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When a pink wedding is coming up - what to give?

When a pink wedding is coming up - what to give?
When a pink wedding is coming up - what to give?

Spouses, who have lived side by side for 10 years, celebrate a serious anniversary - a pink wedding. In Western countries, it is called differently: tin or aluminum. And, of course, there are a number of traditions - how to celebrate, how to give gifts to "newlyweds".

Symbols of celebration

pink wedding what to give

10 years is a long time. And if two once strangers spent them side by side, under the same roof, managed to become relatives, loved ones, did not run away - this indicates that the family really took place. So, there is something to celebrate! Why pewter? Because the substance is durable, strong (remember the steadfast soldier!), But also fusible, you can fashion anything from it. So the spouses continue to rub against each other, to give in, to compromise. Well, pink - so everything is clear here. A rose is a royal flower, and what else should a good husband present to his beloved wife on such a day? Although in Europe and America, yellow daffodils are considered the main flowers of the celebration, personifying cheerfulness and happiness. So the first answer to the question is:“Pink wedding, what to give?” clear: beautiful bouquet! It's great if the spouse arranges a flower awakening for his lady!


pink weddingts for husband

10 years of marriage is a worthy date to update your jewelry box. If we take into account the statements of astrologers that each date has its own precious stone, then pink wedding is intended for diamonds. What to give on such a day - a ring, earrings, a brooch or necklace, an appropriate watch - this already depends on the ability of the spouses. The main thing is to follow the rule! After all, a marriage that has existed for 10 years is as strong and beautiful as a diamond! Or jewelry with blue sapphires in a silver frame will do. And, of course, something made of tin - trinkets, utensils. By the way, interesting suggestion! If the spouse knows how to handle a soldering iron, then a loving wife can solve the problem: “Pink wedding, what to give her husband?” By presenting him with a box with the appropriate solder. Tickets to the theater or to a concert, going to a restaurant or a picnic in nature will be good as mutual presents.

Gifts from family and friends

congratulations on a pink wedding

Celebrating such a significant date, a married couple, of course, will arrange a feast. You need to invite the closest and most desirable people to it - friends, relatives. Naturally, they will also be concerned: a pink wedding, what to give a special, memorable hero of the occasion. Friends, especially old ones, showing originality, can record a music CD with compositions,songs, the most popular every year - the couple will have their own chronicle in mp3 format. Let relatives present elegant bedding along with a set of blankets, pillows in appropriate symbolic colors, with a luxurious print of flowers: after all, a pink wedding! What to give in this case, if not things, items for shared use? Suitable blankets and bedspreads (with roses), beautiful expensive tablecloths with napkins. It’s not worth skimping, because this is not just another holiday, but a milestone! And, of course, souvenirs (from tin in the first place). And what should be congratulations on a pink wedding? Undoubtedly flowery. Generous wishes. Beautiful. From the heart. Necessarily with a projection for the future.

So, happiness to you and long happy married years!

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