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School orthopedic backpack for a first grader: review, models and reviews
School orthopedic backpack for a first grader: review, models and reviews

Your child is going to first grade, which means it's time to collect him on this difficult journey. One of the important problems is to choose a portfolio with which the child will be comfortable and convenient. Today, an orthopedic backpack is becoming more and more popular, which has a well-thought-out design, and therefore will not harm the he alth of children. How to choose the right backpack, which brands offer really high-quality products?

Keep in mind the rules

orthopedic backpack

Among the most significant parameters that play a role in choosing a backpack, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Weight. According to medical professionals, a children's briefcase should not weigh more than two kilograms, so give preference to lightweight models.
  2. Orthopedic backrest. The student will not have to part with the briefcase for a long time, so it is important that it is comfortable to wear and not harmful to the back. Thanks to a special anatomical backrest, the orthopedic backpack makes the load on the back even. With rigidity, the back is complemented by ergonomic pillows and a ventilation system, and due to special straps, the satchel is tightly fixed.
  3. Pockets.The space of the backpack should be clearly divided: one main compartment is complemented by half-open pockets where you can carefully put away textbooks, notebooks, and a pencil case. Inside pockets can be used to hide small items.

A few tips

Before choosing an orthopedic school backpack, remember some nuances:

  • vertical backpacks are more ergonomic and more comfortable than horizontal ones, as they will evenly distribute the load on the shoulders and back and will not put pressure on the lower back when moving;
  • straps should be soft, wide and adjustable;
  • hard plastic bottom and legs keep the briefcase stable but add weight;
  • the clasp can be in the form of a zipper or just a latch - choose what is convenient for your child.
orthopedic backpacks for first graders

These are the basic rules to consider when choosing a backpack for a first grader. We offer an overview of popular brands of backpacks. It is believed that the models of German and Austrian production are the best: Herlitz, Schneiders, rDieDas, Hama. They are distinguished by high-quality performance, stylish design, lightness and manufacturability. But the prices for these products are rather high. In the middle price segment, you can buy orthopedic backpacks for a first grader from the brands Erich Crause, LYCsac, Tiger Family, Allianc. There are many reviews, and often good ones, about cheap satchels made in China or Russia.

Best value for money: Hummingbird

All backpacks of this German brand inon average they cost 4000-5000 rubles and attract attention with a bright style, waterproof reflective materials. Thanks to the thoughtful design of the back with breathable inserts, the child's back will not sweat. Buyers note that the weight of the satchel does not even reach a kilogram, and the straps are wide, so the orthopedic backpack is convenient for children. Of the advantages of the models, one can note the rigid sidewalls. The set includes a bag for shoes, which has a rubberized inner surface. Among the advantages, buyers note the quality of materials and fittings, lightness, and a fully folding design.

Many useful extras: DerDieDas

orthopedic backpacks for first graders

German brands that offer school backpacks are distinguished by pedantry and attention to detail. Note that DerDieDas products belong to the premium class category - the simplest models cost about 13,000 rubles! But buying such an orthopedic school backpack, you get a number of advantages for your child:

  • Thanks to the compacted orthopedic back, the child's spine will not bend, the load will be evenly distributed on the back. Special pads in the back provide a neat and gentle fit to the lower back.
  • Wide shoulder straps can be adjusted to fit your child's back.

The brand takes care of children using only carefully selected materials that are safe for children's he alth. But such care is not cheap, since not every family can afford to buy a satchel for a child more thanfor 10,000 rubles. Buyers note that the backpacks of this brand are ultralight - their weight is even below 900 grams. According to reviews, the rich equipment of the satchel attracts attention - it has a sports bag for interchangeable shoes, a filled pencil case, and a wallet.

Most unkillable: Schneiders

orthopedic school backpack

The Austrian brand Schneiders offers orthopedic backpacks for first-graders, made in accordance with the trends of modern European fashion using images of animated characters. The distinctive features of the models include high-quality tailoring, the use of appliqués and embroideries, and a combination of materials. The ergonomic back is complemented by convenient expandable side pockets with dividers. According to reviews, these are perhaps the most durable and flawless satchels - with careful handling, they can last about 4 years! But the cost, according to reviews, is rather big: from 7000 rubles.

Most compact: Herlitz

school backpacks with orthopedic back

Excellent orthopedic backpacks for first-graders are offered by this German brand. It is noteworthy that the cost is quite affordable - from 2100 rubles without filling and from 3500 rubles with a richer configuration. School bags of this brand are popular not only in Germany, but also in European countries and in Russia. Buyers unanimously claim that backpacks are worthy of attention due to their lightness - the weight is only 750 grams, small dimensions and at the same time spaciousness - all the child's textbooks will definitely fit there. Among the advantages arewaterproof bottom and large reflective elements.

Timeless classic: Lycsac

Traditional orthopedic backpacks for girls and boys of the Greek brand have a horizontal design familiar to many adults. But this does not prevent the brand from offering high-quality backpacks that have all the necessary details to properly distribute the load on the shoulders and spine of the student. Parents note that while maintaining the classic shape, the models are very beautiful and stylish, and the ergonomic back and comfortable shoulder straps are ideal for use by children. Weight - only 750 grams, which is good news. The cost is about 3000 rubles.

The most affordable and high quality: Brauberg

If you are looking for the cheapest, but comfortable and functional orthopedic backpack, pay attention to the models of the popular brand Brauberg. Despite the cost-effectiveness, the satchels are created in accordance with modern developments and technologies and meet hygienic and safety requirements. The knapsacks are equipped with a relief orthopedic back, which fits snugly and thus ensures uniform distribution of the load. The frame is rigid and holds its shape well, according to reviews, children really like it due to its convenience. As parents note, this backpack with an orthopedic back has no tricks, but it is simple and small in size, which is paramount for a first-grader. According to buyers, these backpacks are quite suitable for schoolchildren.

Historical Backpacks: MC NEILL

backpack with orthopedic back

The oldest manufacturerhigh quality school bags is MC NEILL brand. The company every year offers innovative solutions, technological ideas, the company's lineup is constantly updated. School backpacks with an orthopedic back are considered light and compact, have a well-thought-out interior space where textbooks and notebooks can be rationally laid out. The brand offers several series of lightweight briefcases, among which you can find an option suitable for a child. But, buyers say, the cost is prohibitive - from 9,000 rubles per satchel. The most expensive backpack costs about 20,000 rubles. For this money, the brand offers significant content - a shoe bag, a pencil case without filling, a zippered pencil case with filling, a water bottle and a food container.

What to choose?

backpack for a first grader with an orthopedic back

As you can see, the market offers a variety of orthopedic backpacks for a first grader in the widest price range, interesting colors and design solutions. What to choose? Experts advise not to proceed primarily from the price, as it is important that the satchel is comfortable and ergonomic. Therefore, use a few rules to understand which backpack is best for you and your child:

  1. Choose models with a shape-holding orthopedic back.
  2. Best Briefcase - Lightweight and rigid.
  3. Functionality is an important factor, because it is necessary that textbooks of various formats, notebooks, a pencil case, and many necessary for a student fit in a backpacklittle things.
  4. The straps should be adjustable: this backpack for a first grader with an orthopedic back will be more comfortable to use and better for the condition of the child's back.

As for the manufacturer, then it is worth focusing on your impressions in general. Often a knapsack for 3,000 rubles is no less high-quality and functional than a model for 10,000 rubles. And filling in the form of containers or pencil cases may not be useful at all, or the child will want to buy something else. Does it make sense then to overpay for the brand? It's up to you to decide…

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