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Watch "Guess" - women's models

Watch "Guess" - women's models
Watch "Guess" - women's models

The history of Guess began in 1981, when the Marciano brothers began manufacturing jeans in California. Growing up in the south of France, they embodied European sensibility in their products. The Marciano brothers turned their jeans into fashionable and modern clothes. The first batch of their goods, which was sent for sale to the distribution network, was sold out within a few hours.

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At present, the world-famous Guess brand is a trendsetter in the market of manufacturers of fashionable clothes, watches, shoes, jewelry, perfumes, bags and various accessories. The company's network of stores sells goods in Canada and the USA, Europe and South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The motto of the company is "Don't stop!" is an accurate reflection of the brand development strategy.

Guess watches for women, as well as men's models, appeared in 1984, when the company decided to enter a new market by repeating the success of denim clothing.It is worth saying that the development of this production was very successful. This success was independent of the already developed sales sector.

Guess watches (women's and men's models), thanks to their style and exceptional quality, have won recognition and popularity among buyers all over the world. Twelve thousand stores of the company sell these devices in more than seventy countries on all continents.

Watches "Guess" - women's models - are made in an attractive and fashionable style. Product design targets a vibrant, independent, ambitious, young, active audience.

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Guess watches (women's models) harmoniously combine classic and modern trends. They are unpredictable and contrasting. They are characterized by grace and chic, sophistication and originality, innovation. The company's watch collections are constantly updated, which contributes to the selection of the most preferred direction for each buyer.

Watches for women "Guess", related to all produced lines, differ in their construction and design. Their production is carried out using modern technologies, using materials of the highest quality. The Japanese Miyota movement is inserted into the watch, and the crystals decorating the case belong to the Swarovski Design House.

Guess watches are women's models with a chic look and are designed by professional and talented designers. If you purchase this accessory from the company, you know a lot about life and fashion. WatchGuess companies are worn by stylish, respectable and successful people. This accessory combines magnificence with practicality. It is in our time a necessary attribute of everyone. The company's products, being the result of technological and design excellence, are able to cover the entire variety of consumer taste preferences.

women's watch guess

The Guess watch line adheres to the concept of recognition and individuality. The success and saleability of a company's fashion accessory directly depends on the exact pricing policy of the company. A well-known brand has the best value for money.

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