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Tellings of antiquity deep: wedding loaves - recipe by recipe

Tellings of antiquity deep: wedding loaves - recipe by recipe
Tellings of antiquity deep: wedding loaves - recipe by recipe

Meeting dear guests with bread and s alt is an ancient tradition of the Slavs. Until now, this beautiful custom has been preserved in the post-Soviet space and is very often observed on certain holidays and on special occasions. Bread is a symbol of life, generosity, cordiality, hospitality. S alt is the personification of friendliness, sincerity, the joy of meeting (in Russia, for example, it was always expensive, and treating it meant that the owners share the most valuable thing they have). This is the meaning of this tradition. The ritual for wedding ceremonies was especially significant.

wedding loaves recipe

Loaf for wedding

When wedding loaves were baked, they tried to pick up their recipe so that the bread turned out to be especially tasty, sweet, lush. After all, the more successful he came out, the more friendly, strong the new family should have become. Thoroughly baked, with a ruddy appetizing crust and intoxicating aroma, adorned with intricate patterns, he accompanied the young to church and bowed in the hands of his parents on the threshold of the house where the husband brought his betrothed. Moreover, wedding loaves had a secret recipe: often in the doughcoin was pawned. And if one of the male guests got it, the bride rewarded him with a kiss. And if a woman found her piece in her piece, the groom kissed her. Well, one of the newlyweds came across - that could be kissed by the guests themselves. It turned out fun, funny, funny, which, of course, corresponded to the general mood of the wedding.

Baking Together: Recipe 1

And now more about how to cook wedding loaves. Recipe one. For the test you will need: 1 kg of premium wheat flour, yeast - 50 g, milk - 200-250 g, butter - 75 g, sugar - 150-200 g, eggs - 1 pc., s alt - a teaspoon. Warm the milk a little, add the yeast and the rest of the ingredients and knead the dough. Cover it and put it in a warm place for 2 hours. When the mass increases in volume, knock out and again leave it like that for another half hour. Then hit again. After that, take it out of the bowl, roll it into a ball shape and put it under a clean towel, let it stand. If you need a certain amount of wedding loaves, the recipe recommends doubling the amount of food, and so on. Then you need to give the dough the appropriate shape, separating part of it for decoration.

how to make a wedding loaf

Such symbols are suitable for these purposes: horseshoes, rings, swans, hearts. In general, the design of a wedding loaf is a delicate matter, it should be thought out in advance. Figures are molded from the test intended for this. And on the very surface of the bread, you can squeeze out flowers, leaves, ears, birds, curls. It remains to attach the figures, grease the loafbeaten egg and bake in the oven until cooked at a temperature of 240 degrees. Such a loaf is served on an embroidered towel or an elegant beautiful napkin. Ribbons and flowers are often tied to it.

loaf on the wedding table

Baking Together: Recipe 2

How to make a wedding loaf yet? The new recipe requires: flour - 8 cups or a little more (850 g–1 kg), dry yeast - 20-25 g, butter - 100-120 g, half a glass of milk, 10 eggs, 6 cups of sugar, 50 g of s alt, zest of 1 lemon and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Knead and prepare the dough. Select a part for decoration, form a loaf from the bulk. As a decoration, weave braids, form leaves, etc., attach to the surface of the bread. Leave it like this to rise, then brush with egg and bake.

decorating a wedding loaf

Happy wedding, and may your loaves be the most beautiful and delicious!

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