Baby at 7 months does not sit - what to do? What should a child be able to do at 7 months

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Baby at 7 months does not sit - what to do? What should a child be able to do at 7 months
Baby at 7 months does not sit - what to do? What should a child be able to do at 7 months

Video: Baby at 7 months does not sit - what to do? What should a child be able to do at 7 months

Video: Baby at 7 months does not sit - what to do? What should a child be able to do at 7 months
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What could be more important than the he alth of our children? Probably nothing. Parents should be especially attentive to the condition of the child in the first months, when the foundation of his life is laid. A small person is just beginning to learn about the world around him, learning to control his body and his thoughts.

baby not sitting at 7 months
baby not sitting at 7 months

By 7 months he becomes active in movement, he is interested in everything - from his own rattle to the newfangled gadget of his parents. The child must develop both mentally and physically. After six months, many babies are already beginning to sit on their own. However, sometimes it happens that a child does not sit at 7 months. You should not despair. There is always a way out of this situation.

Why is this happening?

If your little one is not quite confident doing this, try to help him. In most cases, there is no tragedy in this, because each living organism is unique. Pediatricians say that usually the baby acquires such skills only by 8 months. Therefore, it is not surprising that a child of 7 months does not sit without support. However, let everything take its coursefollows. If the baby by this time has not even learned to tuck his legs on his own or make attempts to sit down at least with support, then the forecasts can be very disappointing. This is definitely worth paying attention to. And, of course, as in everything, the golden mean must be chosen.

What should a baby be able to do at 7 months

Of course, before sounding the alarm, it’s worth a little understanding of what exactly a child is supposed to do at such a young age.

What should a 7 month old baby be able to do?
What should a 7 month old baby be able to do?

Maybe there is no problem at all? And the child does not sit at 7 months, because it is, in principle, too early for him? Let's look at 3 aspects that you should focus on in order to check the absence of a developmental delay in a baby.

Physical skills

The first thing you should pay attention to is the child's physical abilities. By 7 months he should be able to:

  • roll over independently on any side, back or tummy;
  • leaning on any object, touch with legs;
  • try to sit (by the way, here's the clue: just try);
  • crawl;
  • start eating on your own.

Mental development

At this age, a child should be able to understand prohibitions, show his love for you, look at himself in the mirror and listen to music. In a word, be socially active, make contact and express initial feelings and emotions.


Of course, it's too early to talk about a full-fledged speech, but to hear various syllables from his lips and their bizarrethe combination is quite natural.

Thus, having considered what a child should be able to do at 7 months, we can conclude that he does not have to sit on his own. However, if you still have doubts, then you can start developing this skill in him.

What needs to be done for a child to learn to sit?

The first thing to do, especially if you are worried about this state of affairs, is to start strengthening your spine and abdominal muscles. For professional advice and a set of exercises, it is best to contact your pediatrician, but if for some reason this is not possible, then there are several exercises that can help you at first.

massage baby 7 months not sitting
massage baby 7 months not sitting

The main thing is to follow a few simple rules, and then the question of how to teach a child to sit at 7 months will disappear by itself. First, during the classes, the child must be in a good mood. Second: all exercises should be carried out in a playful way. Third: they will be more effective if they are started on warm muscles. And fourth: do not exercise immediately after eating, that is, on a full stomach, let at least an hour pass.

We solve the problem comprehensively

Baby not sitting at 7 months? No problem. A warm bath prepares the muscles very well. Fill the bathtub with warm water, it should be enough so that the baby can freely beat his legs in the water. Do not forget the precautions: the child should have a safety circle around the neck, and your attention is entirely focused on the baby. Activemoving legs and arms in the water is a good charge for the muscles.

Good massage warms up the muscles. When performing it, in no case touch the spine, only the longitudinal muscles can be massaged. Begin and end with a soothing stroke.

Massage consists of circular and vibrating movements, as well as rubbing. For the muscles of the arms and legs, this is flexion and extension, for the back, lifting from a position lying on the tummy or on the back. Each exercise is done 3 to 5 times. If you regularly massage a child of 7 months, “does not sit”, plaintively pronounced to doctors and girlfriends, will no longer escape from your lips.

7 month old not sitting without support
7 month old not sitting without support

Put the baby on the back, take his shins in your hands and smoothly begin to alternately raise and lower the right and left legs. Make sure that they do not bend at the knees and form a right angle with the body. Repeat five times. Hold the child's feet with your right hand, fix them, put your left hand behind the baby's lower back and slightly raise his back. The child should bend over, focusing on his feet and head. Repeat no more than three times. Relax the abdominal muscles with circular massage movements in a clockwise direction. Place your baby on top of him, grab his calf muscles with your hands and encourage him to roll over from tummy to back and then vice versa. Repeat up to four times.

Relax your back muscles with massaging movements. Turn the baby over on it, hold it by the hands and gently lift it, bringing it to a sitting position, andthen gently to the supine position. This exercise is repeated up to five times.

From a sitting position, spread the child's arms to the sides and join them in front of him. Repeat eight times. For a seated baby, lift the arms up and gently lower them down to their original position. Like the previous exercise, repeat eight times.

Invite a seated child to reach for a toy that can be lifted just above his head. Do this exercise at least six times. The same toy can be brought to the side, trying to have the child take it in his hand, while turning right and left alternately. Repeat four times.


how to teach baby to sit at 7 months
how to teach baby to sit at 7 months

A child is not sitting at 7 months - not a sentence yet. It is enough to perform developmental exercises at regular intervals and do massage on your own or with the help of doctors. And then nothing will overshadow the development of your child.