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Nipple "Avent" - the most comfortable weaning

Nipple "Avent" - the most comfortable weaning
Nipple "Avent" - the most comfortable weaning

The he alth benefits of breastfeeding can't be overestimated. But if the circumstances are such that the young mother does not have the opportunity to breastfeed the baby? Some women go to work early, others don't have enough breast milk to fully feed. For a smooth transition from the mother's breast to the bottle, the Avent nipple is suitable.

Feeding formula from a bottle is quite common with problems such as spitting up and colic.

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This happens due to the fact that during sucking, the child swallows excess air. The Avent teat has a unique anatomical shape that avoids these problems. This is also ensured by the unique "skirt" around the nipple with an anti-vacuum system and a double ventilation valve. The mechanism of its action is based on the fact that the valve rhythmically opens and closes in time with the sucking movements of the baby, so the air gradually enters the bottle as it is empty. The nipple maximally repeats the shape of the female breast, so the child experiencesartificial feeding almost the same feelings as when sucking the breast. This is especially true if a working woman does not want to stop breastfeeding her baby. The transition from breast to bottle will be less noticeable to your baby when using a bottle with this nipple.

Avent bottle teats are made only from high quality hypoallergenic materials, the safety of which has been proven in numerous tests. Due to this, they have a sufficiently long service life, they are easy to care for.

Avent bottle teats

Due to the presence of unique petals at the base of the teat, its softness and flexibility are increased, which prevents sticking during use.

The "Avent" nipple fits all bottles and milk storage containers of this company. They are classified depending on the age of the baby, but this division is rather arbitrary, because each child is unique, and he has his own sucking rhythm. If you notice that your baby is restless during feeding and tries to suckle quickly, then an Avent nipple with a faster flow may be suitable for him.

Nipples differ from each other in the flow rate and the type of slot. For newborn babies, the Avent nipple with one hole is suitable. In order to suck milk from a bottle with such a nipple, the child will need to make the same effort as when breastfeeding. It has been noted that children who are fed using Avent teats behave calmer and less frequently.suffer from colic.

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The Avent nipple, with 2 holes for a faster flow of milk or formula, is suitable for older babies. Medium and fast flow nipples have 3 and 4 holes respectively and are suitable for babies up to six months. For babies older than 3 months, the Avent Variable Flow Teat is also suitable. Its feature is that you can independently regulate the speed of feeding. The base of the nipple has dashes that can be placed against the baby's nose for slow, medium or fast milk flow.

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