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How to dress a child on the street: table. Summer and winter children's clothing
How to dress a child on the street: table. Summer and winter children's clothing

With the birth of a baby, the life of parents changes dramatically. Completely new concerns, problems, interests appear. Mothers, especially young ones, are constantly in search of information. They are concerned about how, what and when to feed the child, what to wear, how long to walk, how to put to sleep and much more. Now, thanks to the World Wide Web, answers can be found to all questions.

Main cause of illness in children

There are times when babies get sick. This is such a difficult period for the whole family that words cannot express. Parents do not leave the child, they try to help him. And mothers’ hearts bleed, because it’s better to get sick yourself than to watch the baby suffer. It is especially scary when the baby is unwell. After all, medicine, in principle, cannot be given to him, and words cannot explain that everything will be fine soon. The main cause of illness in children is overheating or hypothermia. And all why? Because most mothers dress their children incorrectly for a walk. After all, moving children can not be wrapped up. And babies sleeping in a stroller, on the contrary, should be dressed twice.warmer than yourself.

How to dress your child for a walk

Everyone for a walk

Promenade for children is a daily necessity. You should always play. Even in bad weather, at least for half an hour, the child should go outside. By the way, during illness, you should not only ventilate the room, but also leave the house. Clean fresh air will only benefit the patient. Of course, fever is an exception.

Let's figure out how to dress a child outside. The table below provides a list of clothing for specific weather conditions if your baby is an infant. Don't forget to check if he's hot. Touch the neck, it will be an indicator.

How to dress a month old baby on the street

How to dress a child outside: table

It is very important to consider the thermoregulation of newborns. After all, their sweat glands are not yet active, which means that it is easy for them to freeze. An infant should always wear a layer more than an adult.

How to dress a one-month-old baby outside

Air temperature, seasons Clothes
Summer.+27…+34 °С Short sleeve bodysuit/T-shirt/sundress/sandbag, headdress. If you don't wear a diaper, don't forget to put on an absorbent pad
Summer.+20…+25 °С Cotton "man" covering arms and legs/long sleeve bodysuit, slim pants and socks. Take a light blanket with you
Autumn-spring +18…+22 °С Thincap; slip; flannelette/fleece blanket
Autumn-spring. +13…+16 °С Easy slip; demi-season overalls; hat; plaid
Autumn-spring. +8…+12 °С Warm slip; demi-season overalls; hat; cotton envelope/bag
Winter. 0…+5 °С Warm slip; winter coveralls; thin and warm hat; envelope/bag
Winter. -10…-2 °С Cotton slip; wool / flannel jumpsuit; thin and warm hat; envelope/bag; fleece blanket


Children's winter clothes are, first of all, warm and comfortable. Toddlers should not feel too constrained in warm clothes. It is advisable to have a waterproof suit in the wardrobe. After all, he is a child for that, to play snowballs, climb into a snowdrift, and eventually bring a mountain of snow with him. Naturally, this applies to children closer to two years. It is also correct to put on thermal underwear for the child, and thermal boots on the feet. They will perfectly warm in piercing wind, frost and slush.

How to dress a child on the street table

Babies are easier. In severe cold, it is better not to take them out for a walk. You can limit yourself to a short stay on the balcony or in the yard. Children's winter clothes for babies should be of high quality, suitable in size. Speaking about quality, we focus on bike, fleece, flannel, especially overalls, envelope and plaid. Never buy synthetic products for babies. Polyester attracts all germs. How to dresschild outside? A table (up to a year) that provides the necessary information will help young mothers.

+6…+10 °С 0…+5 °С -10…-1 °С -15…-10 °C
Up to 6 months Cotton slip; fleece jumpsuit; thin hat; plaid Thin hat, warm hat; long sleeve bodysuit and tights; warm slip; envelope Thin "little man"; fleece lining; thin cap; warm hat; booties or terry socks; fleece envelope bag; flannelette blanket Body and terry tights; thin cap; warm hat; down jumpsuit with legs; blanket; mittens
6-12 months Body + tights; socks; demi-season overalls; hat. Shoes available Body + tights; socks; warm jumpsuit; mittens; hat. If there are no legs in the jumpsuit, then shoes are needed Body + terry tights; socks; fleece jumpsuit; sheepskin suit; shoes or fur booties; blanket; mittens; warm hat Body + terry tights and socks; wool overalls; down suit; winter shoes on sheepskin; plaid; warm hat; mittens

List of winter things

In the second year of life in the cold season, it is best for a child to wear a separate overalls. It consists of a jacket and pants with suspenders (half-overalls).

How to dress a child outside (table up to two years)

+6…+10 °С 0…+5 °С -10…-1 °С -15…-10 °C
12-18months Diaper/Panties; T-shirt or bodysuit; tights; body shirt with a throat; jeans (leggings); jacket (cloak); hat; shoes. Diaper/Panties; T-shirt or bodysuit; tights; golfiki; pants; warm jumpsuit; hat; waterproof mittens; scarf; thermal shoes. Diaper/Panties; T-shirt or bodysuit; terry tights; pullover; pants; warm overalls on synthetic winterizer; mittens; helmet; scarf; membrane boots. Diaper/Panties; T-shirt or bodysuit; terry tights; fleece lining; warm overalls on a synthetic winterizer or on a sheepskin; helmet; mittens; scarf; membrane boots.
18-24 months Panties; T-shirt; tights; raglan; pants (leggings); jacket; thin hat; boots. Panties; T-shirt; tights; socks; turtleneck; pants; warm jumpsuit; waterproof mittens; hat; scarf; membrane boots. Panties; T-shirt; terry tights; socks; pullover; pants; jumpsuit on synthetic winterizer; waterproof mittens; scarf; membrane boots. Panties; T-shirt; terry tights; socks; socks; fleece special underwear; overalls-membrane; waterproof mittens; scarf; helmet; thermal boots.

How to choose clothes for the weather?

How to properly dress a child on the street? Probably all mothers have asked this question at least once. Especially in the autumn-spring period, when the weather is extremely changeable. The sun shines during the day, but the wind blows through. Parents are afraid of cold hands and noses, and wet backs say otherwise. You should know that the worst thing is overheating. There's nothing worse than a baby wrapped up in 15 degreesheat. The kid runs, jumps, sweats. The same cold wind blows, and that's it - the child gets sick at night. Remember: as soon as the baby begins to walk on his own, he does not need to dress warmer than himself. He's moving, putting a lot of effort into it, so he just can't freeze.

Children's winter clothes

Another option, if your child is not the most active, and prefers to sit in a stroller, explore the world around him. Such a baby definitely needs shoes, and in the cold season - a blanket. In general, a blanket should always be in the stroller. And even if you have not dressed the child warmly enough, the blanket will come to your aid. Remember: it is easier to cover a baby than to undress on the street.

Of course, you need to keep an eye on the hat, which always rises from the ears, put on a scarf if the wind blows and there is no neck on the body shirt. But don't worry about the child and live in fear that he will catch a cold.

As for the babies who have had their diapers removed. Be sure to bring a change of clothes with you. And at any time of the year, and preferably two sets. Do not let the child walk in wet pants, this will not lead to anything good. Nurture and potty train at home where it is warm.

Summer time

How everyone loves and waits for summer! This is a time of rest, warmth, light clothing. Children spend more time on the street, in the sandbox or on the playground, perhaps they go to the sea. Of course, there are also disadvantages. Many babies do not tolerate stuffiness and have difficulty falling asleep. Sweating appears, diaper rash under the diaper, the little ones take off the panama hat and act up a lot.

Moms of children whowalk well, you should be patient and stock up on comfortable shoes. After all, now there are few clothes, movements are more relaxed, and the time has come to try and taste everything. It is worth going out for a walk if the air temperature does not exceed 35 degrees Celsius, and always with hats. Shoes for children should be with a hard back and a closed toe.

How to dress your child outside in summer

Summer wear

How to dress a child in the heat? For babies in a stroller, it is best to wear short-sleeve bodysuits. Do not fasten the cover to the cradle. Let it be open. Toddlers who are already sitting should be dressed in a sandbag, a T-shirt with shorts (skirt) or a sundress. A cap, bandana or panama must be on the head of the child throughout the walk.

Even in summer there are cool evenings, rain and wind. A hoodie called a hoodie is versatile. It is worth taking with you always and everywhere. Throwing it on in the evening, you can stay longer on a walk and be calm for the baby. On trips to the sea, it is also indispensable. The evenings are much cooler there, and mosquitoes fly in.

How to dress your child properly

How to dress your child outside in the summer if you prefer slings or kangaroos? The answer is simple. You need to dress the baby to a minimum, because he also receives your warmth. A headdress, a thin cotton bodysuit, and that's it. The most important thing is enough fluid for the baby. Don't forget to take water for a walk.

Little dandies

When kids grow up, they begin to imitateadults. They try to help around the house, eat on their own, choose clothes. Of course, everything turns out funny, but the main thing is not to discourage this desire to grow up and do everything yourself. Parents should encourage any adult actions. After all, you are an example of behavior for children.

There is no longer a question of how to dress a child (2 years old) on the street. He is already a person, and he has the right to choose things for himself, to try to put them on himself. It's time to get ready for kindergarten. Children at this age are already little fashionistas, they love to change clothes and spend time in front of the mirror.

How to dress a 2 year old baby

How to dress a child for a walk in autumn

In autumn, the weather is treacherous and changeable. You have to carry an umbrella and a rain cover with you at all times. Dressing children at this time of the year is quite difficult. How to dress a child for the street? The table below will help you with this.

Age Warm autumn Cold autumn
Up to 6 months Easy slip; demi-season overalls; thin cap Warm slip; demi-season overalls; hat; cotton envelope/bag
6-12 months Short sleeve bodysuit; batch file; socks; pants; vest; shoes (socks) Long sleeve bodysuit; tights; pants; golfiki; warm jacket; boots; hat
12-18 months Bodysuit or T-shirt; raglan; sport suit; socks; sneakers T-shirt; tights; jeans; batch file; warm jacket; hat; boots
18-24 months T-shirt; pants andsweatshirt or tunic with leggings; shoes/moccasins. Vest optional T-shirt; tights; turtleneck; pants; parka/jacket; hat; boots or rubber boots in case of rain

Dress your baby wisely

Of course, all these tables on how to dress a child for a walk are just an approximate guide to action. The main thing is that your baby is comfortable and comfortable. You need to choose clothes not only by air temperature, but also taking into account humidity, wind speed and pressure. Do not be too lazy to take a blanket or sweater with you for the evening. But don't make your child languish in the heat.

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