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Diarrhea during late pregnancy: causes, treatment, consequences

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Diarrhea during late pregnancy: causes, treatment, consequences
Diarrhea during late pregnancy: causes, treatment, consequences

Pregnancy is a wonderful period in the life of any woman, but the body at this time experiences some stress due to hormonal changes, which manifests itself in the form of some deviations from the normal state of he alth. In late pregnancy, the body prepares for childbirth, the internal organs are under pressure, and disorders in the gastrointestinal tract are observed quite often.

Physiological causes

Late pregnancy diarrhea green or any other color can be caused by natural physiological factors associated with this condition. The course of the prenatal period (from about the 37th week) is accompanied by increased pressure of the fetus and uterus on the intestines, increases its peristalsis, thereby provoking diarrhea. Such a process is considered quite physiological and is called natural cleansing. In addition, diarrhea may be a reaction of the body tostress and worries of a pregnant woman about the upcoming birth, as well as manifest itself under the influence of hormones.

intestinal infection symptoms and treatment

Common causes

In addition to physiological causes, late-term diarrhea may occur for reasons unrelated to pregnancy:

  1. Diarrhea and flatulence are often provoked by the use of certain foods with a laxative effect (for example, an excess of vegetable oil, raw vegetables).
  2. In the presence of chronic diseases such as gastritis, pancreatitis, intestinal colitis, diarrhea can be one of the symptoms of an exacerbation of an existing pathology.
  3. The body of a pregnant woman may react with irritation of the stomach and intestines to taking multivitamin complexes.
  4. Diarrhea is often a sign and symptom of helminth infection in the body. Especially attentive to this sign is necessary for those women who have animals in the house or who have had recent contact with them. Fears are related to the fact that antihelminthic drugs are mostly quite toxic and are not recommended during pregnancy. At the same time, parasite larvae can get into the fetus, which in the future is fraught with various diseases for the baby. Therefore, the treatment regimen (most likely, folk remedies) is prescribed only by the attending physician.
  5. The most alarming and dangerous symptom of diarrhea or diarrhea is in case of food poisoning or intestinal infections. Nausea (sometimes vomiting), fever and dizziness are symptoms of intestinalinfections. Treatment in this case should be prescribed only by a doctor. In this situation, you should immediately seek qualified medical help and do not self-medicate. The doctor will determine the symptoms, the treatment of the intestinal infection will prescribe, which will protect the pregnant woman.
diarrhea in pregnancy what to do

Medicated treatment

From the 30th week you can use drugs, but only after a doctor's prescription. Therefore, to get qualified help, you need to consult a doctor. Basically, he prescribes "Enzistal", the indication for the use of which is precisely the disorder during pregnancy. Or any of the other ones listed in this article. Next, we list the most popular medications.


For those who do not know what can be done for pregnant women from diarrhea, Loperamide will come to the rescue. The drug to stop disorders in the intestines is also used for poisoning, it removes harmful substances from the body. A medicine such as Nifuroxazide is used for the most complex poisonings, it eliminates problems in the stomach and intestines. It must be used strictly according to the instructions. There is a paragraph in the instructions for use that indicates the doses and rules for taking pregnant women.

In case of very complex poisoning and the work of the gastrointestinal tract, a course of antibiotics is prescribed, but this treatment is necessary only in the most difficult cases, since antibiotics negatively affect the child and side effects in the child may appear in the form of dysbacteriosisimmediately after birth.

diarrhea during late pregnancy causes

Tinctures and herbs

Diarrhea during late pregnancy can be caused by nervous tension. In this case, prescribed tinctures of herbs, which can be bought at the pharmacy. This is a tincture on plants such as valerian, motherwort, mint. Other drugs that are potent drugs should not be taken by pregnant women in any case. Since they affect the entire body of a woman as a whole and the child too, they should not be prescribed to pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy.

For acid-base balance

In order for the acid-base balance in the body to be normalized during late pregnancy diarrhea, you need to take medications such as Trisol, Laktosol, Regidron. They are sold in a pharmacy in bags, in the form of a powder, diluted in boiled water, the instructions are written on the package.


If the body of a pregnant woman is subject to severe poisoning, the doctor will definitely prescribe Enterosgel or Enterodez. These drugs have a very strong effect, and due to the high-quality action, the effect occurs almost instantly, you need to use this medicine as directed by a doctor.

green diarrhea during late pregnancy

Medication "Enterosgel" removes all toxic substances from the body, stops the process of poisoning, eliminates gases and the process of fermentation in the body. Better startwork the kidneys and liver, this medicine is completely harmless to the body. Therefore, it is prescribed by doctors both during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.


Another one of the safest drugs that remove all harmful and toxic toxins from the body is activated charcoal. Suitable for those who do not know what is possible for pregnant women from diarrhea. White activated carbon is the most effective and harmless to a woman's body. Activated charcoal removes symptoms such as fermentation in the abdomen, pain, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. The standard dose is one tablet per 10 kg of weight.


A very effective drug is Smecta, which is suitable for both pregnant women and children. Therefore, when using it, you should not be afraid that this drug will harm the child. This drug is suitable for the treatment of acute and usual manifestations of diarrhea, relieves heartburn, bloating and pain in the intestinal area. This medicine does not enter the bloodstream, so it can be prescribed to both pregnant and lactating women.

diarrhea during late pregnancy

What to do with diarrhea in a pregnant woman?

Doctors often prescribe, in addition to the main remedy, an auxiliary, such as "Enzistal", an indication for the use of which is a disorder during pregnancy. It will provide the necessary balance of the intestines and will not allow dehydration of the body due to diarrhea. Often pregnant women are recommended to take "Linex", it has a beneficial effecton the intestinal microflora. It is drunk not only for poisoning, but also as a gentle remedy when taking antibiotics. "Linex" saves all the beneficial bacteria that are in the intestinal microflora. Medicines such as Loperamide and Imodium reduce the number of urges to go to the toilet. "Pancreatin" and "Mezim" are enzyme preparations prescribed for complex therapy.

Therefore, to achieve maximum effect, the doctor may prescribe several drugs at the same time, self-medication during pregnancy is strictly contraindicated, as this can lead to the most unforeseen results. Accordingly, for correct and timely treatment, you need to consult a doctor at the first symptoms, describe the problem and pass all the tests. The doctor, after he sees the result of the tests, will prescribe the correct treatment. For favorable therapy and rapid achievement of the effect, you must follow all the recommendations of the doctor. And all medicines should be used strictly according to the instructions.

diarrhea during late pregnancy treatment


As with any diet, you must first eliminate too s alty, sour and sweet foods. In addition, one should not forget about various smoked meats, fried foods. It should also be excluded. Milk is strictly prohibited. Drink plenty of water during the first 24 hours. It will help to wash the stomach and restore the water balance of the body. In addition to water, you need to drink a lot of strong tea and rice water. To prepare a decoction, you need 40minutes boil 1 teaspoon of rice in a liter of water. They drink it in half a glass with a pause of 2 hours. You can eat crackers with it.

On the second day, rice or oatmeal is introduced into the diet, without the addition of oil and spices. You can drink water, tea or juice. In addition, you can continue to eat crackers. Fresh vegetables and fruits must be discarded. An exception is grated carrots with an apple. But it is better to refuse them. Also, the diet should include dairy products with live bacteria in order to quickly restore the intestinal flora.

The next day, boiled vegetables can be added to the above products. But not all, only those that do not contain coarse particles are possible. You can drink broth, eat light soup and steam cutlets. At the same time, food should not be too cold or hot. Otherwise, the irritated walls of the stomach will be damaged, the situation will worsen. A similar diet must be observed for at least 7 days. In this case, you can add herbal teas, decoctions, jelly. You also need to monitor the amount of alcohol you drink, the liquid should be at least 2 liters per day.

When dieting, you should look at your he alth. If after the first day of nutrition according to the diet the situation has not improved, then the day of the diet is repeated. But if such a diet does not help, you should definitely consult your doctor. It is possible that diarrhea in a pregnant woman is caused by poisoning with some kind of product. It is very important to understand that the baby should not starve for a day, this can negatively affect his development.


At the beginning of pregnancy, a woman begins toactive restructuring of the body and preparation of the body for bearing a baby. Naturally, with such global restructuring, a woman may experience significant discomfort. In addition, during pregnancy, the female body becomes more vulnerable, and this leads to many problems.

One of the most common problems is diarrhea, which can appear at any stage of pregnancy. In some cases, diarrhea may be accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms, such as high fever, severe weakness, and abdominal cramps. The main consequence of diarrhea during late pregnancy, the treatment of which should be immediate, is severe dehydration and the rapid removal of nutrients from the body. If diarrhea lasts for a long time, then this can lead to the appearance of all kinds of congenital pathologies, as well as to a delay in the development of the fetus. With severe or prolonged diarrhea, there is a strong uterine contraction, which can lead to miscarriage or premature birth. In addition, diarrhea may be a symptom of some dangerous bacterial disease.

what can pregnant women do for diarrhea


Some late-term pregnant women experience diarrhea. Such an unpleasant disease can be excluded if you take into account some tips and tricks. If a woman did not have a balanced diet before the problem occurred, then the appearance of diarrhea is a good reason to follow it. After all, during this period it is extremely important to simplify the work of the body and reduce the load on it. However, evenproper nutrition can lead to disease. If before that there were problems with the stomach, then it is worth abandoning a large number of raw vegetables and fruits. They are high in fiber, which causes diarrhea.

It is worth paying attention to the prevention of poisoning. Therefore, it is necessary to check the expiration date of all purchased products and eat only fresh food. All fruits and vegetables must be thoroughly washed before consumption. To do this, it is better to use warm running water. All cooked food must be well cooked. This is especially true for products of animal origin. Water and milk must be boiled. It is necessary to exclude from the diet any fast food. And it is better not to visit crowded places at all during epidemics of diseases. But even with this situation, special attention must be paid to personal hygiene. All these simple recommendations will significantly reduce the chance of diarrhea in pregnant women in the later stages.

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