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Good cat food: how to choose

Good cat food: how to choose
Good cat food: how to choose

It's quite difficult to find good cat food in the city. Many people know that natural food sources such as birds or mice are out of reach for the vast majority of pets. And if the cat manages to catch any pigeon, that is, it is quite dangerous for life. After all, most often they are carriers of various diseases. It is quite good and he althy to feed animals with natural food, but in most cases it is very difficult for owners to make the right recipe and find time to prepare a balanced diet. The most convenient option is a good cat food that will have more positive reviews than negative reviews.

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Every year, the pet food market is growing steadily. If ten years ago it was possible to meet only a few items of products on it, now the situation has changed in a diametrically opposite direction. Both the price range of products and the number of firms thatissuers. Today's shopper who wants to find good cat food is faced with the problem of choice much more often than the problem of not having the right type of food.

All types of modern feed can be divided into two broad categories:

  • "drying", or dry food;
  • canned food.
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The benefits of dry bagged food are pretty obvious. It keeps for a very long time. It can be kept in the feeder without fear that the feed may deteriorate. This makes it in demand when you go away, when you can just pour a full bowl of food for your pet and go on a trip for a few days. To consume this type of food, the pet owner must follow the following rules:

    1. A cat should always have a full bowl of water.
    2. The cat must drink water. Attention: if the breed of the pet is such that the animal drinks very little, then dry food is contraindicated.
    3. Do not mix dry food with natural food.
    4. Be sure to control overeating when food is freely available.

Canned food is also a very good food for a cat, however, they also have some disadvantages. Firstly, they cannot be left in the feeder for a long time due to the fact that they become unusable very quickly. That is why canned food is sold in small portions, which is one of the main reasons for their high cost. With a long absence from home, it is impossible to use such food forcats. What suits a particular pet is best determined in advance.

Feed classes

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Division by quality in the environment of these products is rather conditional. This suggests that by purchasing a super premium food, the consumer may actually receive a product of much lower quality than was stated in the advertisement or on the packaging. In addition, manufacturers often include advertising costs in the final price. And thus artificially raise the class of their products. To choose a good food for a cat, the owner needs to know the features of her diet and carefully read the label on the back of the food package. It should contain a list of all products and substances that make up the composition. This is the only way to tell really good food from bad food.

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