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Delicate wedding dress with sleeves

Delicate wedding dress with sleeves
Delicate wedding dress with sleeves

The choice of a wedding dress is always considered a long-awaited and exciting event. There are so many different colors, styles, cuts, accessories that your eyes run wide, and you only need to choose one! Consider today a wedding dress with sleeves.

wedding dress with sleeves

The story should start with a historical background. The very first mention of a dress with long sleeves dates back to the 15th century. It symbolized, above all, modesty. Agree, a young girl wearing a wedding dress with sleeves always looks feminine and elegant. And only in the 17th century balloon-shaped sleeves appeared, which became an excellent substitute for a long cut.

Various experts agree that this dress model has gained popularity again due to the choice of a similar outfit by the famous Kate Middleton. Her wedding dress with lace sleeves only emphasized the femininity of the bride, thereby drawing close attention to this model. Although, of course, this is not the only reason.

It should be noted that such outfits are not the most popular choice of modern brides. Mainmany girls choose dresses with or without straps, therefore, even such a small detail can provide originality along with helping to demonstrate your uniqueness. In addition, such dresses have a number of advantages that you need to know about when choosing a wedding look.

wedding dress with lace sleeves

Wedding dress with sleeves: styles

  1. Dress with flared sleeves. The airy lace sleeves made of thin transparent fabric will give amazing elegance, while there are no restrictions on the physique.
  2. Dress with lanterns. In this case, narrow shoulders will become invisible, and the stoop will disappear. At the same time, this style will not work if the girl has an athletic physique.
  3. Tight sleeves. Such a cut will give the owner femininity, fragility and harmony. It will look perfect on a girl with a good figure.
  4. Short wedding dress with sleeves. It will emphasize the tenderness and defenselessness of the bride, while focusing on her smooth and beautiful legs. Unfortunately, it is contraindicated for owners of full legs.

It should be noted that this dress is best suited for cold weather. It's perfect for spring when you don't need outerwear anymore, but it's still cool for revealing outfits.

short wedding dress with sleeves

If you have a wedding planned, a wedding dress with sleeves is ideal, because during the sacrament the bride must be in an outfit that hides her shoulders and arms.

ExceptMoreover, such a style will help to hide the flaws of the figure, and present the advantages in a light favorable to the girl. Such an outfit draws attention to the upper part, therefore, being the owner of too narrow or wide hips, it is better to try on a dress of just such a model. In addition, the sleeve will help to hide sagging skin or fullness of the arms.

At the same time, a satin or lace sleeve adds mystery, elegance and romance to the image.

There are quite a few modifications of such a sleeve: a tight-fitting type, with sleeves flared from the elbow or shoulder, to the elbow, in three quarters, and so on. In general, their choice is great in order to satisfy the desires and requests of an extremely demanding bride.

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