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Funny contests for the wedding. We prepare the most interesting entertainment for the bride and groom

Funny contests for the wedding. We prepare the most interesting entertainment for the bride and groom
Funny contests for the wedding. We prepare the most interesting entertainment for the bride and groom

Wedding is always fun and laughter. Karaoke, dances, quizzes do not leave indifferent any participant of the celebration. The list of entertainment events must include competitions for the wedding for the bride and groom exclusively. It is not good for the newlyweds to sit quietly at the table and watch the fun of the guests on the most joyful and happiest day of their lives! The organizer of the celebration must include in the holiday program funny and interesting tasks for the newlyweds. What kind of entertainment can you come up with for young people? Our tips will help you understand this issue.

bride and groom wedding contests

What wedding day contests can I do?

  1. "Declaration of love". The newlyweds are invited to declare their love to each other in the same way as a small child, a hippie teenager, a “new Russian”, a primitive person would do.
  2. "Find the bride by touch." The groom is blindfolded and among several girls they are offered to identify his beloved by touch by hand. The same test canprepare the young wife as well, inviting her, among other men, to find her husband by ear or nose.
  3. "Answer the question." Newlyweds are given boxes with cards. The groom has answers written on them, and the bride has questions. Answers and questions are read in random order. It turns out quite funny and unusual combinations. Sample questions:
  • "Darling, will you always cook breakfast?";
  • "Darling, will you buy me a goat?";
  • "Darling, will you spend all your bonus on me?".

Sample answers:

  • "Don't drip on brains";
  • "Let's see how you behave";
  • "As you come around, I will respond."
wedding day contests

4. "Hot-cold" is a traditional competition for a wedding. For the bride and groom, it is not only entertainment, but also proof that they feel each other from a distance. The head of the new family is distracted, and his young wife is hidden. With the intensity of applause, the guests tell the newlywed where his soulmate is.

What to cook competitions for a wedding in nature?

In the warm season, often wedding festivities are organized in recreation areas. In the open air and on a spacious territory it is very convenient to hold competitions for a wedding. For the bride and groom, you can prepare tasks that require a lot of space and paraphernalia.

"Overcome Obstacles"

A labyrinth path is drawn on the ground. The young man is given the task: to carry the bride through the labyrinth in his arms without leaving theits limits.

outdoor wedding contests

To see how the newly-made spouses are prepared to solve everyday problems, competitions for the wedding will also help. A marathon of tasks is being prepared for the bride and groom. Whoever copes faster, he will be considered the master of the house. Task options: hammer a nail, swaddle a doll, hang clothes, sew on a button, cut bread.

When preparing the script, choose simple wedding contests for the newlyweds. For the bride and groom, this day will already be full of events, so participation in entertainment should not be tiring for them. Well, on the other hand, in order for the newlyweds to remember this day forever, they must spend it cheerfully and noisily. And what, if not fun contests and quizzes, can provide this joy?

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