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Bumper for iphone - an important accessory for a fashionable gadget

Bumper for iphone - an important accessory for a fashionable gadget
Bumper for iphone - an important accessory for a fashionable gadget

Why do I need a bumper for iphone? So what's this? In short, this is a kind of case for a modern smartphone, designed to protect its end parts. In appearance, it is a rectangular frame made of metal, silicone, polycarbonate or plastic. The main purpose is the inadmissibility of deformation and other damage to the iphone in the event of an accidental fall.

Many users of a well-known smartphone may think that the iphone 4 bumper case is not a very practical accessory for the phone, as it is an inferior case and covers only a small part of the device, unlike others.

bumper for iphone

Let's take a look at this issue, because it is of particular interest to owners of the recently fashionable and fairly common iphone 4th model.

As all users of Apple products remember, the iPhone of the fourth model had a big drawback. When he was tightly squeezed by hand during a conversation, the connection sometimes disappeared. After all, antennas were built into the sides of the phone. In the fifth model of the device, this problem has already been fixed, but in this one, owners were asked to use bumpers for iphone 4s, whicheasily fixed the flaw.

However, despite the fact that in the latest smartphone there is no longer an issue with the antenna, protective bumpers for them immediately appeared in the sale of large online stores. The reason is that the protection will not interfere with the iphone of any generation.

Why do you still need a bumper for iphone? A smartphone is a very smart device,

case bumper for iphone 4

its functionality is almost limitless, and its owner wants to use it intensively in various conditions, sometimes extreme. Thinking about nothing, worrying about nothing. For example, the bumper protrudes slightly from both planes of the iPhone, and this protects its glass sides when you place the device on any surface. Of course, you can buy a case that completely absorbs the phone and protects it well. But miniature protection will look much more stylish and beautiful.

Bumper for iphone has one indisputable advantage - it is very convenient and ensures the maximum integrity of the original performance when using the device actively. The frame, regardless of the material of manufacture, smoothly flows around the shape of the device, wraps around its end sides, repeating the shape of the device. It needs to be removed quite rarely, only in cases of severe contamination for cleaning, unlike solid, standard covers.

bumpers for iphone 4s

Some manufacturers have made their bumpers a little more complicated. They make them from special aircraft-grade aluminum and make them in such a way that it changesthe center of gravity of the device, and when it falls, it necessarily falls on strong ends, without receiving any damage.

And if you want your smartphone not to change its appearance and color at all, you can choose a bumper for iphone from a transparent material or a color similar to the color of your phone.

When you want, on the contrary, to distinguish your device from a number of similar ones, make it individual, get an unusual shape or a multi-colored bumper. In online stores, and in the usual sale, there are many different options.

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