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Cheap coffee machines: types, ratings and reviews
Cheap coffee machines: types, ratings and reviews

For many, the main criterion for choosing a home coffee machine is a low price. If you carefully study the topic of choosing coffee makers and coffee machines, it turns out that the main number of functions that are offered in expensive models may be redundant for home use. For example, it makes no sense to pay for a large volume of the tank (1 liter of water is enough for you), for adjusting the water hardness, coffee temperature. At the same time, the function of making two cups of coffee at a time is very useful, especially in the morning, when there is limited time before work. Unfortunately, not all cheap coffee machines provide it.

cheap coffee machines
cheap coffee machines

To use at home today they buy two types of devices - carob and capsule. The main difference lies in the type of coffee used. For the first, ground ready-made coffee is used, while for capsule ones, capsules with coffee powder located inside. The main advantage of the latter is that in this case less care is needed (cleaning, rinsing), in addition, the process of making coffee is very simple in them. Moreover, if you buy cheap capsules forcoffee machines, the taste of the drink will not be so rich. In carob coffee, on the other hand, it turns out rich and strong, while you have to constantly rinse the machine.

Buying capsules will cost you more than buying beans or ground coffee. Therefore, the prices for such coffee machines are slightly lower.

Top Producers

The most famous cheap coffee machines are made in Germany and Italy. These are Italian companies Delonghi and Saeco, as well as German companies Bosch, Melitta and Krups. Philips (Netherlands), Jura (Switzerland) and Russian-Chinese VITEK units are also very popular.

We offer you to get acquainted with the most popular devices for the home, having considered the best carob machines for a start.

6th place: VITEK VT-1514

You can start looking at cheap carob coffee machines from this semi-automatic unit. This model last year became the leader in terms of sales. Its cost is 11,000 rubles. The VITEK company is very recognizable in our country, and this is not at all surprising, since this is a Russian company. Almost 30% of housewives in their use have at least one item of this company.

User reviews of VT-1514


  • automatic cappuccinatore that froths low fat milk;
  • good taste of coffee, which is noted by almost all users;
  • convenient to assemble and disassemble.


  • there are complaints about the durability of the cappuccinatore;
  • there are complaints about the plastic smell;
  • smallspace for tall mugs.

5th place: VITEK VT-1511

We continue to consider cheap coffee machines. The VT-1511 model is significantly inferior to the previous unit in terms of technical characteristics and functionality, but confidently wins in terms of cost (more than 2 times cheaper). In this coffee machine there is also a cappuccinatore (not of very high quality, as users note), the simultaneous distribution of two cups, as well as a device for heating cups before pouring coffee into them. This is one of the best selling models in our country.

User reviews of VT-1511


  • low noise;
  • affordable price;
  • nice design;
  • excellent coffee quality;
  • good quality foam.


  • there is doubt about the reliability of the valve;
  • nominal coffee warming function;
  • there are complaints about the reliability of the cappuccinatore.

4th place: DELONGHI EC 155

In the ranking of carob coffee machines, the EC 155 takes pride of place. It is also one of the best-selling coffee machines in recent years. The quality/price ratio of this model is almost unmatched.

cheap coffee machine capsules
cheap coffee machine capsules

This is an Italian company, which is one of the largest brands producing household appliances. At this company, coffee machines are assembled at a factory in the province of Treviso (in Italy). The manufacturability and quality of technology are also supported by the fact that the company spends a lot of money on research activities.

User feedback on EC 155


  • manual cappuccinatore, with which you can whip the foam at will;
  • design and compact;
  • convenience;
  • affordable price.


  • a little space to place cups (does not fit tall glasses);
  • noisy;
  • there are complaints about the operation of the milk maker itself.


This model is considered the most affordable among the automatic functional carob coffee machines. This high-quality device from Germany will please the user with an affordable price, a delicious drink and clear controls.

User reviews about MELITTA CAFFEO SOLO


  • compact size;
  • affordable price;
  • adjust coffee strength level;
  • convenient service;
  • Preparing 2 cups of drink at once.


  • small tank volume;
  • no cappuccinatore;
  • small waste container.

2nd place: SAECO HD 8763

The carob model HD 8763 from the famous Italian brand is famous for its excellent indicator of the speed of preparing the drink. The coffee machine has a power of 1850 W (this is 400 W more than the competitors in question).

coffee machine dolce thick cheap
coffee machine dolce thick cheap

For most users, judging by the reviews, it is considered a huge plus that the burrs in the coffee grinder are made of ceramics. Besides,consumers note the affordable price of consumables in comparison with the main competitors. Also pleased with the understandable Russian-language interface, the quality of coffee and quiet operation.

1st place: DELONGHI ECAM 22.360

This is one of the best selling models. The device has almost no drawbacks, while offering the user the richest functionality, excellent quality coffee and ease of operation. A huge number of real users of this unit call the model an ideal price / quality ratio. This is number one in our ranking!

cheap nespresso capsules
cheap nespresso capsules

This coffee machine has convenient operation, stylish design and high-quality display. It is completed with a coffee grinder, a cappuccinatore, separate boilers designed for hot water and coffee (analogue of a thermo pot). It can prepare 2 cups of coffee at the same time, instantly deliver steam and adjust the grinding level. She goes from cappuccino to espresso in seconds.

The next important feature of this model is the built-in jug, which has the ability to adjust the height of the foam. Only 3 options are available: simple heating of milk without foam, a little foam for a latte and a lot of foam for a cappuccino with a crown.

User reviews about ECAM 22.360


  • foam level adjustment;
  • convenient control;
  • reliability;
  • easy maintenance;
  • build quality;
  • appearance;
  • delicious coffee;
  • auto-rinse on a high-quality milk frother.

Flaws: Lots of plastic in construction.

Now let's talk about the top three home capsule coffee machines.


In the ranking of capsule units, the third place is occupied by Nespresso coffee machines, which every resident of our country can buy cheaply. The Nespresso Pixie model is a fairly high-quality device from Italy with the function of automatic decalcification and auto-off. Decalcification is necessary to remove scale, and this simplifies the care of the machine.

cheap nespresso coffee machines
cheap nespresso coffee machines

A feature of this machine is also the presence of a waste container, which completely eliminates the need for a person to eliminate waste coffee after preparing each portion of the drink. There is enough container for 30 servings. Almost all users say that today it is impossible to buy capsules for a Nespresso coffee machine cheaply, but at the same time they are distinguished by high quality.

User reviews of NESPRESSO PIXIE


  • delicious coffee;
  • compact size;
  • easy to maintain and use;
  • cooks fast.


  • high price of the unit compared to analogues;
  • expensive capsules;
  • a bit noisy.

2nd place: Dolce Gusto

The Dolce Gusto coffee machine (you can buy it cheaply in almost any electronics store) prepares a wide range of coffee from capsules. It will be a great helper for your office or home. Dolce Gusto coffee machine,cheap, which you can now buy in various household appliance stores, allows you to prepare a drink with the simple touch of a button. It is worth noting that the capsules contain ground natural coffee, prepared by supplying hot water under pressure.

coffee machine cheap dolce
coffee machine cheap dolce

User reviews of Dolce Gusto


  • a coffee machine is cheap;
  • Dolce Gusto is of high build quality;
  • preparing coffee takes less than a minute;
  • very easy controls.


  • capsule price;
  • small range of capsules;
  • quite noisy;
  • a small water tank.

1st place: BOSCH TAS 4014EE TASSIMO

The Tassimo coffee machine, which you can buy cheaply both at home and in the office, is ideal in terms of functionality / price. This model has a 2-liter water tank - the largest indicator among all the considered devices in our rating. Therefore, you will have to fill the water much less often, thus saving your time.

cheap tassimo coffee machine
cheap tassimo coffee machine

An interesting feature of "Tassimo" is the control of coffee strength. This selector makes it possible to adjust the strength of the drink, taking into account the personal preferences of consumers. This model also has an auto-shutoff function, adjustment of portions of boiling water. There is an automatic decalcifier and a cappuccinatore, which is also very convenient.

User reviews about TAS 4014EE TASSIMO


  • incredibly delicious coffee, as many consumers say;
  • easy maintenance of the unit;
  • high reliability - we found no complaints about untimely outages.


  • small range of commercially available capsules;
  • T-disc packaging is expensive.

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