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What to give a girlfriend for a bachelorette party before the wedding

What to give a girlfriend for a bachelorette party before the wedding
What to give a girlfriend for a bachelorette party before the wedding
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Our great-grandmothers also arranged bachelorette parties before the wedding. They called all the girls in the neighborhood, sang sad songs, shed bitter tears and said goodbye to their freedom. At present, very few brides are roaring into three streams, getting ready to get married. That is why the bachelorette party turned into an evening filled with laughter, dancing, karaoke and irresistible fun. On this pre-holiday day, the future bride and her girlfriends get together to have a good time, because the memories of a bachelor life will brighten up gray family everyday life more than once. And one of the components of this holiday are surprises from your beloved girlfriends. They must decide in advance what to give their girlfriend for a bachelorette party, and prepare well for this.

You can make a bride happy in many ways. Surely her friends have known her since childhood, and they certainly should know what exactly they will like.

Entertainment Gifts

what to give a girlfriend for a bachelorette party

Surely the bride has so many pre-wedding chores thatshe is unlikely to have time to organize entertainment at the pre-holiday evening. So you can give your girlfriend for a bachelorette party entertainment that will definitely decorate the party:

  1. Male striptease will be very helpful. A bachelorette party is almost the last opportunity for a bride to see a naked and strange guy without a sense of shame.
  2. Book a limousine for a few hours - drive through the city at night, with loud music and glasses filled with champagne - isn't this the best surprise for a girlfriend for a bachelorette party?
  3. Invite a good photographer to the party. Let him capture every moment of the bride's departure to married life.
  4. And, of course, do not be too lazy to decorate the room where the bachelorette party will take place. Everything is welcome - balloons, colorful flags, bright posters and even baby photos of the bride.

Useful gifts

If a girl who is about to get married is a serious and practical lady, then a gift for a girlfriend for a bachelorette party should be appropriate.

  • Give her cutlery or crockery that she can use to cook for her husband.
  • Consider a beautiful tablecloth as an option and gift if the bride likes to host.
  • Towels, bedding and even a rug in the hallway - all this can be useful for a young family and will definitely appeal to a pragmatic bride.
  • girlfriendt for bachelorette party

Cool gifts

Laughter and smiles - that's what to give a friend for a bachelorette party on the eve of the wedding! If the bride has a good sense of humor, then sheappreciate your efforts.

  1. A large custom-made cake with a bachelorette party theme will impress all the bridesmaids and cheer the bride herself.
  2. The rolling pin is an indispensable attribute of the future wife. Write your wishes on it - then perhaps it will never be misused.
  3. Underwear of a huge size will hint to a friend that even after the wedding you should not forget about yourself, and you need to continue to monitor your figure.
  4. Kama Sutra. Perhaps this book is more reasonable to give at least a decade of marriage. But let it be just in case.
  5. Various intimate things of a sexual nature will also diversify boring family life.

So, you are convinced that you can give a friend a bachelorette party a lot of things. The main thing is to approach their choice with all your heart.

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