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Cycle day 24: signs of pregnancy, symptoms and sensations, reviews
Cycle day 24: signs of pregnancy, symptoms and sensations, reviews

For the vast majority of women, the issues of childbearing are very burning and desirable. Not every woman can easily become pregnant and become a mother. In most cases, you have to work diligently to achieve this goal, painfully listening to your feelings in search of signs of a successful conception. And this difficult period, when suspicions were just born, and until the very moment of confirmation, is the most psychologically difficult, full of hopes and fears of making a mistake. Meanwhile, there are many ways to check if pregnancy has occurred, only for this you need to know at what time certain signs of pregnancy occur.

Stages of pregnancy development and signs inherent in them

signs of pregnancy on the 24th day of the cycle with a 30 day cycle

Most women cannot say for sure on what day a child could have been conceived. For this reason, the day of the beginning of the last menstruation is taken as the starting point. After 5-6 weeks ofcharacteristic signs can already be confirmed with certainty whether conception has occurred. The first weeks of pregnancy almost do not manifest themselves in any way, since the embryo is introduced into the wall of the maternal uterus only on the 7th day from the moment of fertilization. This action may be accompanied by light bleeding. Already from the 9th day of fertilization, which corresponds to approximately 24-25 days of the menstrual cycle, the embryo begins to produce chronic human gonadotropin - hCG. As a result of the activity of this hormone, the systems and organs of the mother's body are restructured:

  • blood volume gradually increases;
  • heart and kidneys begin to work more vigorously;
  • the endocrine system is being restructured.

All these changes do not go unnoticed. Therefore, many women begin to notice changes in the functioning of the body even before a delay in menstruation occurs. So if you are attentive to your feelings and well-being, you can see convincing signs of pregnancy on the 24th day of the cycle.

Primary signs

There are many signs that clearly indicate pregnancy. All of them can manifest themselves in different women in various combinations, depending on their state of he alth and individual characteristics of the body. Most often, the signs of pregnancy on the 24th day of the cycle are as follows:

  • excessive sleepiness and fatigue as blood pressure drops during pregnancy and makes the body tired;
  • decrease in blood glucose levels;
  • pain pulling downbelly;
  • possible scant spotting;
  • increased soreness of the mammary glands - the result of the production of prolactin;
  • minor changes to normal diet: may develop cravings for certain foods;
  • appearance of a metallic taste;
  • high susceptibility to odors;
  • noticeable deviations from the norm of normal behavior in emotional terms: the manifestation of touchiness, tearfulness, hysteria, capriciousness.
is it possible to get pregnant on the 24th day of the cycle with a 30 day cycle

The main signs of pregnancy on the 24th day of the cycle

Many women, being in the initial stage of pregnancy, already from the 23rd day of the cycle begin to notice the first manifestations of the symptoms of early pregnancy. During this period, odors begin to appear brighter, morning sickness sets in, and in some cases vomiting. If a pharmacy pregnancy test is sensitive enough, it can already give a weak reaction on the second strip, because with each passing day, the level of hCG also increases. The chest begins to ache, the nipples are poured, even a light touch to them becomes very unpleasant and painful. The exact same signs of pregnancy on the 24th day of the cycle. They have not yet become noticeably tangible, but continue to steadily gain strength. At this stage, all changes in the physical condition of a woman are akin to those that are characteristic of the PMS syndrome:

  • painful pulling sensations in the lower abdomen;
  • strong emotional vulnerability;
  • regular headaches;
  • easynausea.
signs of pregnancy on the 24th day of the cycle with a 26 day cycle

From the 23rd day of the cycle, scant bleeding may begin, similar to the onset of menstruation. If one or more of the above signs are present, the basal temperature in the rectum should be measured. This procedure is best done as soon as you wake up. If the temperature is above 37 degrees, pregnancy is most likely.

As the fetus matures, new symptoms and signs of pregnancy appear on the 24th day of the cycle at the 26th day of the cycle. By the onset of the 26th day, the period of the next menstruation is approaching. For this reason, most women experience pain in the lower abdomen, still light, pulling, slight nausea appears, and emotional disruptions may begin to appear. Many women sin on PMS, but in fact, this is the beginning of a restructuring of the body, its mode of operation is changing, just the pregnancy hormones have not yet worked in full force. If you do a pregnancy test at this stage, then the second line will already look brighter and more confident.

Reliable signs

There are more reliable signs of pregnancy on the 24th day of the cycle with a 28-day cycle. The main one is that with a stable regularity of the menstrual cycle, menstruation should begin already on the 28th day. If she did not appear, then this is a sure sign of a successful conception. At this time, according to obstetric standards, the fetus has already reached four weeks of age. At this stage of its development, more clear manifestations of some indicators of successful conception are likely.These signs of pregnancy on the 24th day of the cycle with a 28-day cycle may be as follows:

  • constantly recurring nausea;
  • periodic motion sickness when traveling in transport;
  • severe odor intolerance;
  • feeling tired and sleepy;
  • increased appetite and others.

But all of them can be present in full or absent altogether, and it depends entirely on the characteristics of the body of each particular woman.

Other signs

ultrasound on the 24th day of the cycle during pregnancy

At the next stage, you can observe the next manifested signs of pregnancy on the 24th day of the cycle with a 30-day cycle. These include:

  • Absence of menstruation at the right time - on the 30th day of the cycle (amenorrhea). True, it can also manifest itself as a result of any disease or malfunction in the genital area. Another absence of menstruation may be due to the onset of menopause or occur during breastfeeding.
  • Increase in basal temperature to a level of over 37 degrees, which signals the presence of a successful conception. Measurements must be taken every morning to obtain reliable information about the presence of pregnancy.
  • Intensification of toxicosis, most strongly manifested precisely during this period, when the next menstruation was supposed to begin. At the same time, regular morning sickness, severe salivation, and vomiting may be present.
  • The manifestation of cyanosis of the vaginal membrane and an increase in the size of the uterus - may bedetermined only by a doctor when examined by a gynecologist.

How to tell early pregnancy symptoms from PMS?

Many women who want to quickly make sure that their efforts to conceive a child have been successful have a natural interest: how to distinguish pregnancy from PMS on the 24th day of the cycle. At such an early date, all the symptoms are not particularly pronounced and are very similar to those that a woman feels every month during the premenstrual period. PMS syndrome is a combination of various symptoms: physical, psychological, which occur before the onset of menstruation. Similar symptoms accompany early pregnancy, when an already fertilized egg is introduced into the mucous membrane of the uterine cavity. What's the difference in feeling?

Signs of pregnancy other than PMS:

  • urge to urinate frequently, caused by more active kidneys, adapting to the additional excretion of products resulting from the metabolic processes of the embryo;
  • the occurrence of toxicosis, only with PMS it occurs a week or two before the event, and during pregnancy - during the absence of menstruation;
  • small bloody discharge at the moment of attachment of the fetal egg to the uterus.
signs of pregnancy on the 24th day of the cycle with a 28 day cycle

Additional research to determine

To make sure that the nature of these signs is precisely such that clearly indicates pregnancy, a number of additional studies are needed:

  • keep a calendar of menstruation,thanks to which you can track the frequency of cycles, in case of a delay of 1-2 weeks with a regular cycle, pregnancy is almost definitely present;
  • examine the level of hCG, which increases in the early stages of pregnancy;
  • take a test, however, the second strip in the early stages may be weak;
  • do an ultrasound for pregnancy and this is the most likely indicator in favor of conception.

Features of ultrasound on the 24th day of the cycle during pregnancy

Ultrasound is not recommended at too early stages of pregnancy, but starting from five weeks from the beginning of the cycle, when the fetal egg is visualized in the uterine cavity, it can already be seen. At this time, visualization already becomes possible, and at 7-9 weeks, the heartbeat of the fetus is heard. At a period of 8-9 weeks, the head of the embryo is identified. But you can determine the most accurate gestational age by setting its coccygeal-parietal size when measuring, and this can be done only after 6 weeks. The presence of multiple fetuses is detected by ultrasound as early as 5 weeks.

is it possible to get pregnant on the 24th day of the cycle

Pregnancy-safe periods

Having detailed information about what happens on the 24th day of the cycle, if conception has occurred, you can quite accurately determine whether this long-awaited event has already happened. But many women who are sexually intense and not yet planning a pregnancy are very concerned about:

  • are there safe days for sex during the cycle;
  • is it possible to get pregnant on the 24th day of the cycleon a 30 day cycle.

For all their extreme relevance, there is no single answer. After all, our mother nature arranged it in such a way that it was impossible to answer these questions with certainty. The female body is arranged in such a way that during the period of the reproductive state of the body, ovulation occurs monthly, that is, the egg is fully ready for fertilization. This happens only two or three days during the menstrual cycle and they usually fall somewhere in its middle.

Theoretically, if the cycle is 28 days, then this event will occur on the 13-14th day, if it is 30 days, then on the 14-15th day. These are the most dangerous days for fertilization, and it would seem that at other times you don’t have to worry about this. But life, as always, makes its own adjustments.

The safest days are considered to be borderline with the time of the onset of menstruation - two before the start, and two after. But these conditions, as well as the calculations based on them, turn out to be true only when there are no failures in the menstrual cycles and they always take place regularly, without violating the schedule. In this case, with a cycle of 28-30 days, the highest combat readiness of the egg for fertilization falls on days 12-16. In this scenario, it is theoretically impossible to get pregnant on the 24th day. But the risk is always present, since many different factors can affect this - cycle failure, various diseases, nervous breakdowns, taking certain medications, and much more. So don't relax and stay alert.

how to distinguish pregnancy from pms on the 24th day of the cycle

Feedback girls

Many girls on the 24th day of the cycle, who assumed that conception had occurred, felt slight nausea, pulling pain in the lower abdomen, urge to urinate frequently, regular headaches.

Girls note that already on the 24th day you can do a pregnancy test. For many of them, it showed the correct result.


Now you know the answer to the question of whether it is possible to get pregnant on the 24th day of the cycle. We also examined the main signs of pregnancy at this time.

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