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How to handle the navel of a newborn and how to do it right?

How to handle the navel of a newborn and how to do it right?
How to handle the navel of a newborn and how to do it right?

The long-awaited discharge from the hospital, flowers and gifts… Perhaps, bringing the baby home and unfolding a beautiful envelope and diapers, you will see him naked for the first time. In many maternity hospitals, children are now brought only for feeding at strictly established hours. Be prepared for the fact that you can see diaper rash, redness of the skin, an unhealed umbilical wound. And if the first two problems occur in about 30% of babies, then the latter worries 90% of young parents. In our article, we will talk about how to handle the navel of a newborn and how to do it correctly.

Cutting off the umbilical cord, through which the baby for 9 months received all the nutrients necessary for life, should occur only after the cessation of blood pulsation in it (shortly after the birth of the child into the world). If the manipulation was carried out correctly, the rest of the umbilical cord quickly dries out and disappears - within a maximum of 10 days. After this period, the crumbs should remainneat navel.

how to treat the navel of a newborn

Why does the question arise about how to handle the navel of a newborn? The thing is that after ligation of the umbilical cord, in most cases, a surgical staple is applied, which disappears along with its remainder. After that, the so-called umbilical wound appears - it requires special attention from parents and medical workers, because cutting the umbilical cord is, in fact, a small operation.

Caring for a wound is quite simple, and below you will find some tips on how to treat a newborn's navel. How to do this so as not to harm the baby?

1. Accelerate the process of natural drying of the wound - leave the baby without clothes during the day, give him air baths.

2. If the wound does not heal well, use special diapers with a slit in the navel, clothes should also not put pressure on this place.

how many days to process the navel of a newborn

3. Don't cut the rest of the cord yourself, wait until it happens naturally.

4. After the remainder of the umbilical cord falls off, remove bloody or yellowish crusts from the wound. How to treat the navel of a newborn in this case? The best remedy is hydrogen peroxide. Take a few drops into a pipette and drip into the wound, then gently blot the navel with a cotton swab or disc, removing soaked crusts. After the wound can be smeared with brilliant green. How much to process the navel of a newborn? Depending on the condition of the umbilical wound, spendthis manipulation up to two times a day.

5. Do not affect the shape of the navel by covering it with a band-aid. Not only is it useless, but it can harm baby's delicate skin.

6. There is no unequivocal opinion of experts on whether it is possible to bathe a child with an unhealed navel. If bathing is necessary, use boiled water.

How many days to process the navel of a newborn? Until the wound is completely healed, this usually happens in 1-2 weeks. During this period, it is necessary to carefully monitor his condition. Contact your pediatrician if you notice the following signs:

how much to treat the navel of a newborn

- discharge from the navel after the remnant of the umbilical cord falls off;

- swelling, swelling or redness around the navel;

- pus or bad smell in the wound area;

- bleeding from the navel, which even hydrogen peroxide does not stop;

- a protrusion in the form of a circle or an oval - an umbilical hernia is possible.

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