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What is coming out? Coming out: meaning

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What is coming out? Coming out: meaning
What is coming out? Coming out: meaning

The sexual revolution gave men and women the freedom to choose their sexual partners. This was the impetus for the creation of same-sex couples. Along with this, new concepts have appeared regarding some aspects of the life and behavior of people with non-traditional sexual orientation. As a rule, these words are of foreign origin and are not entirely clear to citizens who are far from the "blue" and "pink" topics.

what is coming out
what is coming out

For example, not everyone knows what a coming-out is. What is its difference from the similar concept of "outing". Meanwhile, in certain circles, this is a frequently used expression, which even has its own holiday in the year. But first things first.

What is coming out?

This word is borrowed from English and in translation means "disclosure", "exit from the closet". A man or woman who openly and, what is very important, voluntarily confesses their non-traditional sexual orientation or their attitude towards a gender minority, performs an act called coming out. As a rule, this definition is applied to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals (this group of people is called LGBT for short) who openlyadmit their sexual preferences or that their body does not correspond to their mental state. Outing is also the exposure of the fact of an unconventional personal life, but by other persons in a violent form, against the will of the homosexual. Usually this is done to compromise a person, ruin his reputation, career, change people's attitude towards him, because in any country there are homophobic sentiments. Even in modern society, not all people are ready to open the doors to their bedroom, but there are those who deliberately arrange a public coming out to attract attention and gain extra popularity, while being heterosexual individuals. This phenomenon is very common in show business.

Some historical facts

The idea of coming out was first thought about in 1869. This was done by a German lawyer and journalist who defends the rights and interests of minorities, Karl Heinrich Ulrichs. He was of the opinion that if you want to become noticeable, you need to loudly declare yourself through a coming out. The significance of this act, according to the German, is great, an open homosexual will be able to have a greater influence on people and enjoy authority.

coming out
coming out

The first publicly important person who was not afraid to tell the truth about himself was the American poet Robert Duncan. He came out, and soon he was reduced from the army. After that, in one of the magazines, he stated that minorities were oppressed in the country and throughout the world. In the middle of the 20th century, the concept ofout" thanks to psychologist Evelyn Hooker, who has devoted much of his work to the study of gay communities, has ceased to be jargon, moving into the section of scientific terminology.

Importance of coming out

Moral satisfaction from life occurs only if a person lives in complete harmony not only with himself, but also with society. To achieve such a result, you need to muster up the courage and openly declare your sexual preferences. If a man or a woman is really homosexual, they have accepted this fact and are confident in their choice, then you should not hide it, camouflage it with heterosexual relationships, even marriage against your will for the sake of society. This negatively affects the mental state of the individual. Only a coming-out can help here. The meaning of the deed will positively affect the state, mood, and the long-awaited relief will come.

coming out meaning
coming out meaning

This is in case of understanding from the audience. But, as practice shows, this is not always the case. That is why there is a lot of literature on the topic "what is a coming out", how and when it is better to do it. One of the most famous is a guide written by the American organization Parents, Families and Friends of Gays and Lesbians.

Recognition process

Coming-outs are complex multi-stage processes. Psychologists advise gradually revealing your sexual orientation to everyone, preferably starting with a close friend or family member with whom you have the warmest, strongest, most trusting relationship. oftenit happens that all his colleagues and friends know about the unconventionality of a person, but close relatives do not guess. Sometimes it's easier to tell someone else than your own.

came out
came out

Some research work on coming out and the general openness of a person to society showed that the less a person hides from others, the less he has to lie, get nervous, worry.

Confession to parents

One of the most difficult stages of coming-out is the confession to the parents. They are unable to receive information correctly, with understanding. Parents are shocked to learn that their child is not like everyone else. They need time and help from a psychologist. Most parents refuse to accept this fact, they can punish children, ignore them, kick them out of the house, abandon them. Some try to avoid any conversations regarding sexual topics for some time, believing that all this is a whim, the costs of age, and if you do not focus on this, then everything will pass by itself.

Other parents seriously consider homosexuality a disease, they begin to treat their children with the help of reparative therapy. With all these actions, mothers and fathers cause serious harm to the psyche of the child, only aggravating the situation.

2013 is the year of coming out

October 11 is considered the official day when everyone remembers what a coming out is, and also observes public confessions of not only friends, relatives, but also important famous people from the stage. The number of LGBT politicians, musicians, athletes is growing from year to yearand actors, which suggests that people are less and less afraid of popular condemnation, and unconventional choice is becoming the norm. We can safely say that in 2013 they did not limit themselves to one day of confessions, extending it for all 365.

coming outs it
coming outs it

It is impossible to tell about all the confessions, there are a huge number of them, but here are the most anticipated and loud statements:

  1. Jodie Foster came out during her Golden Globe Awards.
  2. American actor Wentworth Miller announced his homosexuality in a letter refusing to come to Russia, as there are many homophobes here.
  3. British diver Tom Daly made a video of his confession and posted it online.
  4. Canadian actor and singer Victor Garber has revealed that he is gay and has been in a relationship with a man for 14 years.
  5. NBA basketball player Jason Collins, who decided to be honest with everyone.
  6. Filipino singer Charris.
  7. Robbie Rogers said he was gay and retired from football.
  8. Irish actor Andrew Scott, who stopped learning Russian because of Vladimir Putin's speeches after he issued a homophobic law.
  9. Professor of Psychiatry Dinesh Bugra.
  10. Skater Brian Boitano.

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