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How to tell a child about Easter and involve him in the process of preparing for the holiday?

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How to tell a child about Easter and involve him in the process of preparing for the holiday?
How to tell a child about Easter and involve him in the process of preparing for the holiday?

On the eve of the greatest Christian holiday of Easter, many parents begin to wonder how to explain the essence and meaning of this day to their children. Of course, you can not complicate your life, but simply tell the baby not to get in the way while you are preparing holiday dishes, and on Sunday treat him to Easter cake and painted eggs. However, by doing this, we deprive our child of not only interesting and instructive activities, but also the opportunity from a very young age to be not an outside observer, but a direct participant in this bright holiday. In this regard, we propose today to talk about how to tell a child about Easter.

how to tell a child about easter

Where to start?

First of all, thinking about how to tell children in an accessible and simple way about Easter, you need to decide whether you plan to dedicate your baby to other Orthodox traditions. After all, for example, if your child already knows what Christmas is, then it will be much easier for him to understand the meaning of the Resurrection of the Lord. Great help for parentshelp answer the question of how to tell a child about Easter, there will be a children's Bible. Publications of this kind contain a lot of colorful illustrations and in a form accessible to children set out the main provisions of Christianity, tell about the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ. At the same time, try not only to read the story of the Ascension of the Lord with your baby, but also to discuss it. Also be sure to answer all of your child's questions.

As an alternative or addition to reading a children's Bible, you can watch a cartoon on this topic with your child. It will be interesting and educational for your baby.

how to tell in an accessible and simple way about Easter

Preparing Easter gifts for loved ones

Thinking about how to tell children about Easter, we should not forget about the various exciting activities that you can involve children in in the process of preparing for this holiday. So, a few days before Easter, start making greeting cards for grandparents and other close relatives with your baby. You can simply color them with colored pencils or paints, make an applique or come up with something of your own. You can also build a variety of crafts as a gift. It all depends on your imagination. Believe me, the kids will be happy to join this creative process and look forward to the holiday next year.

how to tell kids about easter

Painting eggs

Since the coloring of eggs is an essential attribute of Easter, you should involve your child in this process as well. Of courseletting the baby close to pots of boiling water in which eggs are boiled and painted is not worth it, but you can clearly show this process at a safe distance. Also, together with the baby, you can paint several eggs with a brush and paints. Any child will be delighted with such an activity. And there is no need to talk about how much fun the process of breaking eggs on Easter brings to both children and adults.

Baking cakes

Invite your child to help you decorate Easter cakes. This process will be a real entertainment for your baby. After all, how interesting and exciting it is to cover the finished Easter cake with snow-white icing, lay out multi-colored candied fruits, poppy seeds and other decorations on it. By the way, you can please your child in another way. To do this, along with the standard ones, bake a few children's cakes. They may differ from ordinary ones both in composition (fruit can be added) and in size. Believe me, your kid will be happy to invite his friends over for tea with children's brightly decorated Easter cakes.

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