollusk can lay viable eggs even if it lives absolutely alone, making an original unexpected gift to its owners.

Achatina are funny, pleasant, sociable molluscs. They can easily be kept at home without much effort. Also, there are no problems with what to feed the snail. By giving her just a little attention, you will get a lot of pleasant moments.

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